1. Telos

    Question A 3rd party domain name has crept into my network... ?

    3 years ago I stayed at a Sonesta hotel and used their wi-fi system. I may even have set up an old wif-fi router using a wired ethernet port in my room... Since then, I get weird traffic through my network... for example, today Adguard Home sees a "" associated with one of my...
  2. S

    DS218play periodically loses network connection, can't be reached - how to reboot and how to fix?

    My DS218play periodically enters a state where it can't be reached over the network. File share, web browser control panel, the Synology tool, ping from the command line, nothing reaches it. The status lights seem normal. Status, Disk1 and Disk2 are solid green, LAN flickers green, power is...

    Question Accessing and mapping network drives remotely

    Alrighty everyone, I am missing something. I can't seem to make this work: I can reach my Synology NAS DS1817+ remotely,through DDNS, but I can't seem to map volumes as (network)drives on Windows 10 like I can on OSX with SMB. I also tried another option, which is using FTP but the file transfer...
  4. B

    Accessing synology ds216s from inside network

    Hi, New to this and a little confused. How do I access the NAS from within my network. I can open it but only as a web browser page, I am not sure if by doing this it is outside of my network? does this pass through my firewall and is then visible outside? Is this a potential source of entry for...
  5. E

    VPN Connection Preventing Web Station from Working

    Hello, I have Web Station setup on my Diskstation to act as an API for my IOT devices. That I have working from the public internet as required by IFTTT (port forwarded in my router). The only problem is, I would also like my Diskstation to connect to a VPN, so that other services like...
  6. Shoop

    Solved [BitWarden RS] Container not able to resolve names (maybe more general network issue)

    Hi there, I have set up a self hosted BitWarden_RS with docker and everything runs pretty good except notification mails (from the start). This BitWarden was only accessed by me at first so not being able to send mails did not bother me but I was planning on giving access to some members of my...
  7. NAS Newbie

    Can surveillance station be used with cameras that are not on the same network as the NAS?

    I'm looking into setting up surveillance station to monitor some remote cameras at 2 separate building sites several miles away from my NAS as well as some cameras at home where my NAS is. All 3 sites (home, building A, Building B) have their own unique wifi networks. can surveillance station...
  8. Lieven

    rsync use on shedule

    Hey, i like to use rsync to backup hd1 to hd2. I want to use it this way , just to be sure it’s not stored to a file,zip,... This is what i have. rsync -cavislhn --exclude "#recycle" --delete --modify-window=1 "/volume1/Base/" "/volume2/Copy" where ‘n’ = dry run. do i use to many options or...
  9. Imcon

    Solved How to reconnects PC/Physical Server when Certificate changes?

    Recently activated Network Interface bond (LAN1+LAN2 but the IP stays the same) but from then the Active Backup machines are out of connection to the DSM (to theit tasks at Active Backup). Any idea how to reconnect them from NAS side? I guess it will be possible by reinstalling/reactivating...
  10. SynoMan

    Info Photoshooting: show your NAS

    Where do you have your NAS? In a server rack? On a bookshelf? On a table? In the kitchen? Hopefully not in the bathroom. You can photo your NAS or your entire network system and upload images. Please upload your images in the Media gallery: Now we have a Media gallery on SynoForum. Please...
  11. akahan

    Guest Network via LAN?

    Maybe I'm missing something basic. On the RT2600 and/or MR2200ac, is there no way to associate ethernet ports/connections with the guest network rather than the main network? That is: I have two wireless networks running on my Synology routers - the main one, and the guest. The guest does...
  12. R

    Question DS1517+ Has it died on me?

    Wow, official forum has plummeted to new depths, so dipping my toe in here! DS1517+ with 5x WD HDDs, 10GbE PCIe card (a Syno E10G18-T1). Reasonably flat network: - Router providing 2 LANs and 1 VLAN, firewall, DHCP and DNS - NAS resides on main LAN with an assigned address of -...
  13. wwwampy

    Threat Prevention Attempted User Privilege Gain

    Suspicious network event, Attempted User Privilege Gain... Is this something I should be worried about?
  14. notrui

    PXE Boot network via synology NAS

    Hello Friends :) I am new here and i bought a months ago a DS418. I have other 2 bay NAS I am trying to use PXE boot network via synology NAS. I am new also in PXE boot and yesterday i tested PXE boot with windows 10 and windows 7 , i used PXE serva but i only get sucess with win 7 (apperar a...
  15. WST16

    Network ports used by Synology services 2019-06-10

    Not a resource per se, but a pointer to Synology’s knowledge base page that shows the default ports used by the services. I find that I refer to it frequently. Might be useful (and easier) to pin it here for all of us :) Network ports used by Synology services.
  16. wwwampy

    Threat Prevention A network trojan was detected

    From my wife's laptop I'm getting this event every minute: alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET any (msg:"ET POLICY Crypto Coin Miner Login"; flow:to_server,established; content:"|7b 22|method|22 3a|"; depth:10; fast_pattern; content:"|22|login|22 2c|"; distance:0; within:9...
  17. Rusty

    Tutorial PXE boot via Synology NAS

    This tutorial will cover detail instructions on how to configure and setup your NAS to be a PXE boot server for your LAN. Keep in mind that this is a tutorial that I wrote back 5y now, but it still applies. We will see how to setup Syno as your PXE server as well as different methods of booting...