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    Synology News Synology® Introduces Ultra-compact RackStation RS1221+ and RS1221RP+

    TAIPEI, Taiwan—Jan 14, 2021—Synology® Inc. launched today the RackStation RS1221+ and RS1221RP+ (redundant power) 2U 8-bay rackmounted storage servers Continue reading... - - - Source:
  2. S

    Synology Photo app is on Appstore

    I've got it on my phone but don't have a DSM 7 nas yet. So: Anybody tried it? In what way are they combining DS Photo and the Moments-app (functionality) ?
  3. J

    Problem accessing Main Synology login page

    I installed a certificate and added lets encrypt to it and it shows up fine, but I used to use the link to go directly to the main Login page of Synology but now instead I get this below.. what am I configuring wrong??
  4. T

    Synology router with Ubiquiti access points

    Hello, I am moving to a new house where I plan to have four access points. I am currently using Synology for Mesh (RT2600ac and MR2200ac) and NAS and it works well, but Synology does not have any wall mounted access points. Therefore, I am looking at Ubiquity. Could you advise how I can combine...
  5. S

    & Sign of Death: Synology Secure SignIn URL/QR Code Problem

    The link created by DSM7 behind the QR code is followed by an & sign after the top-level domain (TLD): Due to this & sign directly after the TLD, the traffic is not forwarded to the server. Not a single data packet arrives at the firewall if...
  6. E

    Synology Drive Client stopped working

    I recently installed Synology Drive Client on my Mac in order to sync files. When I first installed it, it worked as expected, but since then it has stopped working - if I open it on my Mac, nothing happens. I have tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, but it still doesn't work. Has...
  7. T

    Synology Photos

    Hi, I found that Synology Photos has to use 'photos' folder. Do you know why this is still the case? I found it as as a big disadvantage of DS Photo and Moments and it has not changed in Synology Photos. Do you know any work around it? Regards, Tmxdiver
  8. K

    Advice about Synology Drive wanted

    I am still running Cloud Station and associated apps on MacOS and IOS. I have been hesitating about moving to Synology Drive as it is unclear how well it works with either of these. Specifically we have 3 macs which have different sets of user folders synced to the NAS. None of them are...
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-20:29 SRM

    A vulnerability allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information via a susceptible version of Synology Router Manager (SRM). Continue reading... - - - Source:
  10. oRBIT

    Replacement for Synology Photos/Photostation?

    Synology Photostation is no more with DSM 7 as you all know. "Photos" is a huge disappointment, I really try to like "Photos" but I can't at the moment. So, here comes the question.. is there a decent replacement? I liked Photostation alot so something similar to that would be nice. And...
  11. ddmunhoz

    RT2600ac Port Security - Another security layer

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a nice Christmas! So today I have something new, something that bugged me for a while: Keeping VPN ports open on my router when not needed. On my case, all of our devices "call back" home VPN when away. But doing so means leaving ports open 24/7 and...
  12. Barnoe

    User introduction 51yr old with a synology DS116

    Hi all, im a 51 yr old male from Manchester, UK Just adding myself to your forum obviously as i have a question. Ive had the DS116 for a few years and not really had any issues tbh Great piece of kit
  13. M

    Synology NAS single bay to single bay migration

    Hi to all, my first post on this Forum :) I would like to migrate one HDD (8 TB) from a DS118 model to DS116 model. Is there a specific procedure to do this harmlessly? Someone among you has done this kind of migration already? Thanks to all for reply. Greetings from Italy.
  14. S

    make command doesn't work in synology cli

    What I need to install to enable make command? I mean to work with Makefiles.
  15. I

    Is there a test VMware to download of Synology

    Hello, we are new to Synology. We are going to buy a new Synology server, probably a RackStation RS1619xs+. I was wondering if there is a downloadable test version we can try out? A VMware version or something we can practice on? I have tried their online webpage version, and I love it! I...
  16. P

    User introduction 72 year Old F*rt Getting to Grips with the Synology DS219Plus NAS

    I love the benefits of applying new technology to many areas of my life but trying to understand the technology does sometimes make me want to scream with frustration, particularly when I have followed the instructions to the letter. So in order, I hope, to stop me getting into another state -...
  17. blackvoid

    blackvoid 3rd-party package support in DSM 7

    A few months back Synology had announced 3rd party DEV materials that are needed for 3rd party support of various apps. Today I would like to expand a bit on the story regarding the general direction that Synology is heading with 3rd party support. Continue reading...
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    Synology Security Synology-SA-20:28 File Station

    A vulnerability allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via a susceptible version of File Station. Continue reading... - - - Source:
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    Synology News Synology® Announces DS1821+, A High-Capacity Powerhouse

    Taipei, Taiwan – December 10, 2020 – Synology Inc. today introduced its next-generation 8-bay NAS. The DS1821+ is a solution designed for high-capacit Continue reading... - - - Source:
  20. crazyfeet

    Setting up Synology NAS as a PVR

    I'm trying to get my head around the whole subject of recording live TV, so am looking for some advise on how to setup my NAS as a Freeview PVR. Really need some advise on what TV Tuners you would recommend and how I can can record Freeview HD Channels. I assume that once TV tuner is setup you...