1. BobW

    Where did move the personal playlist-folder too in DSM 7.0?

    Hi, Does anyone know where Synology moved the personal playlist folder too in DSM 7.0? In DSM 6.2.* it was in /usr/syno/etc/preference/[user] But in DSM 7.0 it isn't there anymore. I need to copy my users playlist to the new DS920 (with DSM 7.0) from my DS916 (with DSM 6.2.4). If anyone has a...
  2. P

    phpBB on DSM 7.0 - app.php installer doesn't start

    Yesterday I got my new DS220+ and now I am trying to install phpbb on it. I have installed Web Station, PHP 7.4, Apache 2.4, MariaDB and copied the phpbb data into the web folder. Unfortunately I cannot start app.php installer. I get a message that the page has an error 500. The index.html is...
  3. ric0ric

    Setting (some) Apps on the DSM Desktop/Window?

    How do I set set some DMS/Synology Apps e.g Snapshots, Hyper Backup to be on the DSM/Browser desktop rather than always going to Package Centre to open them? Thanks
  4. B

    Sonarr DSM 7: file deletion problem

    Hi, I had a lot of little problems while switching from DSM 6 to DSM 7. Concerning the Sonarr + Sabnzbd couple, I had to reinstall the Sab package to make it work but I have now a last little problem with Sonarr... Indeed, Sonarr manages : 1/ to send the info to Sabnzbd to start the download...
  5. J

    DSM 7 Can't reach home network through openvpn on android

    Hi I have set up the openvpn server on DSM 7 and I've connected my phone through it with the redirect option uncommented. The subnet on the vpn is different than the one on the home network, as recommended by the tutorial I followed. I was expecting that the vpn server would redirect the...
  6. B

    DSM unresponsive after updating to DSM7

    Hi, I recently updated to 7.0.1-42218 (from 6.x) on my DS918+, and ever since the update the DSM will get unresponsive. If I hard reboot my NAS then I am able to connect to and use DSM for a while before it gets unresponsive again. I believe it gets unresponsive as soon as I open the package...
  7. H

    DSM as server replacement

    Hi, First post here: I have a small business with 8 employees with an outdated server running SBS2011. Email and small files are now handled by Microsoft 365 but I'm looking to my DS1621+ with DSM7 to take over not only file shares (for large local GIS files), but active directory. I've set it...
  8. M

    Change logo to own logo on Synologyphoto DSM 7.0 (latest version)

    I'm looking for a way to change the logo on synologyphoto in DSM 7 version. In the old version I could change it by settings. Also I read something about the logo, because it is the synology logo the content is also part of Synology. I don't want to change my rights so I want to change the logo...
  9. Telos

    Old NAS. New DSM install. Can I remain at v6?

    I'm about to redo my 213j from an 8 TB RAID0 to a 14 TB RAID1. I want to remain at v6. Is that possible now? My fear is that when DSM downloads, I will get DSM7. I plan to manually download my present release (6.2.4) and attempt a manual installation. I've considered disabling internet...
  10. B

    kerberos server on diskstation

    My network is extremely simple, having a few clients, a DiskStation, and a VM on the DiskStation. Advanced features of file sharing, including SMB/CIFS and NFS, largely depend on the availability of Kerberos, and so I am trying to understand how I might add Kerberos without adding any hardware...
  11. R

    Alexa playback for Audio Station is Broken

    Just a heads up I opened a ticket last week where the Alexa skill for Audio Station no longer being functional and returning the message when asked to play something: "Sorry I am having trouble accessing the Audio Station skill right now" The person working the support case confirmed that...
  12. ed.j

    Connecting to DSM/local network via OpenVPN

    So I'm predictably having some difficulties setting up a VPN connection on my DSM (7) I have managed to set up an OpenVPN server on the DSM and connect to it from my laptop. What I am having difficulty doing is viewing either the DSM or the network devices from the laptop I am connecting...
  13. M

    DS216J cannot complete installation of DSM

    Hi I have a DS216J that refuses to pass 56% when installing DSM. I have contacted the synology support team and they have concluded that the signature is corrupted inside the unit. My question is can somehow reflash the bios or rebuilt it. I can connect to the device firmware with telnet as...
  14. A

    DSM 7.0 for DS416j

    I was curious, if such older Synology as DS416j with just 512MB of memory would work well with DSM 7.0 After upgrade to DSM 7.0-41890 Im quite surprised and satisfied. Im using only few packages such as Synology Photos, File station, Hyper backup,.... Overall DSM is fast and smooth. Have not...
  15. A

    DS218+ with heavy Plex use - Upgrade to DSM 7.0.1 - or stay on 6.2.4

    Hi all, I am a newbie Synology users (6 months) or so, it's being used to backup Desktop/laptop data (using Drive), and to host all our videos, which we used multiple times a day via Plex specially for our kids. I've upgraded RAM to 4GB, but everything else is stock, no dongles, add-ons, etc...
  16. G

    DSM 7.0 Shared folder sync from older DSM

    Hi, First of all, sorry for my bad english/translations. I use DSM in other language, so error and messages are my translations and might not exactly correspond with original english ones. First I synced shared folders from DS1813+ (DSM 6.1.7) to RS2421+ (DSM 7.0). And it went fine. Now i...
  17. S

    DSM 7 2FA - how to show QR code again?

    I've got a brand-new NAS running DSM 7.0 and I want to set up 2 Factor Authentication for the admin account. I've done this, and in the setup of 2 factor authentication, it shows a QR code that contains all of the information for the OTP. I easily set this up on my phone, works great. My...
  18. fredbert

    Package Plex v1.24.2 on DSM 7 brings back 'Plex Media Server' in shared folder

    Probably late to this party but I've just updated to the latest release of Plex on my NAS running DSM 7. In DSM 6 Plex created shared folder 'Plex' to hold its configuration data, media metadata, logs, caches, etc. This folder could be backed up by Hyper Backup and made restoring easy. With...
  19. A

    Vaultwarden doesn't work with DSM 7

    Hi, i'm trying to setup VaultWarden, but it doesn't work. i can only acces over http, not over https. constantly connection time out or connection closed. i've setup the ports, created reverse proxy, added a separate certificate, can't seem to get it fixed. can someone help me or point me in the...
  20. P

    DSM 7.0 phpBB on DSM 7?

    Anyone knows if you can install phpBB on DSM 7? Or is Docker the only current way. I'm making a list of app that I'll have to address before I upgrade from DSM 6 to 7.