Yippee for me!

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Yippee for me!

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Last May our Mom & Pop. ISP was sold, first to Charter, and then to Zito. (I know-Darn!)….
Stable system from MA & PA became a disaster for 4 months, and though I’m finally Ok, others in development are struggling with bad feeds and bad amp were are being told. (We’ve also been told that we are part of govt sponsored fiber roll out ‘next year’… Fibre in valley now, and junction box buried 1000’ up our road 4 miles away.)

During one of my complaint calls, Zito switched me to 200/20 from 100/10.. I caught it-they didn’t. I kept quiet.
Yesterday we all got card indicating we’ve been given free upgrade to 200/20!
The 2000’s Are coming to the mountains!
(Charter just gave everyone 500 speeds)

But I still (kinda) remember being the first person in Chicagoland area, eons ago, who had a 1200 baud modem! The computer club visited our house that evening and everyone was in awe of the speeds over their 110 baud modems! 😱😳
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Heheh, congrats. Wish I was one of "the rest of you", I just got dsl here with a 25mbps plan. It's much better than sat was. Fiber is getting planted all over the place, but I don't have high hopes that it will be coming down our road since there are only about 8 of us living back here. :)

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