1. R

    Apply Let's Encrypt Certificate to UniFi Controller

    Hi All, Whilst there are a lot of details around the internet about this, they all seem out of date and no longer work. Does anyone have up to date Terminal Commands or a Script to make this happen? I was trying to follow this but got an error saying that the 'Keytool' does not exist...
  2. R

    Trying to Migrate Controller - confused

    Hi All, I am trying to migrate my controller from a OS X Machine across to a Remote Synology NAS. The following page makes it seem very straight forward up until step 4. How are you meant to create a new site and import the file into the new controller since you cannot skip the setup page...
  3. xbmcnut

    UniFi controller under Docker

    Hey there, 1st time poster so I thought I'd give it a go after being encouraged on the UniFi forums. I've been running jacobalberty/unifi:latest for some time under Docker on my RS814+ and 95% of the time it works flawlessly. Every couple of months though, I start getting device disconnection...
  4. Introducing Unified Controller UC3200 | Synology

    Introducing Unified Controller UC3200 | Synology

    Equipped with Intel® Xeon® 4-core, 2.4 GHz processor and 8GB DDR4 ECC UDIMM per controller, Unified Controller UC3200 is Synology’s first active-active IP SA...