c2 backup

  1. oRBIT

    C2 backup strategies

    Currently I've configured all my shared folders as different C2-backup-jobs. I read somewhere that someone did this to get a better overview what's backed up and what's not. I also think it might be faster working this way in case there's need for a restore some day (relinking an existing...
  2. paradeiser

    Remove multiple backups from Version-list ?

    Dear Forum, I use HyperBackup for backups to a remote DS and also the C2-Cloud and its running smoothly. Lately I realized a backup-task is eating up a lot of space on my C2 target, tho the source-size is more or less the same. Thanks to deduplication multiple backup-versions actually...
  3. paradeiser

    Deduplication on HyperBackup target?

    Hi, I use C2 for daily off-site backups - which works great (including versioning and deduplication). As a second layer I have weekly Backups on an external USB HD as single-version (for quick access to the full amount of data if something breaks). There is a lot of redundant data, as I also...