1. G

    Guest Network with access to Photos App

    I have a "weird" scenario that I'm wondering if it will work. We have an iPad that only has access to the guest network so that it stays isolated from the rest of the network. BUT...with the new Photos App in DSM7, I would like to allow it to upload photos to the Synology which is on the main...
  2. M

    Can't Access Mobile Apps While On Same Network

    This group is my last resort as I haven't been able to find my answers elsewhere and I am at a complete loss. So I hope y'all can help! I have everything set up and it is working flawlessly minus one small hurdle. Let me explain... I am using a custom domain name and running through...
  3. B

    400 bad request in shlink links from public network

    Despite resolving the issues I had by accessing via shlink namely, connection refused on most browsers, as described here. But this time, there is a 400 bad request in every browser call from public network only. Shlink calls from private network are not affected. Some searching leads me to a...
  4. Robbie

    Synology Network UPS Server - Client Shutdown Script?

    Begrudgingly bought yet-another replacement UPS; slowly working my way through the major UPS brands... Anyway, is there a way to send a shutdown command from the Synology UPS Server to a non-Synology client via a task, script or another method? Ideally I would like a graceful shutdown of a...
  5. Robbie

    The Last Jedi Home Network Rack?

    The Last Jedi Home Network Rack This has to be the end. Started with 5U, then 9U before pushing through the Spinal Tap limit and hitting 12U for my current rack. Thought that would be enough but here I am, starting to build a new 16U rack and (for the first time ever) it will be fitted with...
  6. L

    Options for exposing read-only folder to linux on local network

    Hi all, I have my music in a folder in my home directory on my DS. I'd like to expose it as read-only folder to my Ubuntu server on the local network. The ubuntu server will serve up those files via plex. I'm hoping you can help me figure out what my options are. I'd prefer to not have the...
  7. NAS Newbie

    NAS- or Docker-hosted whole-network security options?

    I'm wondering if there is any Syno-native or docker-able app that I can host on my NAS that'd provide whole-network security. I see Antivirus Essentials and Norton are available in the app library. Basically, it'd be nice to have something running in the background that could reach out and...
  8. L

    Will DSM7 allow specific apps or ports to route through a specific Network Interface / VPN?

    Will DSM finally add this much needed, much requested feature? No clue why Synology has ignored the user base and not added this in DSM6
  9. P

    Windows search for network shares on Synology?

    I have various shared folders on our Synology NAS which are accessed by multiple windows PCs. I would like to be able to search the contents of the network shares via Windows' built-in search abilities. I would rather not have each individual PC index each of these shares, as this would need...
  10. P

    VM network access with only one IP?

    Is there any way of getting network access for a VM run in DSM if the host only has one IP and cannot get any other IP (network DHCP server is MAC-address restricted)?
  11. oRBIT

    What's causing network traffic in DSM7?

    Is there a way of seeing which resource/task that's causing networktraffic? From time to time I see my upload bandwidth going up but I have no idea what's causing it. For example, can I see what might be causing this 1.9MB/s?:
  12. pajczur

    Router "checking network environment" failed

    Hello, I try to configure a NAS for External Access wth that tutorial: Configuring a NAS for External Access I have in my router enabled UPnP. But I get error while trying to "set up router". The error happens when "checking network environment" (please find enclosed screenshot). It says...
  13. jeyare

    When you have some Zyxel in your network, it’s time to update of firmware

    Zyxel devices (Gateways, Firewalls, VPN modules,...), specially in SOHO or SME segment devices, have serious problem based on: and what is even worse: at the source side you can find the firmware hardcoded password for the admin user. here is complete research report :
  14. NAS Newbie

    How do you choose your DSM network ports?

    I keep reading to change it from the default 5000/5001 to make it more difficult for bad guys to find my stuff. I know where to change the port; my question is how do you go about selecting a different number? I don't want to accidentally pick a port number that is even more common than 5000/5001.
  15. NAS Newbie

    Is there a better way of mapping network drives?

    I while back I posted this thread of my mapped network drives disconnecting: Solved - Why do my mapped network drives keep disconnecting?. I thought my problem was solved, but it was not. Currently I am always re-mapping the drives using Syno Assistant. If I disconnect the computer from the...
  16. NAS Newbie

    Cannot connect to Bitwarden in Docker via reverse proxy on ubiquiti network... help?

    So I'm back and trying to get docker/bitwarden up and running. I believe I have the docker/bitwarden image set up correctly, but I cannot reverse proxy into it using I have been able to access the image using http://192.168.x.x.1051, but it won't let me sign in...
  17. tekguru

    Mesh network

    Anyone in here any decent experiences of mesh networks? As you may recall I was looking to change internet providers and in the end decided to stick with British Telecom (BT). I did buy a Velp mesh system but that proved unreliable and has gone back to Amazon. So.......... What I'm looking to...
  18. akahan

    Punch a hole from specific devices on guest network to device on home network?

    On the RT2600, I use the regular network 10.86.173.X for most of my devices, including my NAS units, and the guest network (192.168.2.X) for my IOT devices (doorbells, lamps, and, in particular, Echo Dots (Amazon "Alexa"). I do this for security reasons: I don't want a bunch of cheap IOT...
  19. D

    ABB - Recovery Failure. Network Drivers not loaded after recovery USB is Booted

    I'm running ABB on a 1515+. Backups of my laptop work with no problem. I have an HP ZBook 15u G6 laptop. I've created restore USB for bare metal restores. Problem Description: When I boot the recovery USB stick, the WLAN network drivers are not loaded so I cannot connect to the RAID and move...
  20. R

    Network UPS with many clients?

    I have my UPS plugged into my syno, and I have a slew of raspberrypi's powered by the same UPS which I would also like to gracefully shutdown when necessary. The syno has the handy network UPS server which is awesome, but it seems I have to authorize each client IP individually ("Permitted...