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If your site/blog has an RSS feed, then we can offer a partnership program on the forum. Your RSS feeds can be posted on our forum so you will get more traffic from us and we will have your articles on our forum.

What are our partnership rules for publishing your RSS feeds?

  • you need a quality content
  • your article needs an article image (included in the RSS feed)
  • we will publish one paragraph of your article in our News and Feeds section and add a direct link to the source
  • we decide what will be published from your RSS feeds internally (must be Synology related topic or similar)
  • an extra forum account will be created for your site (as site name with avatar) under our control
  • your article will be shared also on our social media
  • your website banner will be published on our Partnerships page

What do you have to do?

  • make sure to fit and agree with our partnership rules above
  • fill out the application form below (you must be logged in to see the form)
  • add a link to (you can use your forum referral link) or our banner on your site, visible enough. If you do not want to have a link to our forum on your site, we can agree to a monthly fee
  • write an article about SynoForum

Disclaimer has the right to decide with whom it is going to create a partnership. After filling the form with the application the forum staff will decide internally. If we decide not to work with you, we do not need to give a reason. Our decision is final.

Register or login to the forum and fill out the partnership application form below:

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