DiskStation Manager (DSM) is an intuitive web-based operating system for every Synology NAS, designed to help you manage your digital assets across home and office.

  1. A

    Synology encryption master key vulnerability

    Dear all, First of all, thank you for this wonderful forum. As you know, Synology encryption (at least DSM 7.0 as I tested) has a known master key as described here: https://blog.elcomsoft.com/2019/11/synology-nas-encryption-forensic-analysis-of-synology-nas-devices/ Could you point out the...
  2. Arkayem

    Upgrade 6.2 to DSM 7.0 taking VERY long time

    I started the Upgrade from DSM 6.2 to DSM 7.0 over 6 hours ago, and it's been stuck at this screen for over 4 hours. What should I do?
  3. U

    DSM 6.2 2nd Docker user in DSM

    I am wanting to add another user that is only able to access Docker, but from User management(GUI) under applications, Docker does not appear. What am I missing? TYIA DSM6.x
  4. S

    Double-check on DS1515+ DX513 compatibility latest DSM (7.1) version

    Hi Folks. Newbie here to the SynoForum. Had a quick browse around the forums - but with the experience of the cohort here I wanted to double/triple check my hardware compatibility with the latest DSM version from Synology. I have only ever auto-updated my NAS, but the latest OS versions...
  5. Gene

    DS920+ status light orange & beeping, cannot connect to DSM but can connect through mapped drive

    While reaching behind my DS920+ and DX517 I bumped the DX517 power cord and the unit shut off. I could not connect to the NAS because all 9 drives are one volume. Received "catastrophic error" message in Assistant. Start/Stop button on DS920+ would not shut off device so I unplugged it. Then...
  6. D

    Selling My DS216J

    Hi all, I recently upgraded to a new DS920+ device and so my old and now redundant DS216J is no longer needed and I'm looking to sell it on eBay. My question regards device security as I stupidly moved my drives across to the new device in haste without doing a factory reset on the old device...
  7. E

    Can not log in after DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 3 to RS814+

    all my other devices returned fine after this update, except my RS814+.... not sure why or whats going on.. have started a support case... but wondering if anyone else has had this issue?... 1647008334 Solved... just had to wait a "extra" long time for it to reboot.... approx. 10-15 mins for...
  8. Robbie

    Patrick @ STH on HDDs with low endurance - Impact on DSM settings?

    Patrick has an interesting video on HDD endurance, prompted by the relatively low endurance of the WD Red Pro drives: watch It is an interesting twist to look at the poor endurance of a spinner when compared to that of an SSD, especially with a preponderance of reads vs writes. Clearly he has...
  9. D

    Problems with docker after DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 3

    So yesterday I updated my DS920+ to update 3. After rebooting it all seemed fine. But! I'm running a barotrauma dedicated server in docker on the NAS. And after the update/reboot the server is not accessible anymore from outside the NAS. Nothing seems to have changed. The logs from booting the...
  10. fredbert

    Info Latest versions of DSM/SRM and packages

    Updated on: 23-May-2022 06:59 BST (+0100) Os DSM ✎ : 7.1-42661-1-NanoPacked ⇩ : 2022-05-04 DSMUC ✎ : 3.1.1-23036 ⇩ : 2021-08-31 SRM ✎ : 1.3-9193 ⇩ : 2022-01-10 VSF ✎ : 5.0.0-6242 ⇩ : 2022-05-23 ✱ VSM ✎ : 3.0.0-3243 ⇩ : 2022-05-23 ✱ Package AcronisTrueImage ✎ : 1.0.0000 ⇩ : 2017-09-12...
  11. S

    Strange behavior using VPN client and remote VPN access DSM 7

    I am remote accessing my 1821+ running DSM7.0.1-42218 Update 2 via a Lan-Lan vpn using two Draytek routers. The requests coming into the 1821 from the VPM come in as subnet 192.168.1.x. The Diskstation is on subnet 192.168.0.x. The network address of the 1821+ is, subnet mask...
  12. W

    DSM 7.0 Rsync (via ssh) on DSM 7

    Hi there, I'd like to ask how / whether ppl have rsync running on DSM 7 - since apparently some changes happened and I find contradicting information. What I'd ask you to share is, what settings you use, whether you use rsync via ssh, daemon, specific rsync user, from or to synology, whether...
  13. A

    DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 2 gives Synology Drive error

    Hi there, I just got around to updating my DSM to 7.0.1-42218 Update 2 on my DS920+. Immediately following the update, I got a strange Synology Drive error: "Server shared folder is unmounted": To my surprise, one of my shared folders is completely missing from my NAS. Fortunately I have...
  14. G

    DSM 6.2 Manually modify Log Center DSM configuration

    Hi. I did some tests with the Log Center in order to experiment with remote client/server syslog exchanges. Now I would like to reset these settings back to default on client and server side. For example, I selected on server side: Log Center > Archive Settings > Storage destination for...
  15. 3

    Denied....Can't install DSM 7 because of Webalizer

    Trying to upgrade to 7 but it says I have to uninstall Webalizer in Package Center....but it's not listed. Is there a manual way to uninstall it? I'm just using basic stuff on the Synology so I'm not even sure what Webalizer even does. Thanks
  16. A

    DSM 6.2 Upgrade to DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 3 - BROKE PLEX

    I just upgraded DSM to 6.2.4-25556 Update 3, and now Plex is not working properly! It gets stuck at 99% CPU and doesn't play videos. My Plex version is - which I believe is the latest, but I haven't received a notice to upgrade for months. Has anyone else seen the same...
  17. B

    DSM UI framework

    The user interface of DSM, presenting a self-contained windowed environment in a web brower served by an embedded device, is unlike any other user interface I have seen. I have been wondering whether this general solution is proprietary to Synology, or based on third-party components, which may...
  18. SynoMan

    Info Release Notes for DSM

    Check the official Synology website for release notes for DSM: https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DSM DSM release discussions are available also on our forum here: DSM Release Discussions
  19. D

    What does a cautious man do before updating to DSM 7?

    Aside from the obvious need to back up all data on separate devices, what steps should be taken to reduce risk of problems, and speed recovery if problems occur, when updating from 6.x to 7.x. This is on a DS218+. I have already removed Plex which evidently can cause problems from what I've...
  20. M

    DS415Play with DSM 7 - access to pCloud for file transfer

    DS415Play with DSM 7 - access to PCloud for file transfer: How can I connect directly from the NAS drive to a Cloud Storage location to transfer some files from the NAS to my cloud storage - PCloud?