1. Phone Guy

    Best backup practice using 2 NAS for mainly multimedia & photos

    Sorry for posting a new thread. I am obviously a little confused by Snapshots. So again I am kindly asking for advice. Thank you in advance! I am trying to establish whats the best practice for back ups using 2 nas, both BTRFS capable and running DSM 7.1 and have SHR1 volumes. The Source nas...
  2. O

    User introduction Hello everybody, new to NAS

    Hello everyone, got me a DS220+ a couple of weeks ago. Started configuring a little bit and have a few things working but also much unclear. Looking forward to learning on this forum. Cheers!
  3. mtichbon

    Using OS drive in new NAS

    I'm trying to upgrade my 4-bay DS918+ from using just 1x 10TB drive to setting up a 3x 10TB SHR RAID, plus use an old 2-bay DS716+ as a backup device. I only set the 918 up with one drive at the start as money was tighter and I thought I could build a RAID array over time, no realising I had to...
  4. J

    DSM 7.1 Collaboration between two sites with Synology NAS on same files

    Hi, I have an existing NAS 1517+, with Mac OS work, and its been a treat, used for approx 3 years from home. I now am getting a a small office space and will ideally have one or more staff working from out there. Am wanting to have a setup such that the office will have there own Synology NAS...
  5. N

    Who can provide DS218 Image Dump to rescue blue blinking NAS

    My DS218 is blue blinking. It turned out, that the image on the mainboard (stored in a MX25L6433F Flash Chip) is damaged. it does still look good, but its not starting. The error mesage is different each time so no clear error. This is only 8 MegaBytes of Data, but it can not be re-created...
  6. C

    DSM 7.1 Inexperienced user needs help linking a NAS to a new PC

    Hi all, I am very inexperienced with NAS drives. A couple of years ago i managed to set up my DS216J and link it to my PCas a backup device. I have now bought a new computer and want to dump all the data on the NAS and relink to the new PC. I have already copied over all the data I want from old...
  7. animBacker857

    Picking HDDs and Compatibility Advice

    Hello again. Been loving this forum and am learning a lot. I'm nearing my first NAS purchase, a Synology 1821+, and am checking Amazon for drives to get it with (have good experience with them and am unsure of other UK retailers like Scan and Box). The plan was to perhaps get 2 8TB drives to...
  8. animBacker857

    Do I actually need a NAS if I don't use it 24/7?

    I was about to press the purchase button on a Synology NAS I've been eyeing, but decided to do some extra thinking just before committing to justify the cost. From research it seems NASs prefer to be mostly left on 24/7 (please correct me if wrong), which got me wondering. Is a NAS really the...
  9. D

    DS1815+ died - Is there a NAS that can mount the drives without data loss?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum so let me say thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I own a DS1815+ and it is stuck with a blinking blue power light and a blinking orange alert light. I have 8 - 8TB Enterprise class drives in this NAS and I need to get the data back. From...
  10. Gene

    Recommended way to sync/backup 2 laptops to my NAS

    I am new to the NAS world and do not yet have a grasp of best practices for storage, backup, and sync. I would appreciate your advice. Please forgive the lengthy post. I don't know enough so to make it short. GOALS: Safety of my data, and access to it from any device. BACKGROUND: 1. I use...
  11. A

    Moving 1 drive to a new NAS

    Hello I've got 1 drive I want to move into my NAS, the old server has died so I can't spin it up. Is there any way to keep the data on the drive and import it into my new NAS? The only information I can find is about migrating from 1 NAS to another and I don't want to do that as this NAS is up...
  12. Fredo

    User introduction User of multiple Synology NAS - now with DS1621+

    Hi, I have been using Synology for 12 years. First with a DS411+ model which is still functional; I recently changed my fan. Professionally I use two DS1621+ models with which I am very satisfied. I had a very bad experience with the DS1515 models before; two times! There have already been...
  13. Phone Guy

    Use case for multiple nas? How do you use them

    How are you using multiple nas units? I currently have too many :-p and honestly passed 2 (1 main and 1 strictly backup) and I am struggling to find need or use for additional. I know many of you have multiple, so I wanted to ask, in detail, what are using your nas for? My main unit is...
  14. P

    Hosting website on NAS

    Hi, I developped a dash/plotly/python on my PC. I also duplicated this app on my mac-mini server and so I can access the app on my local network (it works fine on either my PC or the mac-mini). I would like now to deploy this app on my DS920+ and have this app available from outside my local...
  15. Phone Guy

    Safest way to securely access nas remotely?

    I dont use syno quick connect, I'm sure many do.... Honestly I read too many issues from other vendors about setup/using vendor access methods. Whats the safest way to securely access you nas remotely should that ever be needed.
  16. O

    NAS or NUC ?

    I've been using a DS212+ for years now. It serves me fine, but there is one downside... It's slow. Slow while using it's web-interface, slow to wake up etc. So I want to upgrade but I can't decide between a DS220+ or a NUC (mini pc) with two external drives attached in a RAID1 configuration...
  17. ed.j

    Advice BEFORE you buy your first NAS

    Not sure if there is already a thread like this, but it could be helpful to include generic advice that wouldn't necessarily come through on the acquisition advice threads. The advice I would give to someone is that if they are buying a NAS with more than two bays, and they want to use...
  18. M

    New 576TB NAS, pool & RAID planning (SA3600 + 2 exp)

    Hi, This isn't my first NAS rodeo, but first time we're giving Synology a serious chance at our company. The hardware arrives in a few days, and I want to plan the volume makeup ahead of time. SA3600 (128GB RAM) + 2 x RS1222sas expansion chassis, full with 36 x 16TB Toshiba enterprise drives...
  19. P

    Run Plex server on PC or NAS given network setup

    Hello all. First time post. I’m more of an A/V guy than a computer guy but I’ve done pretty well and I’m happy with my current set up (Plex and network). But I need more storage (and redundancy) so I’m considering buying a NAS. Before I screw things up I’d like to get your...
  20. jardine737

    User introduction 61 Year old starting his NAS journey

    Quick hello to everyone With 2 Macs and 2 iPads in the home, all full of documents, family memories, photos etc, I've realised I really need to get everything organised and backed up etc. So, I'm entering the world of Synology NAS for the first time. I'm starting out with the DS220+ with two...