NAS Compares Work from Home – Convert your PC into a Virtual Machine for NAS, VMware, Hyper-V and Virtual Box Remote Access

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NAS Compares Work from Home – Convert your PC into a Virtual Machine for NAS, VMware, Hyper-V and Virtual Box Remote Access

How to Turn your Physical Computer into a Virtual Machine for Remote Access over the Internet

Remote working and ‘online desktop’ access is something that has grown massively relevant in 2020 and only promises to get even bigger. The technology and logic behind the creation of a virtual machine (VM) is not new and in fact, things like ‘Remote Desktop’ in the Windows Programs list of Windows 10, 8, 7 and even XP has always been present. This kind of remote deployment and access of a desktop computer experience has moved into other tools tool ranging from consumer end with VirtualBox and VNC, to much higher end with Windows VM Deployment in Hyper-V and VMware/Vsphere. A virtual machine should be almost identical to that of its physical counterpart when it comes to day to day use. The idea of using a NAS drive as a means of creating a virtual computer that can be accessed via the network or the internet is not a new thing, however, it is only now in 2020 with the growth of companies letting their employees work from home, serviced hired offices or simply over WiFi in a coffee shop, that the idea of a NAS that is designed for an ideal virtual machine environment has become more desirable. In order to fully take advantage of virtual machines on a NAS, one should remember that you can choose between using a NAS brands own first-party application (such as virtualisation station from QNAP or Synology Virtual Machine Manager), 3rd party supported NAS tools such as VirtualBox and JAVA VM Manager for Asustor and Terramaster, or it can support third-party applications (such as Citrix, Windows Server and VMware) with add-ons. The choice is yours and in fact, there are LOADS of ways to create VMs, which each either being FREE or so heavily featured and user-friendly, that they are still cheap at their price point. Below are the best ways for you to create a virtual version of your Desktop Computer, or at least create a remote means to access your PC as easily as possible

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