1. equinox

    Should I enable/disable memory compression?

    My DS220+ running DSM7 with 18GB memory. Under Control panel->Hardware & Power, there is optional that given a option to enable memory compression (see the screenshot below). Reading the article and seems that Synology recommended to enable the option. See Here My question is shoud I enable...
  2. Cobra

    Active backup how to turn on compression and encryption?

    On my backup task list it shows NO for compression and encryption. How do I turn those on? Thanks
  3. SantucciOhio

    Time Machine shared folder and file compression

    When I first set up my DS918+ I used the setup wizard that recommended a single storage pool and a single volume. I have 4 x 4TB drives and chose SHR1 so I have a single ~10.5TB volume. So far so good. I then created a shared folder for Time Machine backups with a quota of 6TB. That was about 2...