1. R

    syncing icloud backup with synology

    Hi I an a new user of Synology, operating in a Mac environment and having backed up all files to iCloud. To be sure to be sure i would like an additional backup that doesn't rely on Apple. Is it possible to sync backup between iCloud and Synology? I have done some checking but have not come...
  2. M

    Question Backup strategy

    As I'm slowly moving things across to my new NAS, it's time to re-do my backup strategy. But because I'm new to all this, I don't feel I yet have sufficient experience to design a NAS backup strategy. So, here's what I used to have (which I was happy with, and had lots of redundancy, especially...
  3. D

    Question Can't resolve error: "The shared folder cannot be a backup source because it has been selected as a destination"

    Trying to set up a Hyper Backup from new DS218+ to existing DS212. However, no matter which source folder I choose on the DS218+, I get the error: The shared folder cannot be a backup source because it has been selected as a destination I get this error no matter which folder I choose on...
  4. D

    Moving Hyper Backup config (and backup history) old to new NAS

    Just moved from DS212 to DS218+. I have had an external USB drive connected to the DS212 and have nightly Hyper Backup jobs to that drive. I used Hyper Backup rsync to copy my Hyper Backup config from DS212 -> DS218+, and have moved the USB drive to the DS218+. I also re-linked the backup...
  5. akahan

    Hyper Backup and Vault ver 2.2.4-1214

    New versions of Hyper Backup and Hyper Backup Vault (2.2.4-1214) were posted a couple of days ago, but only for some models/processors.... not sure why it's not available for all. And seems strange, as the OCD among us would want our version of Hyper Backup to match our version of Hyper Backup...
  6. I

    Hyper Backup trouble

    Dear all, I have a DS214play NAS, no raid configured. So I use both 4Tb disks as a single 8Tb space. I connected an external HD (usbshare1) on which I installed the database (music, video) from which Plex draws; and two external HDs (usbshare2 and usbshare3) via a small USB hub, on which I...
  7. SynoMan

    License-free VM backup

    Synology offers reliable data recovery and license-free backup solutions. Tune into VMUG webcast on Mar 5th to watch the solutions demo. Here's the registration form:
  8. blackvoid

    blackvoid 3-2-1 > Active Backup

    Synology's recent addition to their collection of great apps and solutions include a new version of Active Backup for Business package. In this article, I will reflect on the tool, how it can benefit you and see various scenarios it can be implemented in. Let's be honest. How many times have...
  9. J

    Question start local backup, resume as remote backup?

    I have a Synology DS416 with 5 TB of data I'd like to backup. I'd like to use a friend's Synology DS418 as the backup destination. The difficulty is my internet connection is low-bandwidth and capped per-month. It would take about 10 months to backup my 5 TB to my friend's DS418 over the...
  10. M

    Solved Hyper Backup - one external USB drive is very slow

    I just started using a DS218+. I have three WD EasyStore 4gb drives. Two of them work fine on the NAS; a full backup takes about 45 hours. With the third drive, I cancelled a similar backup after it only reached 70% after about 30 hours. All three drives seem to work fine when connected...
  11. M

    Solved Hyper Backup file format

    I just started using a DS218+. The documentation and discussion in forums seems to indicate that a Hyper Backup to an external USB disk is in a proprietary format that requires HyperBackupExplorer to access directly from a PC. However, when I take a drive that contains a backup and connect it...
  12. C

    Which backup to use?

    1. If I want to have automatic backups of 2 entire pc's to the DS918+, which app should I use? 2. If I want to have automatic backups from the DS918+ to a pc, which app should I use? 3. Backups of specific drives and folders on pc? Thanks
  13. L

    Synology DS3612xs and Hetzner Storage Box rsync - Hyper Backup

    Hello everyone. Today I tried to rsync my Synology with a Hetzner Storage Box, using Hyper Backup, but without any success. On the Hetzner Wiki, the storage boxes are compatible with rsync on port 23. Tried with rsync, it works. With Hyper Backup, it does not work. When I try to click on...
  14. L

    Some backup questions...

    I have 3 NAS devices. One is dedicated to time machine backups from our MACs. My DS1019+ is my general file server. It hosts photos, music, install kits, manuals, user files and company files. It has a hot spare drive just in case. My DS1813+ is used to back up the main server. I use rsync and I...
  15. jeyare

    Solved Active Backup and NTFS disk with Bad block(s)

    As some of you know I like it Synology Active Backup for Business package (ABB). I have 3 sites, with 20+ WIN10 based computers in total (also Linux, but this not the case). ABB is in everyday operation, tested Restore scenarios. Great tool. What I found yesterday: In my 3rd (remote) site, what...
  16. jeyare

    Active backup Real experience

    Tested in real conditions during migration of last home device from W8.1 to W10, when the upgrade process was frozen for 55 minutes. Prerequisites - USB stick +1GB capacity • Required local system volume storage capacity for temporary files: 2.5 GB • Supported recovery model: UEFI 64-bit 1...
  17. Digital Ninja

    Solved Is it possible to restore Hyper Backup data to a PC/MAC

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and am currently trying to figure out how I can get my data out of a hyper backup. I have a DS411 Slim for about 5 years and it has recently failed with a constant blue flashing light on the side and not lighting up any of the 4x1Tb hdd's. Attached to the NAS is...
  18. B

    Cloud Station Backup or Time Machine?

    I heard Time Machine has some issues over the nework but is this True? How are people managing their backup from mac? Whata bout using Cloud Station Backup? Also Do some people use both Drive and a Time Machine backup on the same NAS? (I own a RS819)
  19. Lieven

    rsync use on shedule

    Hey, i like to use rsync to backup hd1 to hd2. I want to use it this way , just to be sure it’s not stored to a file,zip,... This is what i have. rsync -cavislhn --exclude "#recycle" --delete --modify-window=1 "/volume1/Base/" "/volume2/Copy" where ‘n’ = dry run. do i use to many options or...
  20. NSquirrel

    Power Schedule and Backups

    If I set my NAS to shutdown, say between 11pm and 6am and then set the backup schedule to 2am to a connected USB HD, am I correct in assuming that the backup will wake the NAS; create the backup and then shutdown again? TIA