1. Phone Guy

    Best backup practice using 2 NAS for mainly multimedia & photos

    Sorry for posting a new thread. I am obviously a little confused by Snapshots. So again I am kindly asking for advice. Thank you in advance! I am trying to establish whats the best practice for back ups using 2 nas, both BTRFS capable and running DSM 7.1 and have SHR1 volumes. The Source nas...
  2. OBx2

    "Stuck" backup task

    I've got a backup job that I can't remove from Hyperbackup. You'll notice that the highlighted job "Backup DS920" is orphaned - I can't edit or delete it (the buttons are greyed-out). I had to create a new job to allow the changes I wanted. How can I delete the unwanted job?
  3. D

    Active backup for business and Oracle Linux

    When IBM-owned RedHat decided to discontinue CentOS linux to CentOS Stream, I decide to move to Oracle Linux. According to the documentation. Active Backup for Business does not support Oracle Linux. Since Oracle Linux is a very popular derivative of Fedora, I tried to install the active backup...
  4. D

    Does Active Backup for Business support scheduled restores

    We are contemplating the purchase of 15-20 Windows laptops for students. To keep them all synchronized to the same base software, we thought we might use Active Backup for Business in the following way. First, configure all laptops, then back them up. Periodically, say every week on the weekend...
  5. RoCaRay

    Is it Reasonable to Swap Primary DS Volumes for Offsite Backups?

    A friend proposes to use a DS exclusively for archives and backups - including offsite backup. The DS has one RAID5 storage pool (4-bays, 4-drives). No packages or other applications - no SSD cache - very basic configuration - nothing but a handful of SMB shares - and, of course DSM. My...
  6. R

    Backup VM in Virtual Machine Manager, and running containers in VM

    (Crosspost from Reddit) Hi, I have a DS220+ with extra 16GB of RAM. I am planning to create a no-GUI Debian VM and run K3s on it. It will also act as a Proxmox cluster voter (with qdevice). (I have two other servers that also run Proxmox and VM with K3s on it) I will try to limit workload of the...
  7. CrustyCurmudgeon

    Active Backup to BackBlaze B2

    I currently backup several LAN systems to a shared folder on my NAS using individual backup apps on each machine. I then backup the nas backup share to BackBlaze B2 via the CloudSync app. I'm considering using Synology's Active Backup for Business but I'm unclear about how that app formats its...
  8. nthkmf

    Using ABB to backup server with Physical mode, full system, How can sync to cloud?

    Dear all, I am using ABB to backup a physical server in full mode, I'd restored it one time recently because of ransomware. Now, I think it will be better when backup it to cloud. So can I do this?
  9. C

    DSM 6.2 Data Backup and upgrade to Brtfs

    Dear all, I need some help in how to upgrade my 1513+ storage space to Brtps so I can start to use Synology Drive. My NAS is operating under DSM 6.2. Currently, I got 3 HDD running on raid 5. The storage pool said I am using 3.5TB/5.4TB. I got 1 dummy HDD as volume 2 which I normally use...
  10. L

    Synology Photos backup stores based on modified date instead of creation date

    When photos are backed up using the Android Synology Photos app, by default they are stored in your Personal Space under the MobileBackup folder and then by the folder(s) from the phone. The backup then creates folders by year and month, which one would expect to be the creation date, but...
  11. E

    Active Backup for Business - a bare metal restore problem - help appreciated

    As I had to send my laptop to dell for repairs, I created a full system backup. In the hindsight, it is probably a bad decision. Today the laptop returns with a new motherboard. I booted the laptop with the usb drive I created before. signed in the Synology and select my backup. However, I got...
  12. David M

    Do You Used Synology Active Backup For Business ? This may be important if you do.

    I checked to see how my Synology Active Backup For Business (ABB) was working the other day and found out that it wasn't. I have two Windows PC's that both quit backing up on March 12. The short version of the longer story is that I went into the Windows ABB app and found that there was a...
  13. N

    DSM 7.0 Backing up my Active Backup for MS 365 data

    I have been backing up my MS 365 for Business data to my DS 220+ using Active Backup for MS 365, and this has been working well. I now want to go to the next step and backup the MS 365 backup to a cloud service. I have access to both BackBlaze and Synology C2. Initially I tried using Cloud...
  14. we87

    Backup Android Phone with ability to restore?

    I wanted to know if its possible to make an actual backup of an android phone (Samsung Galaxy S Series) to a synology nas. Not the pictures and videos, like photo station or moments, but the actual phone like applications and system folders to the point where if I had a catastrophic hardware...
  15. Phone Guy

    How to backup 2 nas units to a 3rd nas?

    So I have 3 nas units total. 2x DS1621+ and a Terramaster f5-221. The terramaster (5 bay, 5x 4tb) and DS1621+ (6 bay, 6x 4tb) have been in use for about a year. I just got a 3rd nas, a DS1621+ and 4x 4tb drives. Now I would like to use the 3rd nas as a backup for the other 2 units. I realize...
  16. G

    DSM 6.2 Hyper Backup lock

    Hi. I have a Hyper Backup rsync copy (single-version) task, which is stuck. By stuck I mean that it shows progress 11% and doesn't move anymore. The remote is online. Worse ... cancelling the task is the only way out, but this gets stuck as well, meaning Cancelling is shown for one day now...
  17. David M

    Active Backup for Business - can it do incremental backups ?

    I have searched all over for this but found nothing... I just started running Active Backup for Business on my DS-920+. After reviewing the folders and contents of the backups with Windows explorer, every backup appears appears to be a complete backup of my PC. Can anyone point me to how to make...
  18. EAZ1964

    security of the hyper backup vault port

    Just to be sure, I would like to know your opinion on the hyperbackup-vault port. As I do run a cross backup between two online NASses, They have been setup identically. I have opened and forwarded the HB-vault port on my routers to the same port on the NAS. The NAS firewall is active, and it...
  19. F

    DSM 7.0 Back up to non-Synology SMB share from Synology NAS

    I've moved all my data onto my new DS720+ from my simple old Buffalo NAS that just presents USB shares. I want to back up certain shared folders on the Synology to a share on the old NAS, but I can't find any way to do it with tools included with DSM. They only either back up in the other...
  20. tekguru

    Time Machine Backup To Synology NAS

    I came across this article on FB the other day. Very useful, it might be handy for others.