1. R

    NFS and LDAP

    Hello, I am running a DS218play with DSM 7.0 I have it configured for LDAP through Jumpcloud. I have LDAP set-up and LDAP users can access the file shares remotely through quickconnect. Although, I can't get the LDAP users to authenticate LDAP users locally to the NAS only remotley. I don't...
  2. B

    kerberos server on diskstation

    My network is extremely simple, having a few clients, a DiskStation, and a VM on the DiskStation. Advanced features of file sharing, including SMB/CIFS and NFS, largely depend on the availability of Kerberos, and so I am trying to understand how I might add Kerberos without adding any hardware...
  3. fredbert

    DSM 7.0 Bug? LDAP user/group permissions merged with DSM user/group of same name

    I have joined my NAS to LDAP Server so that I have a second set of accounts. The DSM local user/group is the main one used for virtually everything, while LDAP is for second accounts used for Mail Server (to hide the .Maildir folder which would be visible in File Station), and VPN Server and...
  4. Shadow

    Moving from LDAP to Directory server

    I'd like to move from the Synology LDAP package to Synology Directory Server package to have a real Active Directory.. But in LDAP I have all the users and groups and fileshares and apps are attached to that. \ But first, is there a way to simply migrate the user and group objects to the AD? I...
  5. J

    LDAP server with Google Workspace

    Hello everyone, my organization uses Google Workspace and I would like to allow the Workspace users accessing the NAS of the organization by using the same credentials of the Google account. I would have tried this tutorial but unfortunately the version of Google Workspace in use by the...
  6. H

    Help in Configuring Jellyfin LDAP Settings

    Hi all, I recently installed Authelia with thanks from @Rusty guide and have it in front of my Jellyfin web server (which is installed as host on my machine). I recently found out that jellyfin has an LDAP plugin so I'm hoping that by leveraging that, the LDAP plugin will pull from user info...
  7. P

    Synology and Google LDAP

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new to LDAP so excuse my ignorance :) I'm trying to sync my Synology NAS to my Google Cloud Identity via LDAP. I followed the instructions provided by Synology but they are a little incomplete. I successfully retry my users from Google but im not able to retry my OU...
  8. Z

    LDAP over SSL

    Hi all, So, I've got a NAS running with its own domain and a Let's Encrypt certificate. I've got the LDAP Server package installed. When running tests, I figured out that I can connect and browse the LDAP directory over an unsecured connection, but if I try to enable SSL - it fails. Both port...
  9. K

    Mailplus Server - change SMTP account from local to LDAP

    Hi guys We are running Mailplus Server for a few years now and when we set it up we didn't think ahead and only set it up for local user accounts. Since then, we have acquired a couple additional NAS and have moved a few applications off the primary NAS so Mailplus Server doesn't need to share...
  10. DeltaGolf

    Do I want / need an LDAP server?

    Hello! First time caller. I run a Mac OS Server at one location and at another a *nix server. Both are going to be replaced by Synology DS918+'s and as well as office file serving will run email, calendar and contacts. There are a handful of users at each location. Do I need or want to...
  11. J

    Question Switch from domain user to LDAP

    Hello, I have installed Synology Directory server but it isn't longer needed so i want to switch to LDAP Is that possible without losing data? The biggest problem is mailplus i think. Is it possible to keep my emails?
  12. K

    Cert Problems with Directory Server & LetsEncrypts

    I set up a wild card LetsEncypt cert using this using this tutorial: How to install and auto update Let's encrypt wildcard certs on Synology NAS with cloudflare DNS API :: William's blog Worked like a dream. However, I'm still struggling to get things working quite right with with Directory...