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    RT6600ax VPN speed between wan and lan

    Hi, My RT6600AX is behind a ISP box in DMZ. The connection is capable of 2 gbps down and 700mbits up. In front of it there is a 5g android connection whose speedtest indicates 180mbits down. Openvpn WAN : The openvpn connection is ok with the default cipher choice (aes256). The speed is...
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    DSM 6.2 Traffic Control for WAN (Internet) only

    Hi. DS1819+, DSM 6.2 Is it possible to use Traffic Control to only limit bandwidth to WAN IPs? Only 1 (physical) LAN cable is connected to the router. So far, I used the CP > Network > Traffic Control to limit the bandwidth due slow Internet connection, but this also limits my Gbps LAN at the...
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    Access from LAN, but not disconnected WAN

    I had a setup with a DS720 behind my router, port forwarding 443 from the router to the NAS, a wildcard Let's Encrypt cert, and reverse proxy for several services. Eeverything worked great. Then I moved (switched ISP) and now I can access NAS services by using the NAS IP/port or by using the...
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    Video streaming outside LAN - What is the best way?

    Hi all, Recently I have upgraded NAS to Synology DS720+ and would like to share videos online to 4K Smart TV`s (replacement for Netflix, Amazon Prime). Locally I use Infuse Pro on Apple TV and no issues there. My Internet connection is 1000/300 (Mb/s). I would like to stream to quite new TV`s...