RT2600ac Write Cache use on EXT4 External SSD's

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RT2600ac Write Cache use on EXT4 External SSD's

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Saw this just yesterday... From the external USB SSD Speed test discussion from a month ago, wondered if this could speed up TP Loads, but if so, at what cost??

So today Tested it... Upon enabling the Write Cache on EXT 4 USB SSD, it seemingly locked up the setting after applying it.... What it was doing is re-loading the TP Settings, daily and User Created.... I did not catch that immediately, but once I did, I realized that the SSD access was going faster than before.... (looking at access light flashing faster)

Fortuneately, I was running DS Router looking at CPU & RAM usage of the 2600.... BEFORE and AFTER
Normally with NO Guest, only 20 users allowed for each WIFI, SA & TP running, 2600 CPU at 41-45% and Ram 51-53%..
After turning on EXT4 Write Cache after the TP Reload and restart (which I didn't time, but went faster) CPU 10 min later 43-47% and Ram 58-64% IF this speeds up TP Loading it must also be doing TP processing... and the extra load of this does not seem too excessive at this point....

I'm gonna leave this on and try and catch and time a TP Update..... More on this later..... :cool:

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