active backup for business

  1. M

    Faster backups with what option?

    Hey there folks. I have a DS920+ with two 16TB drives installed in mirroring mode. My pc has a 2x1TB SSD and one 16TB HDD. I have around 11TB in total of data. I have the NAS connected to a gigabit router and the pc also has a gigabit ethernet port. I'm using Active Backup for Bussiness as a...
  2. daptap

    Solved btrfs vs ext4

    I have a DS718+ with two 4tb drives with only one volume on each, using 1.5Tb out of the 3.6Tb available. Each drive formatted as EXT4. Was reading about the synology app active backup for business and downloaded it to see if it would work for me as easeustodo is not working well as a whole...