1. aGraphicz

    Apple Mail not working when OpenVPN it's active

    Hi We use since some months OpenVPN but we are not able to send mails (or to update the incoming mails) when connected to the NAS via VPN. It's something we need to change in the OpenVPN config file? Many thanks in advance
  2. Z

    DSM 7.0 Sync with Apple Reminders?

    Hello, Has anyone been able to get Apple Reminders on macOS 12 to sync tasks/task lists with Synology Calendar? If so, could you share how? I've added my Synology account to the macOS Internet Accounts, the calendar syncs just fine with the computer app, but in Reminders I can only see the...
  3. T

    Help - Managing photos in Apple Ecosystem

    Hi All, I currently own a WD MyCloud Home and an older synology DS213+. I'm thinking of upgrading to a DS220+ so I can upgrade to DSM 7. Before I do I wanted to ensure it could meet my needs for an icloud replacement. I use MacOS and iOS. I'd love to have a photo library sync across my...
  4. WST16

    Apple issues a fix for flaw linked to Pegasus spyware

    Link to the article. Update your devices, especially if you happen to be a head of state, a rights activist in a dodgy regime or a double agent, who happens to frequent SynoForum to fix your 1815 because you had all the important info that will topple the regime but, alas, you didn’t backup and...
  5. tekguru

    Connecting to the DS918+ from an apple Mac Mini

    This is one that's bugged me for a while. My NAS and Mac Mini are plugged into ports on my Router (Netgear Orbi RBK53S). The Mac Mini also connects via WiFi (to allow the use of the Apple Watch to unlock the Mini). The issue is that in 'Finder' and 'Forklift' file managers on the Mac the MAS...
  6. D

    Taking notes on iPad with Apple Pencil and storing on Synology

    I have decided to get rid of all the paper notes in my life! What I want to do is use the Apple Pencil on my iPad, but store the notes and notebooks on my company server, a DS216+. I have fooled around a bit with Apple Notes and I quite like the way it works with the Apple Pencil. Is there any...
  7. D

    Apple photo library to NAS DS220+

    Hi Hive mind - I have googled and searched and googled but I can't find clear answers or workflows to these questions...and finally stumbled on your blog Use case: I have a 210GB Apple photos library, on my macbook and mirrored in icloud I want to copy or move or download (depending on the...
  8. NAS Newbie

    What is the best way to backup an Apple family to Synology?

    I've asked versions of this question before, but I want to narrow in on the apple-specific side of things. What is the method for backing up my dad's network of mac laptops, ipads, and iphones? We are moving all of his data and photo storage off the icloud onto his NAS if possible. I had...
  9. EAZ1964

    Apple M1 crash/freeze when searching synology share in finder

    I posted this on syno community as well, but no reactions so far. Can anybody suggest a workaround or fix for the fact that my new M1 Macbook pro and M1 Mac mini both crash (yes power button needed to revive) when I search my Synology shares from Finder app. I just go in Finder and make a...
  10. pajczur

    How to set up Synolog iTunes Server with new OSX Apple Music app?

    Hello, sorry I ask for it in Audio Station forum, but I couldn't find forum hat is dedicated for iTunesServer. In the google I only found tutorials from a few years ago. And they show how to setup iTunes Server with old Apple iTunes application. But from some time I don't even see in OSX...
  11. P

    Leaving apple enviroment

    Hello! Finally I got rid of my apple addiction (thanks to a wet iphone and a low cash available to replace it...) and migrated to android. So I now want to cancel my icloud subscription and before it I need to download all photos. there are thousands. Years ago I tried it and seems there was...
  12. fredbert

    Info Apple iOS/PadOS 14 private Wi-Fi addresses and features that rely on MAC address

    The motives are good and if you use public wifi hotspots then having different MAC per connection makes sense to stop tracking. But, and there is a but, what happens if you use MAC addresses to determine access or profiles on your home network? As is apparent, MAC addresses can't be relied on...
  13. SynoMan

    Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android

    Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android I think you can opt-out for that.
  14. WST16

    Info Delete completed reminders (iOS tip)

    If you’re like me, a daily user of reminders on your iOS device, then you might be aware of the completed reminders problem– they remain on the device. This is especially accelerated if you have repeating tasks, the list grows rapidly. I’ve found a shortcut (for the Shortcuts app) that deletes...
  15. WST16

    Info VPN bypass vulnerability in Apple iOS
  16. WST16

    Info Saving to a PDF (iOS/iPadOS)

    Since the stock markets are crashing, toilet paper is in high demand and with too much time waiting for the world to end, there’s no better time to share an iOS tip than now :) It’s saving/printing to a PDF file while using Safari on iOS or iPadOS. The screenshot/full page trick works too, but...
  17. C

    Synology calendar sync to Google calendar or Apple calendar?

    Is there a way to synch the Synology Calendar to Google Calendar or Apple Calendar? Why? Amazon Alexa. We use the Synology Calendar for each individual family member and would like to link them to Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, only Google, Microsoft, Apple and MS Exchange can be linked to...
  18. C

    4K Streaming and subtitle settings - DS218+ - Q90R - Apple TV 4K

    Hi, First of all my setup: NAS: DS218+ , latest DSM, DS Video Server TV: Samsung Q90R, Tizen, DS Video App, Plex App Multimedia Streamer: Apple TV 4K, DS Video App, Plex App AVR: Denon X3500H Question: I want to play 4K video from my NAS and I found out that my TV DS Video App performs...
  19. WST16

    Info iOS 13 low data mode (Apple)

    I’m looking forward to using this option during my coming trip while using a local limited data SIM. Previously, I would go to mobile data and manage permissions individually. Hopefully, this single switch will make it much easier. In case you missed it, here’s an explanation.
  20. SynoMan

    Tutorial Back up your Mac with Time Machine to Synology NAS

    SynoMan submitted a new resource: Back up your Mac with TIme Machine to Synology NAS - A guide to using Apple Time Machine and your NAS Read more about this resource...