1. wizard99

    Windows File Server Security - Advised to Disable - What Does It Control?

    After changing the 5001 Port on my NAS and performing other needed updates, I began chasing down all the Security Advisor recommendations on my 2600... The last one was to DISABLE the SYSTEM RULE for the Destination Port of the Windows File Server on the Firewall. After Disabling this, I have...
  2. Telos

    Info Multiple vulnerabilities in Synology DiskStation Manager

    April 20, 2021 Cisco Talos recently discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Synology DiskStation Manager. Read on...
  3. NAS Newbie

    NAS- or Docker-hosted whole-network security options?

    I'm wondering if there is any Syno-native or docker-able app that I can host on my NAS that'd provide whole-network security. I see Antivirus Essentials and Norton are available in the app library. Basically, it'd be nice to have something running in the background that could reach out and...
  4. T

    Apache 2.4 "mod security"

    Hi Guys, I am hosting a webpage from my Synology using Apache 2.4. It is a genealogy website with a Maria database backend. I had been using it for years without an issue on apache 2.3 but after migration to 2.4 I can no longer get to the 'admin' page when I log into my website. I detailed...
  5. NAS Newbie

    Voting Machine security - nonpolitical

    I don't want this to get political, even though I know it is right on the line. You guys are the most tech-savvy group I'm a member of, so I thought I'd look for some education. I've gotten into a debate with some friends over voting machines. I say that, all politics aside, it is probably...
  6. ddmunhoz

    RT2600ac Port Security - Another security layer

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a nice Christmas! So today I have something new, something that bugged me for a while: Keeping VPN ports open on my router when not needed. On my case, all of our devices "call back" home VPN when away. But doing so means leaving ports open 24/7 and...
  7. C

    A few security questions about the DS 918+

    I use quickconnect to access my NAS, I Synology drive and Active backup for business to backup my pc, I use DS cloud and DS flie to backup my android phone. I am not using my firewall and have a few questions. 1. Should I use the firewall and will this affect the apps I use? 2.Can the Firewall...
  8. A

    Info Cyber security web scanner

    Hello All, I’m new to the cyber security and I need your opinion about something. What do you think about this website ? Somebody said that is a interesting tool for you to scan online the vulnerability of...
  9. E

    Worried about the security of my NAS

    Hi Some days ago I started using my first NAS for my small business. I followed tutorials and the Syno guides and of course discussions on this Forum. However, I am a bit worried about my security settings and setup. I don't know if my NAS is too much exposed outside. I am not a specialist and...
  10. WST16

    Info New login behavior push notifications

    This setting is turned off by default. Enabling it with mobile push notifications can be useful. Of course, expect a few false positives (usually when you’re logging in from new places). While you’re there, check the other options too :)
  11. N

    Question Docker, VM and data security

    Hi there, I own a new DS machine and intend to use it for the following tasks: (private) data storage, personal devices' backups, run Docker with a few containers like PiHole, Bitwarden, RSS, etc., as well as to host a personal website and run a Mail server with a "catch them all" function...
  12. JME81

    Question DSM DriveSync Security

    I'm looking at buying a DS720+ and setting up DriveSync as one of the options. How do you secure access to this? I want it accessible to the internet. What is needed? A domain? SSL?
  13. tekguru

    eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam

    Well I treated myself to a 'eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam', cheap as chips at £39. A top piece of camera kit which works with Apple Homekit Secure Video. But it also works natively with Surveillance Station on Synology NAS's! So if you fancy a cheap camera with loads of features then there you...
  14. jeyare

    Home Router Security Report 2020 by Fraunhofer institut Germany

    here you can read full report by German Fraunhofer institut as was discussed many times here there is better spend 250-300USD/Eur for proper and secure router, than use “routers” from ISPs or cheap budget purchase. Otherwise you can write to your WAN Gateway: “Welcome all visitors here”...
  15. tekguru

    Question EufyCam 2 Security Camera - for NAS as well as Homekit

    I'm considering enhancing our home security via adding security cameras to the front and back of the property. As we're an Apple family and Apple have the HomeKit Secure Video system I'd love to go with cameras which use that system. The installation has to be wireless to keep 'her indoors'...
  16. monfrair

    any users have edgerouter/opnsense/pfsense with rt2600ac network?

    Has anyone set up or used an edgerouter and or pfsense/opnsense for an extra security with their rt2600ac? Looks like a pretty powerful system and was wondering if anyone had this setup using their rt2600ac as the main gateway and the edgerouter for extra firewall protection...
  17. monfrair

    segregation of iot devices on network

    Been researching a way to segregate iot devices onto my guest network without having to reenter all passwords onto devices. I have looked all over the net for an easy way to do this but can find anything. I have the rt2600ac with several rt2200ac mesh routers. The rt2600 is my gateway. I don't...
  18. WST16

    Info Surveillance mistakes to avoid when installing security cameras

  19. jeyare

    Info Security and your DSM setup

    follow my short research: 45 588 Syno NASes accessible from WAN by standard HTTP (5000) port 54% of them have opened UPnP 7% of them have opened FTP and people are crazy with SMB1, look here check your IP and what “they” know about you at Our mission here is providing a knowledge...
  20. SynoMan

    Security 10 security tips to keep your data safe from Synology

    To help you protect yourself, Synology compiled a list of important data security settings that are often overlooked. *click the button Go to source page above