Synology Inc. (Chinese: 群暉科技; pinyin: Qúnhuī Kējì) is a Taiwanese corporation that specializes in Network-attached storage (NAS) appliances. Synology’s line of NAS is known as the DiskStation for desktop models, FlashStation for all-flash models, and RackStation for rack-mount models. Synology's products are distributed worldwide and localized in several languages.
Synology's headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan, with subsidiaries located around the world.
In 2018, product review website Wirecutter described Synology as a longtime "leader in the small-business and home NAS arena", albeit still a newcomer in the field of Wi-Fi routers.

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    Synology Security Synology-SA-22:16 ISC BIND

    None of Synology's products are affected by CVE-2022-2906 as this vulnerability only affects ISC BIND 9.18.0 and later. None of Synology's products are affected by CVE-2022-3080, CVE-2022-38177, or CVE-2022-38178 as these vulnerabilities only affect when specific features are enabled. Continue...
  2. S

    Can't access synology - even on local network

    I had my synology DS 920+ working fine with me accessing it via my web browser from my PC on the same network. This has stopped working now, I cannot see the login portal even when I type in the local IP address with the port just like I used to. Not getting a ping response on the local IP...
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-22:15 GLPI

    Multiple vulnerabilities allow remote attackers or remote authenticated users to obtain sensitive information, inject arbitrary web script or HTML or inject SQL command via a susceptible version of GLPI. Continue reading... - - - Source:
  4. S

    Searching Synology DS from Win 10

    I've seen numerous threads on the Microsoft forums, but not a single one with a positive outcome or resolution, on searching and indexing of a Synology DiskStation from Win10. The issue appears when you want to search file contents, such as "*.docx contains:walnut". This appears to require the...
  5. J

    DSM 7.1 How/when does Synology update the opensource packages, like NUT, for example?

    Hello all, I have a question - how / when does Synology decide to propagate the new version of a linux package to its distro? Also, how to correlate the release of a library from the git repo to the one used by NAS? Let me give an example to clarify. Let's say I would like to understand the...
  6. blackvoid

    blackvoid "Back to Synology" Giveaway 2022!

    Summer is finally over (yes not a fan), and it's that time of year again, "Back to School"! In that spirit, Blackvoid will be doing another giveaway! Back to Synology 2022 Giveaway is the third one this year after the 3rd-anniversary one back in March, as well as the June summer one. So why...
  7. Jan Janowski

    RT2600ac Work Around for Synology Assistant issue since SRM 1.3.1-1

    Since SRM 1.3.1-1 I'm finding that Synology Assistant (Though continues to work with NAS's) no longer works like before with new SRM on my 2600. You select the login and hit Synolgy Assistant graphic Arrow as ussual.... AND NOTHING HAPPENS! No proceed to Password entry... Hangs! First work...
  8. Cyberwasp

    Synology photo, personal space and albums

    This is a pet peeve of mine. I use Synology photos for my editing job. I've created albums for each model and keep their photos together. My peeve is that there is no indication in the personal space area that a photo has been put in an album. I can't imagine looking through thousands of photos...
  9. U

    User introduction Hello! Finally on a Synology DS920+

    Hi, I'm moving from an old HP N36L running FreeNAS to a nice shiny new Synology DS920+ mainly to run my PLEX server I'm not totally green, but I'll be looking for some guidance from time to time especially when it comes to the best way to move all of my files on the old server over to the new...
  10. blackvoid

    blackvoid HedgeDoc - collaborative markdown editor (via Docker on Synology NAS)

    For anyone not familiar with Markdown it is a markup language for creating formatted text. It's been around for close to 20 years now and it's very popular in various situations. For example on blog platforms (like this one, Ghost), IM, forums, documentation software (like Bookstack), and...
  11. tekguru

    C2 Backup Synology: How and Where Do I Back Up My Website

    Well thanks to Marius I've resubscribed to C2 again on the €9.99 (100GB) tier which is perfect for using to back up my website / forum. I just thought I'd mention it as one does tend to forget about the lower priced tiers.
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    Synology News Synology® launches advanced monitoring platform Active Insight

    Taipei, Taiwan—August 24, 2022—Synology today announced the official release of Active Insight, its cloud-hosted server monitoring and management plat Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology News Synology® introduces FlashStation FS3410, all-flash performance for any business

    Taipei, Taiwan—August 24, 2022—Synology today announced the availability of the FS3410, the latest in the FlashStation family of all-flash network att Continue reading... - - - Source:
  14. Cyberwasp

    video station and synology drive question

    I have a friend that does drum covers on youtube that I've been downloading to my pc hard drive for about 8 years. I just installed/setup Video station on my synology and am wondering if the following can be done. When she releases a new video I dl it to the music directory on my pc's D drive...
  15. G

    Synology Reverse Proxy to homer container port 443

    Good day, So I have a Synology NAS hosting a Homer container on port 3030. Using pfSense DNS resolver, I am accessing homer as http://homer.domian.local I want to access homer (and other local applications) with an SSL certificate. In psSense I created root and intermediate CA, imported those...
  16. A

    Unreliable Two-way-Sync using Synology Drive Client. Deleted files reappear

    Hi there, I have noticed various syncing issues with Synology Drive Client on 3 macOS workstations using macOS Mojave, Big Sur and Monterey. Deleted files and folder could reappear. Deleted files can only be deleted on the original computer who has added those files. Sometimes files/folder...
  17. C

    Synology Drive Compatibility List Vendor Lock hack

    I just thought I would include this from the linustechtips forums. User: Neonkoala posted on August 2nd,2022 Edit the file: /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf Then find the option support_disk_compatibility and change it from yes to no support_disk_compatibility="no" Then reboot. Synology DSM 7...
  18. G

    synology ds218

    hi i was woundering if i could have some advice about this drive , it has got 2 x 4tb drives installed which are on raid 1 that now shows both are 3.6 tb now when i am finished copying files eg new movies it shows 2.83 tb now when i create another folder eg movie collection it shows 2.83tb...
  19. P

    Face Recognition & Merging people

    I have +20K photos/videos in synology photos and 2 issues at the moment: Issue #1: Face recognition works sometimes. Haven't found a pattern. For example, I have a photo with 2 people, one is recognized, the other isn't. Both faces are facing forward, clear images, etc. The info tab shows only...
  20. N

    Upgrading Firmware And Changing Sector Size On Seagate X16 Exos / IronWolf / IronWolf Pro HDDs, While Installed In Your Synology NAS

    I've recently purchased a new Synology RS1221+ NAS and several Seagate Exos X16 HHDs, and needed to convert them from the factory 512 byte setting, to the native 4096 byte sector size. I notice a lot of guides are using desktop computers / external HDD enclosures / USB adapters (that's bad) to...