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Wifi floodlight cam?

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Just recently had 1 of 3 eufy floodlight cams die. Decided to replace it with a amcrest ash26-w which works well with SS but trying to fine tune SS to quit giving so many PIR notifications. Anyway my point is I am not 💯 happy with the amcrest since the lights are 3k color and the eufy are 5k color. I was trying to find comparable floodlight cams that support rtsp\onvif but one I found I really like the specs but it's a lorex V261LCD-E-1 but I can't find anything saying it supports rtsp. I also found a foscam F41 but it's so new or doesn't exist yet.

Is it possible to use the lorex I mention with SS or am I better off waiting to see if the foscam comes out.

After doing some more research on the foscam F41 that was released on facebook back in March I am going to wait for this floodlight. It has 5ghz and 2.4ghz wifi, 6500k color.
STAY AWAY FROM LOREX!!! I've had their network/security cams for over 5 years. Their products are unreliable and their customer support stinks (non-existent, really).

You have been warned!

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