1. aGraphicz

    Impossible to delete or rename files on Mac over SMB

    hi :) I just realized that some files on the NAS cannot be deleted or renamed over Mac Finder. In the specific when I delete a file this comes back again. Another problem is with file names. When trying to rename them error 43 pops out. You also had a similar problem? Thanks!
  2. O

    SMB setup on Android via foldersync app

    Hi. Does anyone know how to access my Synology nas via SMB protocol through foldersync app or similar ? I don't know what I need to enter in "Connection field" Thanks for help ☺️
  3. H

    Mac SMB file transfer varies significantly based on mounting direction

    Hello, I found this forum while searching and it appears nicely done. I have filed a support request with Synology but that can take a while, perhaps someone here has an idea. I'm testing a scenario to be implemented on our live show productions and have come across an oddity that I can't...
  4. D

    Question preserve Linux permission when copying over SMB

    Hey Friends, Another question from NAS noob - still exploring my first NAS and I wonder if it is possible to preserve file permissions when copying them to NAS over smb protocol. I have my Samba share mounted as sudo mount -t cifs -o credentials=/etc/smb-credentials,uid=1000,gid=1000...
  5. D

    Question SMB 20x slower than NFS

    Hey Folks, Been directed here (as "some true experts on the topic are on") from Synology Community. Long story short: I bought myself a first NAS - DS220j - that I plan to use at home. As I am Linux user I was first looking at NFS mounts but because: - setting up kerberos is...
  6. A

    SMB Questions

    I have literally spent all day figuring out how to direct my Sonos acct to my audio folder on my NAS. It was a ton of trial and error and reading everything I could find on the internet. Finally got it working but have a few questions that I am hoping for some help with. 1. What is SMB? What...
  7. DeltaGolf

    Solved SMB share disconnects

    On a Mac I'm connecting to my shared folders in the usual command-K way. I get the list of folders and access one. It mounts and - as usual - the server appears in my Finder window under 'Locations'. Then I remember I need to access that other folder so, as I'm already connected, I click on the...
  8. wwwampy

    Info Relaunch Mac Finder when problems with connection to your NAS

    I just had a connection issue to my NAS via Finder with SMB so I'll add the info here for help. In Finder I go to Go > Connect to server... then I type in smb://myServerName. It connects, but in the Finder sidebar, I could not open any folder. I get this error: This operation could not be...