1. E

    S3 compatible Cloud Storage: BackBlaze B2 vs Storadera vs Alibaba OSS?

    Hi everyone. I have a backup setup where I have a main NAS and PCs backing up to a "backup NAS" using Hyperbackup and Active Backlup for Business respectively. Then, I am looking for backing up the "backup nas" to a cloud disk using an S3 compatible service. I am currently evaluating 3 services...
  2. R

    Storage Event About Drive Database

    In my event log on my NAS I received this notice. I couldn't find anything on what this impacts. Any idea's on what this represents?
  3. DeltaGolf

    Local Storage backup drive full, can't edit task to fix

    I have a USB drive attached to my Synology (DSM 7.1) running a backup to 'Local Storage 1'. The 8 TB drive has been filling up and now appear to be full. Hyper Backup says 'Suspended: Not enough space available on the target". Fair enough, maybe if I change the Rotation or exclude a couple of...
  4. animBacker857

    Shucking for beginners

    I'd love to hear thoughts from people here on shucking. I've been researching drives for my first NAS, and this term kept popping up. Is there something you wish you knew beforehand when starting? Would you say it's a simple process, or easy to screw up and not for beginners? (It seems alright...
  5. animBacker857

    Picking HDDs and Compatibility Advice

    Hello again. Been loving this forum and am learning a lot. I'm nearing my first NAS purchase, a Synology 1821+, and am checking Amazon for drives to get it with (have good experience with them and am unsure of other UK retailers like Scan and Box). The plan was to perhaps get 2 8TB drives to...
  6. P

    Storage pools/volumes and RAID type

    Hi, fairly new to the world of Synology NAS. I am about to take delivery of a DS920+ with 4 times 4TB. My question is about the storage pools/storage volumes. I would like to pair the hard drives as follow: one pair for business and one pair for personal stuff (for each pair there is the main...
  7. F

    Separate volume for VM storage?

    Just purchased a new RS1619xs+, inc 4 x 10TB disks & extra RAM. BACKGROUND It's intended to replace our no-longer-really-needed pair of VMware ESX hosts + storage, running several Windows servers:- file, SQL, line-of-business app, plus two domain controllers. Most data is now in the cloud...
  8. Saqr

    Requirements and considerations for IP surveillance cameras for home use

    Dears, Let me first thank your cooperation and help in this forum. A surveillance cameras project for home use is to be done. All IP cameras will be linked to a local network through a switch. A group of cameras , 5 to 10 , are mostly ONVIF compliant HIKVision cameras of 5 megapixels...
  9. Huggy

    NAS - Noisey Attached Storage

    Hey all, how's it going? So I'm hoping to get people's thoughts on the noise of my NAS and what I can do about it. I had an old big PC that I was using as Plex server/NAS which I was keeping in a shed in the garden. Long story short, we had to move. The new house is a new build of which we...
  10. H

    How do I clear NAS of old drive data?

    Had single drive storage pool in drive 8 on DS1821+ Deleted storage pool & physically ejected drive 8 but Storage manager/Drive Information still shows as present in the NAS. How do I clear NAS of old drive data? Please advise.
  11. I

    Add extra storage to volume

    Hello, I am new to a NAS Synology DS220+ and I can't figure something out. At first I had one Seagate 4TB HDD, but I want to expand my storage with another 4TB (8TB total). (The backup is done on another external HDD, which means I don't need to replicate the data.) I have bought another...
  12. T

    DSM 7.0 Time Machine backup Question, and how does my Storage look?

    Hello. I am wondering if there is a way to remove a Time Machine backup and force a completely new backup. I have 2 different MacBook Pros set up to use my DS218 for the Time Machine backups. Time Machine 2 is showing me 726GB in Storage Analyzer, but I don't under stand why it is so high...
  13. BobW

    Can you combine SSD and HDD disk into one SHR storage pool

    Hi, Question is it possible to combine 1 SSD disk and 2 HDD disk into one SHR storage pool with one volume? At the moment I have 1x 2TB SSD into storage pool 1 (volume 1) And 2x 8TB HDD into storage pool 2 (volume 2) On the SSD I have all the applications / Docker/ MailPlus-server and also the...
  14. S

    Increase storage pool and add another volume or create another storage pool?

    Morning all, Just purchased a new ds1520. Initially populated it with 3x2TB disks, created a storage pool (shr) with all three and then created a volume with all available storage. Everything is working fine. I have now installed 6TB and 8TB disks to completely populate the 5 drives. My...
  15. S

    Building a Storage Pool -- Long Time

    So why does it take so long to build a storage pool on my new DS1520? I have 3 for the 5 drives populated with 2 TBs each. It has been running for nearly 48 hours and still has 75% left to complete. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Harold
  16. G

    DSM 7.0 Not seeing an increase in volume after replacing smaller drives with larger drives in an SHR raid

    I have 4 disks in an SHR 1 array on a system using DSM 7. This is my first NAS so I did not upgrade from an older version of DSM. I started with 2x6TB and 2x16 TB disks The storage pool showed I have 25.5 capacity. I replaced one of the 6TB drives with a 12TB drive and the storage pool still...
  17. T

    Missing HD Storage

    Hi, First of all, I have only very basic knowledge of NAS setups, so I'm assuming below problem is entirely linked to me not understanding how to properly configure my NAS. I have a Synology DS718+ 24TB 2 Bay with 2 x 12TB Seagate IrownWolf . I didn't really configure anything, just used it...
  18. wizard99

    When does the Storage Manager Display the Total Volume Available?

    On my 920+ I had been running three, 3 TB Drives in SHR Mode..... I now added two 4 TB Drives as one of the 3 TB's may have been on its last legs. I deactivated that third suspect drive, Installed the new 4 TB in its place and allowed it to REPAIR and DATA Scrub. I then added the 4th 4 TB and...
  19. jann

    Does the number of drives I "can lose" w/o losing integrity change depending on how full the Storage Pool is?

    I am just wondering...those of you who remember my horrific start w/my DS1520+ know that I did this wrong to begin with. Let's be nice to me and set that aside. I put drives that were too large in my Synology to begin with and had to spend tons of $$ to go up from there when I expanded. (ie...
  20. J

    Removing stale Active Backup data from the storage pool

    I am currently using Active backup to backup some laptops and also some virtual machines. Some of the virtual machines no longer exist and I no longer need their backup data. When they are no longer being backed up, does their data automatically get purged from the storage pool? If not, how do I...