1. blackvoid

    blackvoid NEW x22 models are here!

    Here we go! The new 2022 models from Synology have started to show up. While there is still no official news, there are three pieces of hardware that are coming out soon. DS3622xs+ A successor to the great DS3617xs and 3617xsII, the new 12-bay 3622xs+ comes as a great step up to those two...
  2. SynoMan

    Change space and view after login to Synology Photos

    Just wondering if this is happening only to me. When I log in to Synology Photos I get the Shared space page: After that, I need to manually switch to Personal space. And on top of it, I get the folder view although my last setting was timeline view (so switch it manually again, every time):
  3. B

    Synology Photos

    Noobie.....Just can't seem to be able to "share" a photo... send it in an email or text from my Synology photos . Choices are only to allow access .... Am I missing a 'duh' thing here? (can't one attach it ?)
  4. R

    Run container via a scheduled task on Synology

    I would like to be able to start a container via a basic command line: docker container start rutorrent-vpn However, when the nas runs the script, the container does not start and I get an error message : line 1: docker: command not found The script is running in Root. The 1st script is the...
  5. G

    Synology Photos Enable Share Link is being redirected

    My share links from Synology Photos are redirecting to an IP address that I don't recognize, looks like it belongs to a Fios router. I copy the link, set it to Anyone Can Download but the link ends up in a different IP address. I haven't had this problem prior to the change to Synology Photos.
  6. PGen98

    User introduction Hello, New Synology User!

    Hi all, Just invested in a Synology DS1621+ and already have Plex up and running for my family to enjoy! Loving it so far and looking forward to learning as much about it as possible to extend my own knowledge and find new and innovative ways to use my new NAS device. I signed up with one...
  7. P

    Dune slolo 4k can't access Synology by smb after update DMS 7

    DMS version 6 normal use DMS version 7 after update cannot access the Video folder by SMB protocol because I want to watch movies with accompanying subtitles ( 1 video file and 1 subtitle file - same name ) Currently only accessing the default Video folder by Synology but only watching movies...
  8. M

    Synology Assistant is being blocked by the firewall. How do you configure the firewall to allow

    I had to reinstall windows and all app software. Synology Assistant cannot find my NAS. When I turn off the firewall Synology Assistant works fine. I cannot find a setting to configure the firewall to allow the Synology Assistant to work. Any ideas? Win 10 Latest and greatest version. NAS...
  9. A

    Restoration of synology VM

    Hello, I am looking for help on how to recover a freshly deleted virtual machine that was created with VMM on synology. Ideally where does the VMM creates these machines? Anything to help me to get started
  10. C

    Synology cache info menu

    In DSM 6 there was a windows that showed the info on the cache, "amount, hit rate etc." Anyone know of a replacement of sorts since DSM 7 removed it, maybe through Docker? Here's the old on for reference: TIA
  11. blackvoid

    blackvoid NEW site -

    Before I get into this I just want to make one thing clear. This site, .club is not going anywhere. I will still continue to contribute to it regarding news, tutorials, Docker as well as some new materials. It will remain as it is today, free for everyone, with no strings attached. So what's up...
  12. P

    Synology task list features

    Hello everyone! Relatively new to Synology. I want to know what are my options for a task list(with sub tasks) app in Synology? I want a ios app to get reminders, and the ability assign tasks between two people(and probably a shared list). If not anything that I can self host that has these...
  13. RoCaRay

    Selling Synology D5 (x8) and D6 (x10) Drive Trays (USA)

    D5: Eight(8) drive trays, lightly used, very good condition. Does NOT include Synology-logo original packaging. Does NOT include hardware for mounting 2.5" HDDs / SSDs. $25 for 8 drive trays (new price is $7 each) D6: Ten(10) drive trays, some lightly used, some never used. Excellent...
  14. A

    Backup to external (but LAN) synology server - shared map (fails fails to access Backup Destination)

    Hi, some days ago I was forced to replace one of the disks in one of the volumes on my backup server. After doing that I wanted to backup my data to this new volume again. From my second NAS (DS916+) this went without a hitch. I could create new backup files on this volume and successfully...
  15. Synology RSS

    Synology News Synology® VPN Plus licenses to remain free

    Taipei, Taiwan—September 22, 2021—Synology announced today that its VPN server solution for Synology Routers, VPN Plus, has transitioned to a permanen Continue reading... - - - Source:
  16. marco

    App Weemple Video Station Validator - App to validate the metadata of Synology Video Station 1.2.0

    Hello! I'm a Video Station user, and I like this product, but when using the ability to automatically associate the video metadata, sometime it choose the wrong movie. And is not easy to find what are the wrong movies if you have many content. Therefore, in order to identify potential wrong...
  17. marco

    App Weemple Video Tools - App to applying naming convention to video files 1.5.0

    Hello! As you know, Video Station, Plex and others media players, have the ability to automatically associate the video metadata from an online catalog, based on the file name. So is important to have the movies and the tv shows following the naming convention of the player, and is also...
  18. blackvoid

    blackvoid Synology C2 Backup - cloud backup service

    On June 30th, Synology officially pushed out DSM 7 and some of its new C2 services. I have written a few articles on the subject including an overview of all upcoming services, as well as a review of the C2 Password. Today we have another service that will be of great interest to most users, C2...
  19. P

    Heat - how hot can the room w/the synology get?

    Hoping to locate the synology in a closest in my personal office. Personal office is a 3rd floor space crafted from an attic space. During the winter it can get chilly though never cold enough to be considered a risk to hardware. During the hottest months of summer, I am not using the office...
  20. C

    Synology Drive not showing files as admin

    The issue: No matter what Client B creates, A cannot read despite being uniformly the same non-default administrator account setup when the synology was built. Client A: Uses the Admin account to sync and creates a test123 folder or file, this can be a new root folder or subfolder that existed...