1. D

    Docker security

    One of the reasons I updated to a new NAS (DS218+) was the possibility of running a Docker container to provide some of my SmartHome functionality that I currently run from a Pi (non-Docker setup). I'm new to Docker, so I am looking at the Docker Primer material from this thread (Info - A...
  2. N

    Synology Security Tutorials

    Hello to all :) I have been a happy user of Synology for years, and I wanted to share my knowledge with you guys in terms of security with Synology. I have often found some videos, tutorials and on some forums some misconceptions or misleading or incomplete infos about security (which I hope...
  3. J

    How to secure and lock down Docker web app

    I am going to run my nginx:stable-alpine web server in Docker, with DNAT port forwarding from my router and expose it to the Internet. I would like to learn how to protect my lan environment from possible attackers, who can launch zero-days attacks on Nginx and take over the container. The...
  4. MadBrit

    Question About SRM and Security

    Hi SynoFans, Excuse my ignorance, but I'm a first time poster and new to Synology tech. Not 100% sure where to post this, but thanks for any help in advance. Please move to another thread if not applicable. RT2600AC / SRM 1.2.3-8017 Update 4 I installed ntop-ng (network monitoring) on a linux...
  5. L

    Question Need some help to clarify some doubts (about security)

    Hi! I'm new here and a general newbie in this world, and because of something out of my control I need to setup my NAS, a DS218+, in a way that I've never configured before. Until now, I have used my NAS as a Backup and to store some personal data, music, videos and something else. I have...
  6. jono

    Security advice when sharing files?

    In the past I've had a domain pointed at my DiskStation (DS1019+) and accessed DSM, Drive etc. via the domain name/HTTPS, but now I have sensitive work files on there and don't want to expose the Synology to the internet. So I no longer use the domain name and just use a VPN to access DSM...
  7. SynoMan

    Security Security Checklist from Synology

    How strong is your cybersecurity strategy? The engineers at Synology have put together this Security Checklist to make sure you have all your bases covered. *this PDF is from Synology and is available also on their download page here
  8. SynoMan

    Info Digital Security Assessment Checklist

    How strong is your cybersecurity strategy? The engineers at Synology have put together this Security Checklist to make sure you have all your bases covered. Checklist in PDF
  9. SynoMan

    Synology News Synology Urges All Users to Stay Vigilant of Online Scams

    We recently found that cybercriminals crafted fraudulent domains that look like Synology in an attempt to redirect Synology users to a phishing site where they were asked to transfer money to a designated account. Synology has reported to the domain name registrar, Google and LiveChat provider...
  10. WST16

    Tutorial DS VPN Server OpenVPN configuration

    WST16 submitted a new resource: DS VPN Server OpenVPN configuration - OpenVPN to access LAN Read more about this resource...
  11. WST16

    Tutorial DS VPN Server OpenVPN configuration

    Difficulty: medium Prerequisites: router port forwarding knowledge and a high-level understanding of the DS firewall is recommended. Hi, In this guide I’ll share how I configured my VPN Server package to allow access to my DS and LAN (with the firewall enabled). If you’ve enabled remote...
  12. D

    Question Shared folder structure for backup from multiple sites

    Greetings! In a security perspective, what would be the best shared folder structure for backups coming from different sites? We plan on using Synology Drive to backup certain files/folders to a central NAS. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone!
  13. Rusty

    Info Synology July Ransomware warning

    in case someone missed this newsletter info.
  14. wwwampy

    Top ten most popular docker images each contain at least 30 vulnerabilities

    What do you guys think about that:
  15. J

    Question Multi-factor authentication for VPN server on DSM?

    HI all - loving this unofficial forum, and new NAS DS218+ with DSM 6.2 :) Would anyone know how to set up multiple-factor authentication for a VPN server (whichever VPN works, really) on DSM, please? Ideally, from most preferred to less preferred: Hardware token like Yubikey TOTP like Google...