Wrong Date/Time for Videos despite correct EXIF-data

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Wrong Date/Time for Videos despite correct EXIF-data

Hi all,

I've just transferred all my photos and videos from Google Photos to my new DiskStation.
All worked very well except for one thing: all of the videos shot with my Pixel 3XL get a wrong date/time (more specifically: the time of the upload).
I've spent hours investigating this but couldn't find any solution.

What I've tried:
- Windows Explorer shows the date/time correctly in Properties -> Details -> Media created
- exiftool also shows the correct date/time in several locations
- Manually setting date and time in Synology Photos certainly helps but if I download and re-upload the file, that newly uploaded file gets the wrong date/time again, so that doesn't seem like a future proof solution

There are a ton of videos to be updated and I'm running out of ideas...
Any help would be highly appreciated!

Thank you.
I can't confirm that as I have files a Last Modified (according to exiftool as well as Windows Explorer) of just now (2021-08-30) but showing the correct capturing date some weeks in the past.
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My guess is that it's got something to do with the Google Camera Update where they chose to switch to the PXL_* naming convention. Metadata from videos taken before that seems to be extracted just fine.
What's weird about it is that videos from another Pixel (4a, bought after the Google Camera Update) don't have that issue...
Hi after the latest Photos update finally sorted out my continuous indexing problem with my photo collection I find that I now have a ton of Videos with the same creation date of a few weeks ago instead of from the filename, I don't want to manually change all of them did you manage to find a solution or are we at the mercy of Synology to sort out ?
Going with @Telos approach, I put together a script (you can find it on my GitHub) that simply goes over every corrupted file and sets the "Last Modified" date according to the filename.
Please note that this only works for Pixel's "PXL_..." filename format.
Huge caveat: when I downloaded and re-uploaded one of those files, the problem reappeared. Also, as the filenames are created in UTC time, your times may be off (although if all videos were taken in a single timezone you could easily adjust the script accordingly)

All in all this is a major pain in the butt and I would obviously rather like Synology to get this fixed (since the EXIF data is correct, they just need to parse it properly!)

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately for me only some of the files are in Pixel format...Pixel XL, the rest are in various phone/camera formats from over the years after I did a Google Takeout, like you I just want my collection to be in the right format, I guess I'll have to go on the laptop with my photo backup and try a windows program to sort them all out...which I thought Synology would have done for me, Thanks again

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