1. H

    General DS apps accessing https URL from LAN

    Hi All I'm using DDNS xxxxxx.synology.me and have added this to my DNS server running on synology nas.... I can access https://xxxxxx.synology.me:5001 from my LAN now with no issue. However, when I try to use that URL from an Android DS app, it won't accept the login - it immediately says...
  2. philthedoc

    Port number automatically added to DDNS url

    I have a DDNS domain name through No-IP that's working with DSM, and I can use https with LE certificates no problem. I want to use reverse proxy to stop so many ports being forwarded on my Netgear Orbi router. I'd be happy to just forward 443 to the nas and have everything coming through there...
  3. philingle

    App launcher and sharing links with reverse proxy

    Hi I have been running along fine with my reverse proxy setup for a while now so I have webmail.mydomain.com drive.mydomain.com photos.mydomain.com and sticking that in the URL takes me directly to the app. However if I then try to use the app launcher (little icon with four squares top right...