Windows 10 login fails with my DS216

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Windows 10 login fails with my DS216

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Hi All,

Despite my username I'm not a techie when it comes to NAS drive configs.
My issue is this, I cannot log into my DS216 from windows 10.
I have the DS216 showing on my windows network, I click on to login and I enter my username and password as set up in the NAS user & group tab in control panel of the Nas control panel, but I get told I have entered entered the incorrect username or password. Yet I havent!
Its been a few weeks since it was working fine for a couple of years, so either the DSM or windows update is the cause.
I am running the latest version of the DSm software and windows 10 is up to date.

Now life is too short to try and fathom out what silly thing is causing this so could some kind soul reach out and help me please?


But I'm trying to login from the desktop by clicking on the icon called NetDrive1. It used to work fine from any of my Win PC's untill a few weeks ago. My thought is it's some nuanced setting that's not set.
Ok I found the answer myself from YouTube as follows.

How to fix failed login via SMB due to NTMv1 not permitted after I upgrade my Synology 920+ from DSM 6.2.4-25556 to the latest Synology NAS DSM 7.
1. Open Run or use Windows + R to open Run.
2. Type secpol.msc and press enter to open Local Security Policy.
3. In Local Security Policy choose Local Policies
4. Then click Security Options
5. Find the policy "Network security: LAN Manager authentication level"
6. By default its empty, in select "Send NTLMv2 response only. Refuse LM & NTLM". 7. Close the Local Security Policy and try to access the folder.
Note: If not working, try to restart your PC.

After doing this my Nas showed all folder when clicking on NetDrive1 icon.


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