DSM 7.0 Workaround for reload of DSM 6.2.3 [from DSM 7 preview]

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DSM 7.0 Workaround for reload of DSM 6.2.3 [from DSM 7 preview]

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I deleted the Hyper Backup Vault from my package center for Synology. Since it was in the latest backup, I cannot reload it. Has anyone found a workaround to reload the latest update to DSM 6.2.3 Update 2 over the existing DSM?
Reset mode 2 will (should) reinstall DSM, or possibly manually installing the PAT file (assuming you haven't installed DSM7).

I don't understand your comment about Vault. Does it not appear at all within Package Center, or will it simply not reinstall (and have you tried restarting your NAS to see if that resolves your issue)?
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Yes Vault was in the Package Center. I installed it. Then discovered that the data was being scrubbed. I thought it might be damaged so I (stupidly) deleted it, not realizing it was being deleted from the Package Center.

I'm not familiar a mode reset, and don't see a DSM7 update available. I attempted to manually install the PAT for 6.2.3 update 2, but get an error message stating that the files cannot be downgraded or reinstalled.

I appreciate your thoughts and consideration.
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I'm not familiar a mode reset, and don't see a DSM7 update available
O... so you're running the DSM pre-beta... that's an entirely different story. Downgrades to DSM 6.2.3 aren't supported, but there are "how to" writeups on Reddit and Emby forums.

A mode 2 reset is described in the Knowledge Base (it should reinstall your present DSM 7 version).
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Also, where could I find a location to download DSM7?
It's a closed test group. If you had registered months ago, you would have received an invitation. Presently it is pre-beta (very incomplete) and not suited for main use or production environments.

How is it that you have it on your machine? You said earlier you could not downgrade from v6.2.3. That implies you have version 7. What is your DSM version, exactly (screenshot please).
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I found it!

The synology site has a list of packages that can be added to the Package Center. Was easy after that. Packages | Synology Inc. I was attempting to reload a .PAT file and it should have been a .SPK file type

Thanks for all of the replies and assistance.
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