1. A

    How do I increase storage capacity of old Ds211j 2x1Tb in RAID

    I’ve an old Ds211j...I must have had it at least 10 years although wasn’t used for a lot of those...with two 1Tb HDD RAID setup. How do I go about replacing the drives? I can find a decent tutorial anywhere... Will take the opportunity to get more storage at the same time. I use it mostly to...
  2. L

    Moving a storage pool & volumes

    Apologies for the long post... I have 4 Disk Stations. A 1813+ Currently my main file server and time capsule. It has 2 storage pools. One is 4 drives & the other 3 drives plus a hot spare. A 1813+ Not working... hangs after running a while - might try a power supply replacement. It was the...
  3. G

    Degraded storage

    I did a restart on my DS718+ this evening, when it came back up it was in a disk 1 degraded status. I ran the smart checks and it said that disk 1 has failed. I’ve attached the desktop storage manager screenshots. I’ve had smart test scheduled and nothing has picked up until the restart. Some...
  4. Imcon

    How to analyze storage ussage on Synology with BTRFS?

    I'll ask an old question: How to analyze storage ussage on Synology? The easy answer from someone not very experienced can be - use the Storage Analyzer. If you ever tried to used it on a system with btrfs and advanced data deduplication, you know that it in not really usefull. For example my...
  5. S

    Question Storage pool in crash and blocked after disk replacement. What to do?

    Hello, a few days ago I replaced one of the DS216j disks as it had bad sectors. I used WD's RMA procedure. After reinserting the new disk and restarting the NAS, I selected the repair storage pool command. After a few minutes an error occurred and the NAS asked to restart. After rebooting the...
  6. wwwampy

    Question Adding last 2 discs to 4-bay NAS

    I ordered the last 2 WD red discs (finally) for my DS418play to fill up my NAS. So, I just add them one-by-one and that's it? What about RAID? It's ok to leave SHR? Thank you for your help.