mail server

  1. P

    Managing Mail Server logs

    I posted this question on the "official" Synology forum but got no response so I'm trying here. I'm running the Synology Mail Server on a DS218 - DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 3 I just realized that I've got well over 5000 entries in the Mail Log. Is there some way to delete old entries ... where I...
  2. C

    Two IP and one domain server - configuration in revDNS and DNS zone.

    Hello, I have working mail server on Synology Mail Server with domain named for example I need a second backup internet connection because sometimes my primary ISP cuts out New configuration: revDNS (ISP1 primary) ip: w1.x1.y1.z1: PTR: revDNS (ISP2 failover) ip...
  3. Lionel

    Plus address forwarding

    Some public mail systems, (, and others) have this great feature where you can use multiple aliases for only one real email address. eg: [email protected] gets delivered to [email protected] regardless of what is typed in for the tag, ie: after the + sign. This can be...
  4. S

    DSM 7.0 Mail server and mail station

    Anyone with a functioning combination of these 2? No problems installing but Mail station can't be reached or doesn't show.... while mail server does.
  5. AlexS

    Help with mail on ds920+

    Hello all, I am new to this all and have learn't so much from you guys in the last few weeks and really appreciate all the help. I have my NAS running and configured and all seems to be going well as a file server and have just set it up with web station and it's great. I noticed that the NAS...
  6. Imcon

    How to cancel receiving emails for a NAS user?

    Hello, recently I've run into a problem - i found that I do not know how to STOP receiving emails to a user. To be more precise: we use email server. Everything works fine. But sometimes an user is leaving our group (so I Disable the account but do not want to DELETE it because of some old...
  7. akahan

    Increase permitted size of *received* messages?

    Mail Server appears to be enforcing a maximum size of messages I can receive. A sender sending me a large message (I can't determine how big it must be to cause a problem) gets " 552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed limit " in their bounce message from Mail Server. Is there a way to increase...
  8. B

    SPF failing

    I have recently enabled SPF, DKIM and DMARC on my NAS running mailserver. All seemed to be working fine until I got messages from people trying to send me mail that it was bouncing. On investigation, it only when the MailServer perfoms an spfquery on an incoming message and the response is too...
  9. DeltaGolf

    Question Best way to move mail server to DSM

    I have a mail server running on OldServer. Email gets there via ports which I've opened on the router. OldServer running macOS Server is getting its pension and NewServer - a young Synology box of new tricks - is taking its place. When I've moved mail servers in the past I've created the...
  10. R

    Can't remove Mail sever - DSM 5.2

    Hi! I'm trying to fix my Zarafa installation. For that I wanted to make a fresh clean install of all components. After A few failed attempts I'm now ended up with a Mail Server app which is still in my App list and partially starting with an error message even it is not listed anymore in the...
  11. akahan

    Well THAT's ironic...

    I have Synology Mail Server configured to "highlight phishing fraud," and look what it's doing to mail from Synoforum!
  12. M

    DS as mail server fetching email from multiple servers

    trying to configure my DS918+ as email server that will tech emails form multiple servers: Installed MailPlus sever but cannot find anything that supports such configuration. MailPLus can be used to fetch emails form multiple servers but it doest have IMAP support and it is not possible to...
  13. Shadow

    Setup to forward ALL incoming emails

    Hi all, I have MailPlus running on my DS216+II. I have a DS118 in another location (can connect to each other via a site-to-site VPN tunnel). I was wondering if I can install Mail Server on the DS118 and set it up to forward any email it receives to my MailPlus server on the DS216+II . This...
  14. Imcon

    Solved Help - set a size limit for email enclosures - where is the setting?

    Many months ago I have set a size limit of e-mail enclosures. Now I want to change it but - I can not find the setting anymore. I'm not sure where the seeeting was so probably it is my fault but I'm sure that the setting was somewhere in Mail Server options. Can not find it. Using Mail Server...
  15. H

    IMAP Problems after September Update

    I have a severe Problem since a September update of the Mailserver. I cannot move Mails from other Sources to my mailbox on my Synology via IMAP. I use the latest Updates on DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3 . I don't get any error message. It worked all for years and it stills works fine between...
  16. akahan

    Mail Server Log is a day off?

    Note: This post refers to the Mail Server app, not MailPlus Server. If I look at the Mail Server "Mail Log" (which lists header info for all incoming and outgoing emails), the date of every entry is exactly one day too early. For example, an email received at 9:00am on September 1 will be...