NAS Compares Why Transcoding and NAS are SO Important

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NAS Compares Why Transcoding and NAS are SO Important

NAS and Video Transcoding – Why Should you care?

There are many reasons to buy a NAS drive in 2019, but for most home users, enjoying their multimedia (especially video collections) is paramount. It is a relatively simple requirement on the face of it, videos on a NAS are just another kind of file and Smart TV’s, Amazon Firesticks, Nvidia Shield, Consoles and more are all network/internet enabled – it should be pretty easy and affordable. Nevertheless, with video media becoming increasing complex (in data terms) and resolution growing upto 4K commercially, it is no longer that simple. More and more here on NASCompares and on SPANTv , I talk about NAS Transcoding and the importance of factoring this into your perfect NAS drive for Plex, Emby, Natively and Home Cinema use. However, as much as NAS brands like Synology and QNAP like to talk about transcoding, TV manufacturers and streaming boxes for your media setup avoid it entirely, making efforts to say that they can ‘play anything you throw at it’ and can ‘play files from your NAS drive’. So much so in fact, that on several occasions I have had users comment on previous posts with their thoughts on the subject:
This ridiculous transcoding discussion serves solely to sell the user ever newer, usually only
slightly stronger devices. Because: “The transcoding functions play a subordinate role in everyday
life, since almost every device can directly play back the files stored on the NAS”
Dr K

So, what are the facts? Why do I talk about NAS Transcoding so much? Is it important, or is it just another sales gimmick? Let me explain.

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