1. F

    What is the maximum SSD cache size for DS1618+ with M2D18?

    I'm planning to install MD218 to add SSD cache on my ds1618+. I have 32 GB RAM. Now for the two M.2 slots in MD218 I am going to buy two SSD drives. Is there a limit on the size of SSD drive that can be installed? Can I buy two 1TB SSD drives for SSD cache on ds1618+? Then the SSD cache size...
  2. Furbz85

    Best NAS for Capture One/Photo Editing

    Hi Syno-Users! I am brand new at this forum, so please forgive me for any mistakes I've made in finding the right place to start this post. I have been using the search function, but I have not found any answer nor question that gives me the right info. First the story: At this moment I am...
  3. SynoMan

    NAS DiskStation DS1618+

    SynoMan submitted a new resource: DiskStation DS1618+ - High-performance and 6-bay NAS ideal for tackling multi-tasking challenges Read more about this resource...
  4. SynoMan

    NAS DiskStation DS1618+

    User-oriented server with high-speed computing DS1618+ is a 6-bay NAS that provides storage scalability perfect for tech enthusiasts and small- to medium-sized businesses by effortlessly handling workloads. Further boost storage performance with the optional M.2 SSD cache or enhance network...