1. B

    Where to store archived data (pictures, videos etc)

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to assist me. I own a DS218+ which I mainly use to backup most of my work (RAW picture files, audio production files, video production files etc). The issue that I have is that I'm trying to find a way to...
  2. J

    DS218+ (Move Data from WD NAS)

    Hi Have decided to upgrade my 6tb WDMyCloud. I have about 5tb of media files to move over to the DS218+. What would be the best (fastest) method for me to carry out this task? WD has very poor UI and i certainly cannot find anything on their side that would assist. Your help and guidance is...
  3. S

    Move drives with data intact from one RS to another?

    Hello, I want to move drives from my RS217 full of data to an empty RS814, Can this be done as simple as taking them out of the bays they are in and putting them into bays one and two, or will I need to back it up elsewhere first? Thanks
  4. A

    Data migration from ds107e to ds220+

    Hello all, Hopefully you can point me in the right direction. I'm finally upgrading my faithful 107e to a 220+ so I have a bit more speed and hdd redundancy. My issue is getting my data off the old nas onto the new one. I have tried everything I can find on google and the Synology website in...
  5. G

    DSM 7.1 Unable to schedule Data Scrubbing

    Hi. Storage Manager > Storage Pool 1 > Schedule Data Scrubbing Unlike described here, I am unable to select a date for Data Scrubbing. It starts right away when I Save the window, and repeats according selected frequency. I'm not able to set the time for the next Data Scrubbing unlike...
  6. applepie

    Copying USB Drive data to NAS

    Hi Guys, I have a Mac mini server, with a thunderbolt storage drive directly connected to it. This drive contains approx 2.5 Tb of data, and is mounted to the mini as a share. This share is live data, that’s accessed most of the time. I plan to copy this data to an external USB HD and then plug...
  7. S

    DSM 7.1 Something is happening with my data

    Hello all, I came here searching for knowledge as something weird is happening with my data. Starting from the start. I had my data in shared folders, which makes it easy to map on my local computer. Now Im living abroad and wanted to access them easily. Because of how I have the network setup...
  8. rajalot

    After a system partition failure and just avoiding major data loss, I'm looking for some advice on the best configuration/RAID setup for my DS218Play!

    Hey everyone - hope you've been keeping safe and well :) I recently experienced a System Partition Failure due to a dislodged drive - therefore reverting the volume to Read only status. I had a single volume configuration, with a JBOD Raid Type. So after spending a good week and a half copying...
  9. dqueue

    Moving data from DS1513+ to a DX517 attached to DS1821+

    I have a DS1513+ that has served me well as a backup server to my DS1821+. I've decided to get a DX517 to attach to the DS1821+ and have it take over all the work for the DS1513+. Is it possible to take the 5 disks out of the DS1513+, that is all one Storage Group and one Volume, and install...
  10. H

    Configure influxdb to listen for data

    Hi Everyone, Any influxdb / telegraf expert here? I installed influxdb and telegraf on my synology NAS. (latest version) using docker The nas is a DS1517+ with DSM 7 Mu goal is to monitor the NAS and other equipements with grafana/influxdb/telegraf I'm struggling with this part : (data...
  11. S

    Synology Drive Client session data - 800MB?

    I have the Drive client installed on a Linux desktop and in the user's home directory I find ~/.SynologyDrive/data/session/ that has accumulated over 800MB of files in a year or so. Does anyone know the purpose of these files and whether I need to keep them around?
  12. D

    DS1815+ died - Is there a NAS that can mount the drives without data loss?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum so let me say thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I own a DS1815+ and it is stuck with a blinking blue power light and a blinking orange alert light. I have 8 - 8TB Enterprise class drives in this NAS and I need to get the data back. From...
  13. Phone Guy

    Verify Folder was created with Data Integrity?

    How can I verify a folder has the data interity enabled for data scrubbing?
  14. C

    DSM 6.2 Data Backup and upgrade to Brtfs

    Dear all, I need some help in how to upgrade my 1513+ storage space to Brtps so I can start to use Synology Drive. My NAS is operating under DSM 6.2. Currently, I got 3 HDD running on raid 5. The storage pool said I am using 3.5TB/5.4TB. I got 1 dummy HDD as volume 2 which I normally use...
  15. N

    DSM 7.0 Backing up my Active Backup for MS 365 data

    I have been backing up my MS 365 for Business data to my DS 220+ using Active Backup for MS 365, and this has been working well. I now want to go to the next step and backup the MS 365 backup to a cloud service. I have access to both BackBlaze and Synology C2. Initially I tried using Cloud...
  16. Cyberwasp

    Data entegrity settings-shared folders

    As time goes on I learn more and more. I was recently watching a video on daata scrubbing. In of which it stated that if a shared folderr does not have data integrity enabled that it would be skipped by the scrubbing routine. Apparently you can't enable it after the fact. So, I took my...
  17. L

    Migrate data from DS918+ to DS1621xs+

    As the subject line suggests, I want to migrate a lot of data from the DS918+ to the DS1621xs+. On the surface this seems like a simple, albeit, time consuming task.... but I'm loosing data. The file structure of the DS918+ was not optimal, When the DS1621xs+ was put in service, we attempted...
  18. H

    How do I clear NAS of old drive data?

    Had single drive storage pool in drive 8 on DS1821+ Deleted storage pool & physically ejected drive 8 but Storage manager/Drive Information still shows as present in the NAS. How do I clear NAS of old drive data? Please advise.
  19. E

    DS1019+ Shutdown with Power Message During Data Scrubbing After Replacing a Drive

    This question is open with Synology Support but it's a little slow and I need to make I don't have more serious issues on the way. I started getting a Synology_NAS was shutdown improperly while running a Data Scrubbing after replacing an 8TB drive with a 16TB drive, both Seagate Ironwolf. I...
  20. P

    How to give privileges for User to read some data, but not open the file.

    I have some external references (table for example), what read data from source file. External refernce is for User1 and source file is only for User2. User1 is not allowed to open the file. Forbidden folders are hidden for User1. External reference (table) have a path to find source to read...