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In the Apple macOS operating system, .DS_Store is a file that stores custom attributes of its containing folder, such as the position of icons or the choice of a background image. The name is an abbreviation of Desktop Services Store, reflecting its purpose. It is created and maintained by the Finder application in every folder, and has functions similar to the file desktop.ini in Microsoft Windows. Starting with a full stop (period) character, it is hidden in Finder and many Unix utilities. Its internal structure is proprietary.

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  1. M

    DS finder today's update fixes a bug!

    I'm delighted that today's update to DS Finder fixes the bug where storage usage was being shown as zero on the bar graphs. When I reported this to Synology support in April 2021 I was informed that they couldn't reproduce it, so it must be a problem with my environment and that they would need...
  2. P

    Synology > iOS > DS finder > where is control panel?

    Synology > iOS > DS finder > where is control panel? Specifically, need the ability to mount encrypted shared folders from the iOS DS finder app. On DS desktop it is Control Panel > Shared Folder > Files Sharing > Shared Folder > Select folder > Encryption > Mount.
  3. S

    Finder integration for sharing files

    I’m wanted to share links to files or folders within Mac OS. Am wondering if there is a way to enable finder integration ( much like Dropbox does) so I can right click a file or folder and send that link rather then having to log in to the server and share that way. Thanks
  4. wwwampy

    DS finder Useful, but not fully functional

    DS finder app is ok, useful, I like the notifications, but it's not useable for any deeper configurations. You can't see DSM in it on mobile, because it's not responsive, even if you set to shoe desktop mode.