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Hi everyone, We are two guys from Australia who spent two years building a VPN service with features we...

Back in Oct of 2022 during the "2023 and beyond" event, Synology has already announced many new things that will come during this year. From DSM 7.2 (currently in beta), a new Scale-Out line of...
Back at the end of February, we had more than a few new Synology model announcements, and of them was the refresh for one of the 4-bay models, the DS423+. Continue reading...
In November 2022 OpenAI launched their AI-driven chatbot called ChatGPT. It swept the world fast and started to be implemented via API into anything that it can be used with. From websites...

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  • Latest versions of DSM/SRM and packages
    Info Latest versions of DSM/SRM and packages
    List of links to the latest items of in Synology's download/archive
    • fredbert
    • Updated:
  • DiskStation DS423+
    NAS DiskStation DS423+
    A compact storage hub with 100% data ownership
    • SynoMan
    • Updated:
  • RS2423+ / RS2423RP+
    NAS RS2423+ / RS2423RP+
    Efficient storage for centralized data management
    • SynoMan
    • Updated:
  • DS1823xs+
    NAS DS1823xs+
    Flexible large-scale storage for small and medium-sized businesses
    • SynoMan
    • Updated:
  • SA3410
    NAS SA3410
    Flexible petabyte-scale storage for growing storage needs
    • SynoMan
    • Updated:
  • SA3610
    NAS SA3610
    Flexible petabyte-scale storage for growing storage needs
    • SynoMan
    • Updated:
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