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Hello all,

Has anyone succeeded in running Windows 95 on VMM? I have tried every combination of settings I can think of. Starting with Win95 boot disk ISO plus Win95 installation CD ISO (Win95 CD is not itself bootable), in all cases I succeeded installation, but on every subsequent boot, I get a black screen after the Windows 95 loading animation. It has never successfully booted into Windows. I have tried a variety of hardware configurations, including absolute minimum. In any case installation always succeeds, but then VM will not start past the Win95 loading screen.

I found documentation from Synology advising that "cirrus" video card setting will be detected by Windows 95, but I can find no other official reference to Win95 in the context of VMM.

Has anyone ever gotten this to work? Should I expect Win98 to behave similarly if I try? Thank you
X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter? Won't run in DOSBox or on any newer OS than Windows 98..
Had to source parts and build a machine capable (odd term I know) of running Windows 98 a year or so ago for a friend, much harder than you'd have thought.

But back on topic. I seem to recall Windows 98 isn't able to run on newer processors, though I can't remember why off the top of my head.
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Unfortunately I do not believe PCEM is available as DSM package. I want a solution that runs VM on Synology that I can remote into. VirtualBox and other VM solutions can achieve this easily! So far, I am disappointed VMM cannot support this. Generally because I am accustomed to the features available in VirtualBox (and Parallels), I have found VMM very limited by comparison.

I have some old 1990's software discs from my childhood that I have recently ripped to ISO and I need to test them directly on 95 and/or 98 depending on the disc.

My Win10 gaming PC is disabled due to broken GPU, which I cannot replace due to GPU shortage right now. My other machines are Macs. I really want virtual solution in Synology rather than to install VM or use emulator on Mac laptops.

I *was* able to succeed in DOS installations into VMM (although lack of virtual floppy is a pain). Right now the missing piece to my solution is legacy Windows VMs.

*edit* I of course also have working Windows 10 as VM in VMM for access to Windows-based utilities, that is working perfectly but does not suit to the purpose of running native 95/98 software.
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