DSM 7.1 Work around for AliExpress ONFIV Camera Auto-Exposure setting

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DSM 7.1 Work around for AliExpress ONFIV Camera Auto-Exposure setting

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For anyone using an AliExpress Security camera. (Both Sony IMX335,& SC8239 sensors have this issue, so it might be on all their ONFIV Cameras)
On these, there is no adjustment for Enhancement (Detail, Contours).. However there is an ANTI-FLICKER setting that obscure documents indicate it reduces enhancement flicker. (Comb filter??).. Anyway this does help.

However this adds an increase in brightness level of pix, resulting in a clipping of video, making you think that there is a problem with auto Iris or auto exposure….. Sending you off on a wild goose chase.

If so, wait for a bright sunshine day, (Not as easily seen with indoor light levels, My cameras were both set up indoors, then moved outdoors) and turn off ANTI-FLICKER. (Or, if you’ve set up the login to be able to do so, Or: recall default ‘cam-params’

Of course, you still can’t access Detail adjustment, but the Auto-Exposure has greater range, which is more obvious an issue!

I am very much impressed with how good SS does with ONFIV Camera settings!!
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Just a follow up on this.... Though ftp still doesn't work.... another posting....

My need for a 16MM Lens on a security camera that is already at the end of a 250' POE cable.... And no mfg selling Cameras with 16MM Lens.... forced me to go with AliExpress cameras and develope a work around!!!

All my existing HikVision Cams Are ftp'ing still pics based on camera Motion Detection, and SS is creating video out of stream so for HikVision cams I'm getting both Pics and Video... AliExpress cams limited to SS, as ftp fails, but NAS shows test connect was successful....

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