1. J

    Cannot access DSM via OpenVPN

    Hi, I set up and enabled OpenVPN on my Synology NAS but I am not able to access the DSM when connecting from a device which is outside the NAS local network. The VPN connection is correctly established, I am able to see the NAS shared folder when digiting the NAS local IP address in Windows...
  2. F

    DS213J with latest DSM

    hi, I bought a used DS213J and it's great for now. I'm just wondering since the hardware is very old, I'm guessing it's security is probably quite dated or limited. Is that the case? And if so, if I were buying similar basic functionality but wanted more up-to-date or better security, what...
  3. Q

    Moving Docker DSM to another machine?

    Hi, I have been running a Docker DSM for quite some time now on my main Synology. I'd like to keep that DockerDSM but I need to remove/disable it before I can upgrade to DSM Version: 6.2.4-25556. I have another Synology that I can keep on the DSM version 6.2.3-25426 Update 3. So I'd like to...
  4. M

    What is Cloud Station Alternative in DSM 6.2.4

    I want realtime sync PC folder ans NAS folder in same network. All solutions are about Cloud Station but there is no Cloud Station in my package center. I've tried to install manuelly but it said 'no support'. Can you tell me a solution ?
  5. G

    Issue with Virtual Machine Manager of DSM 7

    When I upgrade my system to DSM 7, the VMM showed incompatibility. Then I try to upgrade the package manually. It showed I need to install Replication service first. Then I try to install the Replication service. Ans it showed failed again. It seems that I'm stuck in an endless loop So then...
  6. OctavioCore

    Package backporting, or DSM not... supported update?

    Hello there, I'm currently running an DS710+ modded into DSM 6u7 via tinkering. And I do like it how it is, it's great - cheap, does the trick, could even pack it up to 4 gigs of RAM to get most of it. But as always, there's a "but". The thing I'm pondering about for at least a month - did...
  7. G

    Won't auto. logout from DSM in browser

    Hi, after last update to 6.2.4-25556 synology dsm stops automatic logout from browser. I using chrome last release. Anyone have similar issue or I need to check my system? Thanks for any help.
  8. Telos

    Info Multiple vulnerabilities in Synology DiskStation Manager

    April 20, 2021 Cisco Talos recently discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Synology DiskStation Manager. Read on...
  9. M

    Failed DSM update DX513 & DS720+ (not compatible)

    Having upgraded my DS716+ to a DS720+ recently and having no issues with the migration, noticed that the DSM will not auto update as the DX513 expansion unit is not officially listed as compatible..... I have five drives in this, and two in the DS720+, so only option is a new DX517 or an eight...
  10. L

    DSM firewall and trusted proxies, am I doing something wrong?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on the forum although I've been passive reader for a while now. I posted a doubt yesterday on the synology subreddit but it doesn't seem to have attracted much feedback, so I though maybe you people would have some insight. I'm copying below what I wrote...
  11. Imcon

    Not possible to log into DSM but IP is not in the list of blocked IPs

    Hello, one of our users of DSM can not log from home to the system - it shows that IP was blocked. But I can not find the IP (of course the external IP of the provider not the local) in the block list to unblock it. Can enyone help how to find-out what IP is currently trying to login? There is...
  12. fredbert

    DSM 7 Hyper Backup to DSM 6 destination

    Has anyone seen information about using a DSM 6 NAS as a destination 'Synology' target for a DSM 7 NAS's Hyper Backup? My DS215j NAS is running DSM 7 beta. It's only real function is as a Mac Time Machine server but I am testing bits and pieces too. I thought I may as well backup it up even...
  13. SynoMan

    Info DO NOT UPDATE to DSM 6.2.4 if you have a Btrfs volume (for DS420j, DS220j, DS418j, DS218play, and DS118 only)

    Officially confirmed bug for DS420j, DS220j, DS418j, DS218play, and DS118 only. DO NOT UPDATE to DSM 6.2.4: https://community.synology.com/enu/forum/1/post/142519
  14. fredbert

    DSM 6: which anniversary to celebrate?

    I just noticed in the release notes that DSM 6.2 will be three years old in a couple of weeks. But then I see that DSM 6 will soon be five years old. To put it in some context: DSM 5 lasted under two years before DSM 6 replaced it.
  15. D

    Migration from DSM 7 to new enclosure.

    Hi all, I’m moving from 214Play running DSM7 to a new NAS, planning to use the same disks. Data is non critical, so I now, I’ve been a bad guy messing with betas. :cool: I have a couple of doubts though. - Can I just move the disks from that DSM7 into new fresh DSM 6.x? (I think the answer is...
  16. N

    Synology cannot read its own DSM disks over USB?

    I removed the second WD 4GB BTRFS data disk from my DS216+, put it in a HDD docking unit and connected it to the USB 3 connector on the same DS216+. The three partitions on the disk are not recognised, with File System type: <Not Supported>. Is this normal?
  17. Telos

    Info Official Plex release for DSM 7 now available

  18. jono

    Can't download DSM 7 beta

    I tried to download the DSM 7 beta today, but it looks like there's a problem with the website (at least for me). If I click on the dropdown it's just blank, and if I type anything in there it says 'Not supported in DSM 7.0 Beta release', no matter what I type. Does it work OK for everyone...
  19. P

    DSM 7 and DS1821+?

    Has anybody been able to get DSM 7.0 Beta installed on DS1821+?
  20. A

    DSM 6.2.4025554 borked my inotify fix at boot.

    It seems to have borked my run at startup task (it was working prior to this update as far as I was aware): #!/bin/sh # Update inotify.max_user_watches echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=524288 | tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf && sysctl -p Checked this morning and it was still 8192. :( Then I tried (to...