1. C

    Change name of domain

    I set up my domain a few weeks ago. I migrated a lot of applications, it took a long time. Unfortunately, I gave a wrong domain name and I have a problem. I should have named the domain "" but I did "" and I am having a lot of problems with external services. Is it...
  2. C

    Calendar and domain name in Active Directory Name

    Hello, I have big problem. I maked domain in Active Directory with ex. name When I click on the CalDav account in Synology Calendar I get a URL with the path [email protected] in it. And it should be [email protected] (I had this when I had users in LDAP) As a...
  3. H

    How to Redirect IP Address to Domain?

    Hi Everyone, Is it possible to redirect IP to domain in DSM ? I'm using DDNS to acess my Nas remotly. It works fine, but It's possible to access it with the public IP adress. Is there something I can do ? One NAS is using a fixed public IP adress, the other one is using a dynamic plublic ip...
  4. Huggy

    Domain Question?

    Hi all, I'm looking for help with setting up my domain with my NAS. I've purchased a domain through GoDaddy and have a static IP address from my ISP. I've added my IP address to the A record and can access DSM via I need to add a SSL certificate so presume Let's Encrypt...
  5. C

    Two IP and one domain server - configuration in revDNS and DNS zone.

    Hello, I have working mail server on Synology Mail Server with domain named for example I need a second backup internet connection because sometimes my primary ISP cuts out New configuration: revDNS (ISP1 primary) ip: w1.x1.y1.z1: PTR: revDNS (ISP2 failover) ip...
  6. M

    Connect to NAS with local user, when laptop account on AD domain

    I have a DS720+ on my home network with various local user accounts. I got a new work laptop which is on an AD domain and I cannot for the life of me get it connected to the Synology NAS when I get home on my own LAN. It prompts to connect using my AD account, and any attempt to change the...
  7. H

    Assign local administrator to domain users

    Hi, I've set up a domain via Synology Directory Server in a test environment, and one of the issues I've come across is that I don't seem to be able to set up a user as local administrator on a client machine? How is it done? Thanks Mick
  8. tekguru

    Linking domain to web site or forum hosted on the NAS

    This is something I’ve been wondering for a while. Assume my domain is my, I’ve been accessing the forum by creating a CNAME DNS entry to create a subdomain like my I’ve then being pointing to either or
  9. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Emails sending to local domain and wait for 20+ seconds to show up

    I assuem that the email never go outside of the network (the relay server I am using). It should go directly to the local recipient's mailbox. The email only contain a word with no attachement. I also have hmail server setup for testing purpose. If I do the same thing, the email immediately...
  10. equinox

    Email send within the domain that goes to relay server

    I always believe that an email send within the same domain will stay inside the local network. The email shouldn't go a round trip and back to the MailPlus server. My MailPlus server is currently using Dynu relay service (store/forward). This service will hold emails when the MailPlus is...
  11. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Sending emails within the same domain and network

    Hi, I have a MailPlus server setup with a 3rd party relay service for sending. Let's say both user A and B are belong to the same domain and the same network. 1. If user A send a email to user B, would the email have to go through the 3rd party relay server and come back to the MailPlus? 2...
  12. dzunk

    Cannot Access Root Domain Internally

    I cannot access the web station pages internally for my 2 root domains. Subdomains are not a problem internally. Externally, I can access the root domains via https with no problem. My setup: 3 synologys with 1 main providing reverse proxy, and DNS Server for...
  13. piperseneca

    DSM 7.0 Domain name to target NAS

    Good afternoon. Sorry if the thread already exist. I couldn't find something similar. My ultimate goal is to use my "" on my DS920+. The NAS is connected onto a RT2600ac. My is through OVH and I already DNS-ed the domain to point towards my ISP IP address...
  14. daptap

    Helping friend set up VPN on rt2600ac - DDNS vs actual domain (like namesilo)

    So, I'm using openvpn set up on my NAS. I don't have an official domain (from namesilo or godaddy or anything); I just point the openvpn config file to the DDNS set up on synology ( Things seem to work fine for me. I've been helping a friend (good for me to learn again...
  15. M

    Config. NAS FTP throught Domain (adding FTP webspace for use)

    Good afternoon I have the following problem: I have a domain where I have developed the web in wordpress (through I have 1gb of FTP storage If it weren't because I have to upload content that occupies + 5GB + 10GB and henceforth, it will not work for me since it is very...
  16. A

    Inter domain trust - Syno (or any other) DS

    Hello Does anyone here have experience setting up intra domain trust between a Syno hosted AD (be it their Active Directory Server or any other tool) and a "vanilla" Windows AD ? Most interrested in your expreriences / findings
  17. NAS Newbie

    What do I need to set up my own domain name?

    I've read through these threads, but still have some questions: I don't currently plan on hosting a website, although...
  18. aGraphicz

    Can't access Synology using DDNS domain

    Hi On my NAS I setup a DDNS to use when connecting with OpenVPN. However, when I am using the VPN if I give that address in my browser ( nothing happen. The only way to access DSM is by using the IP address of the LAN port 192.168.XXX:40XX Is that normal? I...
  19. paradeiser

    Info German SPOT Webinar today (17.11.2020): Synology Directory Server - NAS als Domain Controller

    As this category has only few posts I just wanted to share the info: NICHT NUR FÜR PARTNER! Synology Directory Server - NAS als Domain Controller Sichern Sie sich Ihren limitierten Teilnahmeplatz. Synology Product Managerin Annika Opitz informiert Sie, wie: - Ihre Synology zur Alternative zum...
  20. G

    Recommendations on purchasing domain

    I’m looking to purchase my own domain. Any recommendations on service providers? Anything that would easily work with Let’s Encrypt through synology nas?