1. D

    Data scrubbing on 1 shared folder only

    Hi all, Might be a stupid question I have 3.5TB data, but only 1 folder is really important for me. ata integrity protection is enabled only for this shared folder. that means that data scrubbing would run on that folder only? Or else it will run in the entire HDD but will be effective for...
  2. WST16

    Info Facebook data on 533 million users reemerges online for free
  3. D

    Add an HDD from an old Synology to an existing 3617xs and use the Data

    Hello, is there a way to transfer an HDD from one Synology which was used as Data HDD (no system on it) to an existing/running 3617xs and use it right away? Or is there just the way to copy - that would be insane to copy 10TB of data instead of just using it as it is... Thanks for all advices...
  4. Robbie

    Data Scrubbing - Failure to run

    Clicking through the Storage Manager this morning and noticed that the Data Scrubbing task has not been run for over a year (I know, I should pay more attention). I've triggered a manual scrub for now and the NAS is working through that task but I am still puzzled as to why the 'Last run' date...
  5. fredbert

    Data scrubbing in Storage Manager

    Have been alerted [scared] by @jeyare about RAID 5 (SHR-1) potential for failure during rebuild due to unrecoverable read error (URE) when accessing disk sectors. The likelihood of this occurring increases the larger the RAID size. So given that in RAID 5 you have to reconstruct the missing data...
  6. NAS Newbie

    FYI - Ubiquiti had a possible data breach...

    I don't know anything about this or how serious it is, just came across it today...
  7. jeyare

    Data capacity eaters

    you can check in defined volume source of your data capacity eaters> e.g. /volume1# you can get list of all working directories include capacity eaten like this: .... the list is really longer and here you can find some troubles: e.g. my SynoDrive DB is about 78.3GB (in this NAS) but follow...
  8. JuneeJoe

    Data in & out

    How do I work out what program is sending and receiving data ?
  9. N

    Question Docker, VM and data security

    Hi there, I own a new DS machine and intend to use it for the following tasks: (private) data storage, personal devices' backups, run Docker with a few containers like PiHole, Bitwarden, RSS, etc., as well as to host a personal website and run a Mail server with a "catch them all" function...
  10. RoCaRay

    Question HDD for Data Transport

    We will be "formatting / writing / shipping UPS ground across the U.S. / then reading" 6-8TB data. This cycle will repeat 4-6 times per year. I'm looking for advice on selection of a ~12TB (more or less) HDD that would be well suited for the sustained writing part of the cycle, as well as...
  11. E

    Solved SSD overheating during btrfs data scrubbing

    Today my ds620 switched off after I started the manual datascrubbing. The pool 2 that was scrubbed consists of two 1.8TB SSD in SHR formatted in BTRFS. the system shut down with the warning that disk 3 reached 61 degr C. Scrubbing was at about 15%, 61 degrees is reached in just a few minutes...
  12. tekguru

    Question Backing up the NAS - move to Backblaze B2 from Synology C2?

    As I've mentioned on site I decided to go with Synology C2 as a secondary backup system (excepting various smaller file backup scenarios to OneDrive & Dropbox), and that has been working well. I have two backup jobs, one uploading NAS & User backup data and the other backing up my ebook...
  13. DeltaGolf

    Data checksum - yea or nae?

    Still a New User.... Creating shared folders and copying files over. There's the option to enable data checksum. On or off? I switched it on for the first folder full of files I was copying over but it seemed Very Slow. I dunno if that was anything to do with data checksum. Anyways, when is it...
  14. tekguru

    Backing up large data.... (and also scheduling)

    Okay a question guys. At the moment I have two Hyper Backup tasks, one backing up to a local 8Tb Seagate backup drive and a second backing up to Synology C2. On the 8Tb backup job I backup most of the content on the NAS, including packages etc. The C2 backup (encrypted) is used to backup less...
  15. SynoMan

    Security 10 security tips to keep your data safe from Synology

    To help you protect yourself, Synology compiled a list of important data security settings that are often overlooked. *click the button Go to source page above