1. jeyare

    NtopNG - docker container

    Deployed and tested NtopNG container First touch feelings: 1. running w/o a significant impact on NAS host (it was my worries) 2. Useful to fast preview of the network status before you will use Wireshark 3. you can create pools for a clustered preview or exact host interface flow check 4...
  2. S

    DSM 7.0 How to share folder with other users on the network?

    Hi all! I'm a new NAS user and I recently bought the DS220+. I'm slowly navigating my way through learning and understanding the features. I had a question regarding sharing folders with other users on the NAS. I downloaded Synology Photos app on my Android phone to upload camera images to the...
  3. H

    Access to mediaWiki outside from local network

    I try to instal mediaWiki - it ~works. I can open it by my_Serwer_IP/wiki But I can't reach that outside from local network. How to connect with that? Currently I'm using well but don't work.
  4. P

    Network Drive Specified Is Currently Mapped

    I have a Synology DS218 NAS drive. My setup is a Surface laptop with Windows 10. I want to map the NAS folders as drives to Windows, so as to access them in Explorer. I have mapped these locations before, and populated them via Windows, all working fine - at that point. I lost the connection...
  5. O

    Timeouts with Hyper Backup and Google Drive

    Trying to set up Hyper Backup to work with Google Drive. The backup will start, freeze up, and then eventually fail. I've tried numerous times. The logs always show that there is a network timeout. I do have pi-hole running, but don't see anything being blocked for Google except ad services...
  6. T

    Cannot map network drive due to "System error 86"

    I apologize if this is a stupid/frequent question but I couldn't find this exact issue on the forums or honestly anywhere; maybe I just don't know what to look up. I setup my DS920+, made user accounts, created shared folders, applied privileges, etc. For example, let's say I created the user...
  7. S

    Hosted Site unreachable outside Network (only HTTPS)

    EDIT: I've managed to track it down to my router that seems unwilling to forward port 443 at all. Since I can't delete the thread, I'll leave it for anyone that is interested in a port-forwarding issue or debugging of similarissues. --- I managed to set up Reverse Proxy to one of my Docker...
  8. J

    DSM 7 Can't reach home network through openvpn on android

    Hi I have set up the openvpn server on DSM 7 and I've connected my phone through it with the redirect option uncommented. The subnet on the vpn is different than the one on the home network, as recommended by the tutorial I followed. I was expecting that the vpn server would redirect the...
  9. S

    Firewall blocking SMB and network discovery?

    Is it possible to get network discover and SMB to work alongside an active firewall on my DS220+? I have enabled SMB and Network Discovery on the DS itself, along with opening the firewall ports for SMB and AFS. Nothin' still doesn't work, unless I completely disable to firewall...
  10. ed.j

    Connecting to DSM/local network via OpenVPN

    So I'm predictably having some difficulties setting up a VPN connection on my DSM (7) I have managed to set up an OpenVPN server on the DSM and connect to it from my laptop. What I am having difficulty doing is viewing either the DSM or the network devices from the laptop I am connecting...
  11. Robbie

    Faster Network & Save Money?

    A few external prompts to reorganise my home network - my 10 GbE switch failed, I installed a larger rack, NASA left home (aka my daughter - a subnet in her own right) and I had moved a couple of wifi APs, enabling me to delete / repurpose an AP. First task - find every item on the network and...
  12. P

    how to map a network shared folder on our NAS with a user outside LAN

    We have a shared folder on our Synology NAS. We need to map this folder for a few users outside our network (LAN) over the internet? What is the best and easiest way to do this without having connection issues.
  13. F

    DSM 7.0 ds414 network enviroment?

    DSM7.Cannot get this sorted,Have 1 TP-Link router connected in Modem mode to Virgin V4 hub.
  14. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Sending emails within the same domain and network

    Hi, I have a MailPlus server setup with a 3rd party relay service for sending. Let's say both user A and B are belong to the same domain and the same network. 1. If user A send a email to user B, would the email have to go through the 3rd party relay server and come back to the MailPlus? 2...
  15. S

    DSM 7.0 Can not Map Drive under DSM 7 on a specific computer (but can on two others on same Network

    Afternoon All, I have an Ethernet network running three Windows 10 computers. The network also includes 5 Synology NAS (210j running DSM 5.2-5967, 212j running DSM 6.2.4-25556, 212+ running DSM 6.2.4-25556, 218+ runnning 7.0-41890 and 220+ running 7.0-41890). All components on the network worked...
  16. tonygaddr

    rt2600ac Mesh Network

    Have 2 x rt2600ac routers - would like to know if possible to connect both as a mesh network. Is this possible. If so can you point me to some 'how to' help. Have tried setting one up as AP but cannot combine into same wifi network/name. I can find loads of help connect rt2600ac and mr2200ac...
  17. puttandpray

    Enter Network Credentials Nightmare

    I have had a DS218Play for almost a year and it works great. I am sharing my music catalog through the NAS on multiple computers in my home and using DSPlay to stream from several devices (iPad, iphone, etc.). Everything has worked like a dream until this past weekend when the computer I use to...
  18. W

    Connect to VMs and NAS externally with reverse proxy

    I've decided to open my DiskStation so I can access it externally and think I finally have grasped the fundamentals needed to accomplish this yet can't seem to get this working right despite reviewing countless forums, tutorials, and of course syno docs. Prior to now, I have simply been able to...
  19. D

    Uploading new photos on non local network

    Is there a way to force or allow Synology Photos mobile app to backup to DS220 running DSM7 when not on the same local network as the NAS box?
  20. thehotiron

    Photo Backup Not Automatic With VPN Active Outside of Home Network

    Hi - I don't recall how long it has been, but when I am away from my home network - which has a Synology RT2600ac router - Photo Backup in the DS Photo app is not automatic, and even when I try to manually run it, photos simply don't upload. I am running NordVPN on my iPhone. However this is not...