1. Rafa08

    User introduction Newbie seeking advice on phto storage.

    Hi. Thanks for letting me sign up. I have just bought the DS220+ but not set it up yet. Should I use Photo Station or Moments, or can I use both? We have thousands of pics from our phones and cameras.
  2. NAS Newbie

    Out of curiosity, would you use a NAS for 50Tb of media storage?

    I came across a guy on another forum that says he has over 50Tb of family videos and pics stored across 25 3-Tb drives that he currently manually swaps out when needed. He was talking about getting a used enterprise server. I don't know if he was hoping to just drop the drives into a 30- or...
  3. jeyare

    Info Gamers: No need worry about speed of NAS storage

    This test was performed with my son's Steam portfolio and his own DS718+ Tested all heavy impact eaters as Metro, ... Transfer of tested games from the internal disk to NAS will take quite long time. You now, lot of small files in the transfer can kill performance. There was a main goal - test...
  4. N

    Secure Erase Without Losing Storage Pool

    Hi guys, I have a DS218+ and accidently synched some sensitive work data from my phone to my NAS via drive. I have deleted this now and cleared recycle bin however I wish to perform a secure erase on the 2 drives without losing all data currently in my storage pool. Can you please tell me...
  5. Zagoreos

    Cannot add HD to storage pool.

    Any idea about the reason can't I add a HD to a storage pool on my 1813+? It is a 4TB Seagate which was working fine in another volume until yesterday, but I was running out of space on that volume so I replaced it with an 8TB HD. The thing is that the old HD (Drive 3 in the attached image)...
  6. O

    Question DS412+ not booting: serial console shows EFI Internal Shell missing boot devices, but EFI partition on internal storage seems intact

    Hey everyone I am having issues booting my DS412+ that appeared after I had shut it down for just a while to reposition the unit. The unit does start, the fans work fine, but I am not getting any startup sound, only the blue LED blinking forever. The disks do not even spin up anymore and the...
  7. jono

    Solved VMM: Storage Degraded

    VMM is reporting that the storage allocated for it is 'Degraded'. I've searched about this but only been able to find articles about the 'main storage pool', not the one allocated in VMM. I've exported the VMs I want to keep. So should I just delete/remove the storage pool, create a new one...
  8. Joseb

    Info Storage Update

    I have 2TB of data on my DS-218+. They are on two 6TB drives. My question is: I just deleted 40gb of duplicate files. But my Storage show the same 2.12 used and 3.12 available. Why didn't it go to something like 2.09 used and 3.15 available? Or does it take time to catch up to changes...
  9. M

    Can not expand storage size

    Hi All, I am new user to synology, I have ds718+ installed with 2 hard disk ( 6tb and 8tb ) when i expand it with SHR it show only 5tb total storage. How i can expand the size.
  10. chenks

    Question storage increase options

    so i bought my DS1019+ at the end of December 2019, with 5 x 4TB Seagate IronWolf Drives. set up 1 volume RAID 5 BTRFS giving me total capacity of 14TB (approx). all great, and i'll never use up all the space.... so i thought. but as they say, they more space you have the more space you end up...
  11. A

    DS-718+ or DS-220+ for basic file storage?

    Hello, I am new to NAS but not new to the IT field. I am looking for a simple solution to store pics/vids on a network attached storage device where I will retrieve them once in a while. My main need is a simple shared folder where I can create a folder structure as I organize my random files...
  12. vtsakiris

    USB Stick or SD for system database?

    What you prefer speed-wise as a storage device for system database on a RT2600ac - USB stick or SD card is there any penalty using any of the above devices compared to one another especially for threat prevention? what you people use? BTW this is an amazing forum, everybody here is super...
  13. A

    Question Multiple storage pools for different levels of redundancy

    I have a new NAS with 2 2TB drives. I plan on using it for 2 main purposes, as a photo storage backup, and as a media server (probably Plex). For my photo storage I'd like to have redundancy in case of drive failure, but it's not necessary for the media server files. Is there a way to create 2...
  14. C

    DS218J Max disks / storage?

    Hello I was considering maybe migrating the board etc. to a larger case and adding a SATA card to expand beyond the 2 disks possible off the shelf. Is it feasible to add more than 2 disks? (i.e. will the board etc. support them?) Is there a limit on the amount of storage supported? Any...
  15. L

    Question Storage manager S.M.A.R.T. Test did not complete

    My log file indicated some bad block on a 3tb drive so i started up a SMART extended test last evening. At about 1am it was 90% complete. This morning it was still at 90% with no change over the next few hours. My unit is a DS1813+ with DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4. System status shows healthy and...
  16. M

    Set up help DS1019 on imac for storage

    Hello! I just bought a DS1019 and need help choosing the best set up options for it. I am coming from a drobo which was easy to set up, but after several problems with the support for Drobo I've decided to make the switch to Synology. I know Synology can do way more than my drobo which was a...
  17. L

    Synology DS3612xs and Hetzner Storage Box rsync - Hyper Backup

    Hello everyone. Today I tried to rsync my Synology with a Hetzner Storage Box, using Hyper Backup, but without any success. On the Hetzner Wiki, the storage boxes are compatible with rsync on port 23. Tried with rsync, it works. With Hyper Backup, it does not work. When I try to click on...
  18. a.wright

    Question Cannot Expand SHR Storage Pool

    Hi, Following a critical HDD failure at the weekend, I decided that I would setup my DS415Play again with SHR rather than just single storage pools on each of the 4 disks that are installed. When I originally set up the DS415, I was testing various packages such as Plex so didn't pay much...
  19. A

    How do I increase storage capacity of old Ds211j 2x1Tb in RAID

    I’ve an old Ds211j...I must have had it at least 10 years although wasn’t used for a lot of those...with two 1Tb HDD RAID setup. How do I go about replacing the drives? I can find a decent tutorial anywhere... Will take the opportunity to get more storage at the same time. I use it mostly to...
  20. L

    Moving a storage pool & volumes

    Apologies for the long post... I have 4 Disk Stations. A 1813+ Currently my main file server and time capsule. It has 2 storage pools. One is 4 drives & the other 3 drives plus a hot spare. A 1813+ Not working... hangs after running a while - might try a power supply replacement. It was the...