Windows 10: "no audio output device is installed"

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Windows 10: "no audio output device is installed"

DS918+ DS218 (for replication only)
Hi gang,
VM Manager, remote session on a Windows 10 VM, latest updates, all is good.
Now the only thing missing is sound

I get this in W10:




Any idea how to install a "sound card"
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Wow. It’s been a long time since I saw that. Ports (COM & LPT) :D
Still there on Windows 10!

(Excuse the pretty useless reply).
DS918+, DS216play
DS918+ as a host has no audio hardware which would otherwise be accesible by VMM (or KVM to be precise) hypervisor and further available to VMs. In order to get some audio on VM, you use your local PC audio hardware as a playback renderer. You should create a custom RDP connection, set some settings and save it as an icon for ease of use. When invoking Remote Desktop Connection, under 'Show options' select 'Local resources', then click 'Settings' under Remote Audio section. You should see 'Play on this computer' checked under Remote audio playback section. This should be enough for audio.

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