1. Introducing Unified Controller UC3200 | Synology

    Introducing Unified Controller UC3200 | Synology

    Equipped with Intel® Xeon® 4-core, 2.4 GHz processor and 8GB DDR4 ECC UDIMM per controller, Unified Controller UC3200 is Synology’s first active-active IP SA...
  2. H

    Raid 6 Expandability

    Hey All, I've got a question regarding expanding a RAID 6 Synology NAS. If I've got a 16 Bay NAS unit with 12 drives setup in RAID 6, can more drives of the same size be added to the same pool/volume at a later date? I understand this is a feature of SHR but with different drive sizes but am...
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:39 ISC BIND

    None of Synology products are affected by CVE-2019-6477 as this vulnerability only affect ISC BIND 9.11.0 and later. Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Blog Hyper Backup encryption technologies explained

    How AES and RSA work together to protect C2 backup data You cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting your valuable assets. Suppose you have a collection of precious heirloom jewelry. You put it in a jewelry box with a lock to protect against theft. But it’s simply not safe enough, so...
  5. jeyare

    Info Synology NAS Encryption: Forensic Analysis of Synology NAS Devices by Elcomsoft

    for all users, who use Encrypted Shared Folders must read this article, mandatory I will start with conclusion from guys, who break the wall: In this article, you can find no out of the box “we have a tool for that” type of solutions. We demonstrated vulnerabilities in some of the most...
  6. How to SSH into a Synology NAS

    How to SSH into a Synology NAS

    SSH-ing into a Synology NAS is easy. I'll show you how in about five minutes.
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    Synology News Synology® Introduces UC3200, Active-Active IP SAN for Mission-Critical Environments

    TAIPEI, Taiwan—November 14, 2019—Synology Inc. today launched Unified Controller UC3200, the first dual controller server aiming for highly available Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Blog Get time-tested reliability with authentic Synology memory modules

    Compatibility makes all the difference System memory is used by practically everything on a device with compute capabilities. For a NAS, it is responsible for not only allowing the processor to run core services, additional packages, or even other operating systems via virtualization but also...
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    Synology News Synology® Releases Active Backup for Business 2.1 to Protect Microsoft Hyper-V

    Taipei, Taiwan—November 4, 2019—Synology Inc. today released an update to Active Backup for Business, an integrated backup solution that protects your Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:38 Synology Assistant

    A vulnerability allows remote attackers to conduct denial-of-service attacks via a susceptible version of Synology Assistant. Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Info Synology NAS models resource category

    Hello forum members and visitors! We have added a new category in our Resource section: Here you can find all Synology NAS models available from November 2019. Feel free to rate and review your NAS model or discuss it in a...
  12. pamindic

    Solved Install ipkg on Synology Diskstation NAS, community source

    I've had a lot of trouble reinstalling ipkg for a NAS 214+. My old source of info has gone, but a web search turned up this blog that covers with good working instructions installing a community source for ipkg and for a GUI version that works very well. No hassle identifying the right package...
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    Synology News Synology® Introduces DiskStation DS120j, Backing Up Personal Devices, Made Simple

    Taipei, Taiwan—October 31, 2019—Synology Inc. today launched DiskStation DS120j, a compact single-bay network-attached storage (NAS) designed to compl Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:37 DSM

    Multiple vulnerabilities allow remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary commands or conduct denial-of-service attacks, or allow remote attackers to delete arbitrary files via a susceptible version of DiskStation Manager (DSM). Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:36 PHP

    CVE-2019-11043 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a susceptible version of PHP 7.2, or PHP 7.3. Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-19:35 Samba

    These vulnerabilities allow remote attackers to bypass security constraints via a susceptible version of DiskStation Manager (DSM), Synology Router Manager (SRM), and allow remote authenticated users to conduct denial-of-service attacks via a susceptible version of Synology Directory Server...
  17. SynoMan

    Security Security Checklist from Synology

    How strong is your cybersecurity strategy? The engineers at Synology have put together this Security Checklist to make sure you have all your bases covered. *this PDF is from Synology and is available also on their download page here
  18. D

    2FA with Windows and Synology Directory Services

    I have a Synology DS216+ that I use in my small business. I am using it as a domain controller with Active Directory Services. I would like to have 2FA when users log in to the Windows 10 PCs. Does anyone know how to do that? I have 2FA enabled on the NAS, but that only deals with native logins...
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    Synology News Synology Urges All Users to Stay Vigilant of Online Scams

    We recently found that cybercriminals crafted fraudulent domains that look like Synology in an attempt to redirect Synology users to a phishing site where they were asked to transfer money to a designated account. Synology has reported to the domain name registrar, Google and LiveChat provider...
  20. iStone

    SSH into synology: vi missing color scheme

    Dears, I just notice I cannot change vi color scheme ( :colorscheme ... only default) , while ssh into SynoNAS via Ubuntu within Windows 10. can anyone help, where are the color scheme and even if I could install/restore them or update vi in SynoNAS? Thanks!