1. fredbert

    Data scrubbing in Storage Manager

    Have been alerted [scared] by @jeyare about RAID 5 (SHR-1) potential for failure during rebuild due to unrecoverable read error (URE) when accessing disk sectors. The likelihood of this occurring increases the larger the RAID size. So given that in RAID 5 you have to reconstruct the missing data...
  2. T

    Your NAS Storage is almost FULL

    Hi guys, I have a Synology DS218+ with 3 TB x 2 (SHR-1), and till yesterday I had 80% free space. Today, I tried to start to try a plex solution on it, and I copied a large folder of 1080p movies on it. When I get the message "Your storage is almost full" (91% of space is full!), I deleted...
  3. D

    Noob is the storage for Active backup decided

    Hi, I can't seem to find this in the manual although I am speed-scanning... I went round yesterday and installed the agent on 13 devices. That was meant to be part 1 of a 'satged' approach and today I was going to see how they backup, how long it takes etc and gather as much information before...
  4. jeyare

    SD card reviews for your photo NAS workflow (from the card to your storage)

    there is one basic principle: when you need copy of your data from a SD card (camera) to your NAS through your desktop/laptop, just think about the SD card performance heavy bottleneck in this case. Nothing will help you, even USB-C, TB3 or 10GB Eth, when your SD card is able to perform...
  5. O

    Moments - how to change storage volume

    Hi i'm new to synology (xpeonology). I have created XPeonology nas on my server which has two volumes 1 is 100gb where the moments is installed and data is stored currently. I would like to change the moments storage to Volume2 which is 3tb in size. So, i would like to use this volume to...
  6. vwq47

    Adding USB storage to a DS218j - newbie questions

    A couple of years ago I finally decide to buy a NAS unit for my home PC and that of my wife to back up appropriate files/folders, some of which are decades old. I also wanted to store copies of photographs and other documents that were accumulating on cameras and Google Drive etc. Some of this...
  7. D

    File Storage space not released after deletion

    Background I am abandoning Synology Drive for Backup and moving to GoodSync. I am gradually deleting the files/folders in the Synology Drive backup as I get them backed up to the GoodSync shared folder. There is a chunk of files that I have deleted (5TB) from Synology Drive, but none of the...
  8. Jheroen

    Sell storage to clients, what to use?

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of renting / selling disk space to customers. Think of private users as backup for their computer / laptop / mobile device but also of small to medium-sized companies as backup for server / NAS / Office365 / G Workspace etc. An (extra) offsite backup is also possible...
  9. aGraphicz

    Replace drives to expand Storage Pool

    Hi I would like to replace 3 SSDs in my Storage Pool with 3 HDDs of bigger sizes (red marked ones). I know it sounds strange but i need to send back the SSDs due to a wrong initial evaluation :cautious: In the specific: - I need to replace Drive 1 with an HDD of 16TB - I need to replace Dive...
  10. aGraphicz

    Repair degraded Storage Pool with dead SSD using an HDD

    Hi So long story short: I have a DS920+ with 4 SSDs in. All of them are 1.92TB. I am using SHR. One of the SSD died for the 3rd time so I will replace it. I don't have another SSD right now but I have a 16TB HDD. Can I use it to repair the Storage Pool and then remove/deactivate it so it does...
  11. A

    Hyperback up storage space

    I am completely new to the NAS system and trying to learn as I go so have many questions. I am trying to learn about Hyperback up. Currently I am use to Time Machine via Time Capsule on my current MacBook Pro and how that backs up my computer. I am creating a NAS for my Plex Media and that...
  12. Rafa08

    User introduction Newbie seeking advice on phto storage.

    Hi. Thanks for letting me sign up. I have just bought the DS220+ but not set it up yet. Should I use Photo Station or Moments, or can I use both? We have thousands of pics from our phones and cameras.
  13. NAS Newbie

    Out of curiosity, would you use a NAS for 50Tb of media storage?

    I came across a guy on another forum that says he has over 50Tb of family videos and pics stored across 25 3-Tb drives that he currently manually swaps out when needed. He was talking about getting a used enterprise server. I don't know if he was hoping to just drop the drives into a 30- or...
  14. jeyare

    Info Gamers: No need worry about speed of NAS storage

    This test was performed with my son's Steam portfolio and his own DS718+ Tested all heavy impact eaters as Metro, ... Transfer of tested games from the internal disk to NAS will take quite long time. You now, lot of small files in the transfer can kill performance. There was a main goal - test...
  15. N

    Secure Erase Without Losing Storage Pool

    Hi guys, I have a DS218+ and accidently synched some sensitive work data from my phone to my NAS via drive. I have deleted this now and cleared recycle bin however I wish to perform a secure erase on the 2 drives without losing all data currently in my storage pool. Can you please tell me...
  16. Zagoreos

    Cannot add HD to storage pool.

    Any idea about the reason can't I add a HD to a storage pool on my 1813+? It is a 4TB Seagate which was working fine in another volume until yesterday, but I was running out of space on that volume so I replaced it with an 8TB HD. The thing is that the old HD (Drive 3 in the attached image)...
  17. O

    Question DS412+ not booting: serial console shows EFI Internal Shell missing boot devices, but EFI partition on internal storage seems intact

    Hey everyone I am having issues booting my DS412+ that appeared after I had shut it down for just a while to reposition the unit. The unit does start, the fans work fine, but I am not getting any startup sound, only the blue LED blinking forever. The disks do not even spin up anymore and the...
  18. jono

    Solved VMM: Storage Degraded

    VMM is reporting that the storage allocated for it is 'Degraded'. I've searched about this but only been able to find articles about the 'main storage pool', not the one allocated in VMM. I've exported the VMs I want to keep. So should I just delete/remove the storage pool, create a new one...
  19. Joseb

    Info Storage Update

    I have 2TB of data on my DS-218+. They are on two 6TB drives. My question is: I just deleted 40gb of duplicate files. But my Storage show the same 2.12 used and 3.12 available. Why didn't it go to something like 2.09 used and 3.15 available? Or does it take time to catch up to changes...
  20. M

    Can not expand storage size

    Hi All, I am new user to synology, I have ds718+ installed with 2 hard disk ( 6tb and 8tb ) when i expand it with SHR it show only 5tb total storage. How i can expand the size.