mail station

  1. fredbert

    Info Force HTTPS connections to Mail Station

    Another irritation with Mail Station is that it permits connections using HTTP. I've set all other web portals to redirect to HTTPS and have SSL certificates configured for these based on domain names from my personal domain. You can modify Mail Station to force it to redirect HTTP connections...
  2. fredbert

    Info Hacking CardDAV plugin into Mail Station

    I have a semi-frequent irritation which is being fed up with Mail Station stuck on RoundCube v1.3 and wanting to use the elastic theme of RoundCube v1.4. This irritation usually has resulted in trying and failing to get the docker RoundCube image working, but yesterday I tried installing it...
  3. S

    DSM 7.0 Mail server and mail station

    Anyone with a functioning combination of these 2? No problems installing but Mail station can't be reached or doesn't show.... while mail server does.