1. H

    Assign local administrator to domain users

    Hi, I've set up a domain via Synology Directory Server in a test environment, and one of the issues I've come across is that I don't seem to be able to set up a user as local administrator on a client machine? How is it done? Thanks Mick
  2. tekguru

    Linking domain to web site or forum hosted on the NAS

    This is something I’ve been wondering for a while. Assume my domain is my, I’ve been accessing the forum by creating a CNAME DNS entry to create a subdomain like my I’ve then being pointing to either or
  3. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Emails sending to local domain and wait for 20+ seconds to show up

    I assuem that the email never go outside of the network (the relay server I am using). It should go directly to the local recipient's mailbox. The email only contain a word with no attachement. I also have hmail server setup for testing purpose. If I do the same thing, the email immediately...
  4. equinox

    Email send within the domain that goes to relay server

    I always believe that an email send within the same domain will stay inside the local network. The email shouldn't go a round trip and back to the MailPlus server. My MailPlus server is currently using Dynu relay service (store/forward). This service will hold emails when the MailPlus is...
  5. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Sending emails within the same domain and network

    Hi, I have a MailPlus server setup with a 3rd party relay service for sending. Let's say both user A and B are belong to the same domain and the same network. 1. If user A send a email to user B, would the email have to go through the 3rd party relay server and come back to the MailPlus? 2...
  6. dzunk

    Cannot Access Root Domain Internally

    I cannot access the web station pages internally for my 2 root domains. Subdomains are not a problem internally. Externally, I can access the root domains via https with no problem. My setup: 3 synologys with 1 main providing reverse proxy, and DNS Server for...
  7. piperseneca

    DSM 7.0 Domain name to target NAS

    Good afternoon. Sorry if the thread already exist. I couldn't find something similar. My ultimate goal is to use my "" on my DS920+. The NAS is connected onto a RT2600ac. My is through OVH and I already DNS-ed the domain to point towards my ISP IP address...
  8. daptap

    Helping friend set up VPN on rt2600ac - DDNS vs actual domain (like namesilo)

    So, I'm using openvpn set up on my NAS. I don't have an official domain (from namesilo or godaddy or anything); I just point the openvpn config file to the DDNS set up on synology ( Things seem to work fine for me. I've been helping a friend (good for me to learn again...
  9. M

    Config. NAS FTP throught Domain (adding FTP webspace for use)

    Good afternoon I have the following problem: I have a domain where I have developed the web in wordpress (through I have 1gb of FTP storage If it weren't because I have to upload content that occupies + 5GB + 10GB and henceforth, it will not work for me since it is very...
  10. A

    Inter domain trust - Syno (or any other) DS

    Hello Does anyone here have experience setting up intra domain trust between a Syno hosted AD (be it their Active Directory Server or any other tool) and a "vanilla" Windows AD ? Most interrested in your expreriences / findings
  11. NAS Newbie

    What do I need to set up my own domain name?

    I've read through these threads, but still have some questions: I don't currently plan on hosting a website, although...
  12. aGraphicz

    Can't access Synology using DDNS domain

    Hi On my NAS I setup a DDNS to use when connecting with OpenVPN. However, when I am using the VPN if I give that address in my browser ( nothing happen. The only way to access DSM is by using the IP address of the LAN port 192.168.XXX:40XX Is that normal? I...
  13. paradeiser

    Info German SPOT Webinar today (17.11.2020): Synology Directory Server - NAS als Domain Controller

    As this category has only few posts I just wanted to share the info: NICHT NUR FÜR PARTNER! Synology Directory Server - NAS als Domain Controller Sichern Sie sich Ihren limitierten Teilnahmeplatz. Synology Product Managerin Annika Opitz informiert Sie, wie: - Ihre Synology zur Alternative zum...
  14. G

    Recommendations on purchasing domain

    I’m looking to purchase my own domain. Any recommendations on service providers? Anything that would easily work with Let’s Encrypt through synology nas?
  15. C

    Move my domain to own authoritative server (DS218+)

    Hello, I want make own authoritative server od my DS218+, but I have lack of knowledge. Do I need to forward ports 53 in the router to the NAS? When I make it, I don`t have internet access on DS. What do I have to ask the current server owner for? DNS Server->Zones->Create->Master...
  16. Lola

    Question Bought domain and need to link to NAS

    Hello, Massive newbie question. I have bought a domain name (from Fasthosts). I need to point this towards my NAS. Is there a good step-by-step guide to this, anywhere? many thanks
  17. K

    Synology and AD domain

    Hi All i would like to ask if any one of you has any expirience in Joining Synology NAS to AD domain i have a problem with enumerating users i've created ca 100 000 Users in one OU What i could see in Synology (domain/LDAP -> domain users) is only 71991 is there any limitation to number of...
  18. tekguru

    Your NAS accessible via your domain.....

    If you own your own domain and have access to the DNS records you may want to modify the domain to allow connection to your NAS instead of using a Quick Connect Synology account. I've just done mine and it took all of 5 minutes to do So if your was '', and your...