1. Q

    Playing Retro Games on Synology NAS (N64, Game Cube, Wii... etc)

    Hello, I am interested in using emulators in my synology nas to play retro games using it. I tried using RetroArch on docker but it is not working properly. any suggestions on how to do that. is synology nas is capable of doing so?
  2. R

    What determines which user name appears first at NAS login?

    I have 2 DS415+ and use LastPass for both. I have multiple users on each and access them with windows 10. One of them always shows up the first user name, mine, listed in both Lastpass and DSM user lists.. The other always shows a specific username that appears farther down on both the LastPass...
  3. B

    Restore without the NAS

    Is it possible to restore an Active Backup which is copied to a USB drive, without the NAS? For example copy the img files to USB drive, Hyper Backup, or USB Copy.. whatever options available to use USB as an "off site". Then disaster happens and I lose the PC and the NAS, and my only backup...
  4. M

    How do I recover partitions from a drive I removed from my NAS?

    I have a 4-bay DS918+ with two 4Tb drives and two 8Tb drives. The 8s were recent additions, replacing two 3Tb units. I'd like to make use of the 3Tbs as external drives for home computers, however their partition tables are corrupted. Both show 800Gb of unpartitioned space. I've mounted them...
  5. TrevorH

    User introduction Hi New to NAS

    Hi everyone, I’m in the process of entering the world of NAS and this seemed like an excellent place to seek advice.
  6. P

    can I use drives listed as compatible on 1 NAS but not another?

    I realised that the HC550 is listed as compatible on the DS1618+ and not DS1621+ and synology says they've yet to test that drive. So I just want to know if it's ok to use it on the DS1621+?
  7. AdrianEarnshaw

    Subscription Service vs NAS

    This afternoon I hit a moment where I was at a loose end and wondered what to do. I decided to start a cost comparison chart, purely for my own entertainment and knowledge mainly to prove to my household that running a NAS 24/7 can actually save you money in the long term. I've made a start and...
  8. tekguru

    Access Files on NAS via iOS Files App

    I feel like I'm missing something or if not I've found another glitch with DSM7... I use VPN Server on the NAS with OpenVPN configured. I can connect to the NAS with the iOS OpenVPN client with no problem. However once connected I can't access any files on the NAS using the iOS Files app. I've...
  9. tekguru

    Linking domain to web site or forum hosted on the NAS

    This is something I’ve been wondering for a while. Assume my domain is my, I’ve been accessing the forum by creating a CNAME DNS entry to create a subdomain like my I’ve then being pointing to either or
  10. M

    Syncing 16TB of photos from PC to NAS, what option to use?

    I want to sync and keep synced my photo catalog (around 16TB) from my PC to my NAS. I want to know what options to use? Synology Drive? Just mount a folder using SAMBA or NFS? What software to use for sync? Resilio? Allway Sync? Syncthing? Please advice! Thank you!
  11. jeyare

    Last NAS consumption data & enviro impact (SOHO & SMB)

    SOSHO & SMB vendors: ASUSTOR, AC&NC, Buffalo, D-link, Drobo, HP, LaCie, Netgear, QNAP Systems, Synology, Thecus, TrueNAS, Western Digital, ZyXEL Total NASes from the SOSHO & SMB in operation: 46 153 846 based on the unclear market share numbers and used reversal engineering from few charts and...
  12. T

    Cant add NAS as member DC

    I am trying to add a DS1618+ as a Member DC in an existing Windows domain. It does all its checks fine, then starts and gets to about .5% complete, hangs for a bit, then fails. Not much in the way of an error message, it just says to "Failed to join domain. Contact Synology Support". I SSH'd...
  13. fredbert

    Info How-to fix NAS visibility in macOS Finder sidebar

    TL/DR: Clear out recent servers in Finder's 'Connect to Server' dialogue, then: connect to NAS; mount shared folder; disconnect NAS. NAS is now remembered in Finder sidebar. Long version A recent thread on keeping shared folders mounted on macOS got a bit side-tracked with having the NAS...
  14. A

    Hyper Backup using Rsync - destination folder size too big

    Hi All, I have backups running (thanks @Rusty and @EAZ1964 ) from 1st synology nas to 2nd NAS using Hyperbackup with the following settings Backup type - Rsync Options - reserve backup file at destination With this i have a backup method that results in a file/fodler structure in the 2nd NAS...
  15. H

    NAS not accessible repeatedly

    My NAS getting offline and inaccessible in browser/mapped drive and Synology Assistant. only way to access it again is to hard reset it (pressing on the power button for 10 sec) then it will work but only for a few hours and then again will go offline. the NAS connected with an Ethernet cable...
  16. Jan Janowski

    admin login on NAS necessary for Support access...

    During a recent Support issue, when I gave the xadmin login and password, I was told that Tier 2 would only login to system with an admin login.. And that was not negotiable! Only if I added an admin login, would they continue... No Exceptions! I created a new admin login and password, (in...
  17. S

    [Question] How to re-establish PXE booting with Synology NAS

    First of all thank you for your help. I had a system set up for me with Synology NAS to back up my files, and unfortunately I didn't pay close attention to how it was setup. Anyway, I swapped out the primary HDD in the PC with another, and then attempted to switch back and now I get the error...
  18. Ellucho

    DDNS no longer works with VPN on router | DS220+ (NAS)

    Hello everyone ! Thank you in advance for your help. I have a DS220 + NAS which is accessible from the outside thanks to a DDNS link to a domain name, it all works perfectly. The NAS is connected to an ASUS RT AX88U router with the necessary ports open. BUT, when I connect the router to an...
  19. EAZ1964 open source nas pulls the plug

    Bit sad to see a newcomer to the NAS markets disappear so quickly:
  20. Moisty007

    Plex not accessing my NAS directly only via my PC.

    I wonder if anybody can help me? I have a plex server set up on a Synology DS420J and I can only access my media if my PC is running. Within the "remote access" section of Plex, the private IP address is that of my PC and not the IP address of my NAS. I have a static IP address already set up...