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    Synology Security Synology-SA-20:01 Samba

    Multiple vulnerabilities allow remote authenticated users to bypass security constraints via a susceptible version of Synology Directory Server or allow remote attackers to conduct denial-of-service attacks via a susceptible version of DiskStation Manager (DSM) or Synology Router Manager (SRM)...
  2. L

    Synology DS3612xs and Hetzner Storage Box rsync - Hyper Backup

    Hello everyone. Today I tried to rsync my Synology with a Hetzner Storage Box, using Hyper Backup, but without any success. On the Hetzner Wiki, the storage boxes are compatible with rsync on port 23. Tried with rsync, it works. With Hyper Backup, it does not work. When I try to click on...
  3. jeyare

    Tutorial when your RAID degrade with BTRFS in Syno NASes

    One of my concern was about - What would happen when my RAID contains BTRFS will degrade? Analyze I found in official BTRFS Wiki these recommendations: RAID1 volumes - if they become degraded may only be mounted read-write once with the options -o degraded,rw. Notes: This does not happen...
  4. W

    180 degrees horizontal view camera on Synology NAS

    Dear all I have a DS415P NAS with already a Foscam camera attached (to protect my garden). I also have a DS418 for backup purposes (syncing between two NAS devices). I want to buy a second ip camera and install it to the front of my house (in the middle of the facade). Requirements: outdoor...
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    Synology News Synology® Introduces SA3600, High-Performance On-Premises Storage with Petabyte Scalability

    TAIPEI, Taiwan—January 9, 2020—Synology Inc. has announced the availability of the SA3600 storage system, the latest device in the SA family of high-p Continue reading... - - - Source:
  6. B

    Accessing synology ds216s from inside network

    Hi, New to this and a little confused. How do I access the NAS from within my network. I can open it but only as a web browser page, I am not sure if by doing this it is outside of my network? does this pass through my firewall and is then visible outside? Is this a potential source of entry for...
  7. Micky

    Synology Contacts beta

    Just downloaded and installed the beta of Synology Contacts on my DS918+. This Syno is part of my Active Directory (the DC is a DS916+) and I tried to log in using a AD account, this is what I get when opening the administrator page of Synology Contacts: The save button on the bottom is...
  8. Lieven

    Synology office

    Hey, How do i open,edit and save those odoc,... documents on pc and ios ? Thank you
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    Synology Blog Building a 3D render farm with Synology

    A robust, cost-efficient platform for 3D professionals “Storage used to play a secondary role in high-performance computing (HPC) environments, and yet it has a critical role to play in the field of cloud-based 3D rendering and image processing,” said Dr. Kuo, a researcher in the National Center...
  10. Telos

    Info End-of-Life Announcement for Synology Packages

    Synology announces the End-of-Life dates for 31 packages. Read on...
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:43 Drupal

    A vulnerability allows remote authenticated users to upload arbitrary files via a susceptible version of Drupal. Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:41 Intel Processor Vulnerability

    A vulnerability allows local users to conduct denial-of-service attacks, obtain sensitive information, or conduct privilege escalation attacks via a susceptible version of DiskStation Manager (DSM). Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:42 WordPress

    Multiple vulnerabilities allow remote authenticated users to inject arbitrary web script or HTML or bypass security constraint via a susceptible version of WordPress. Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:40 Samba AD DC

    CVE-2019-14861 and CVE-2019-11479 allow remote authenticated users to conduct denial-of-service attacks or bypass security constraints via a susceptible version of Synology Directory Server. Continue reading... - - - Source:
  15. Introducing Unified Controller UC3200 | Synology

    Introducing Unified Controller UC3200 | Synology

    Equipped with Intel® Xeon® 4-core, 2.4 GHz processor and 8GB DDR4 ECC UDIMM per controller, Unified Controller UC3200 is Synology’s first active-active IP SA...
  16. H

    Raid 6 Expandability

    Hey All, I've got a question regarding expanding a RAID 6 Synology NAS. If I've got a 16 Bay NAS unit with 12 drives setup in RAID 6, can more drives of the same size be added to the same pool/volume at a later date? I understand this is a feature of SHR but with different drive sizes but am...
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:39 ISC BIND

    None of Synology products are affected by CVE-2019-6477 as this vulnerability only affect ISC BIND 9.11.0 and later. Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Blog Hyper Backup encryption technologies explained

    How AES and RSA work together to protect C2 backup data You cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting your valuable assets. Suppose you have a collection of precious heirloom jewelry. You put it in a jewelry box with a lock to protect against theft. But it’s simply not safe enough, so...
  19. jeyare

    Info Synology NAS Encryption: Forensic Analysis of Synology NAS Devices by Elcomsoft

    for all users, who use Encrypted Shared Folders must read this article, mandatory I will start with conclusion from guys, who break the wall: In this article, you can find no out of the box “we have a tool for that” type of solutions. We demonstrated vulnerabilities in some of the most...