1. L

    Need help with Hyper Backup - At a complete loss

    I have a DS1621xs+ on & a DS918+ on on my local network. I want to backup the DS1621xs+ to the DS918+ with Hyper Backup (this is what I understand to be the preferred way). I open Hyper Backup in the source machine, select Network LUN Backup (Synology server), n the...
  2. T

    Active Backup For Business is slow and slows down the NAS

    I have two DS918+ in a high availability configuration and I backup about 20 Windows office machines to it with very low volume data (about 1GB/machine/day most of which is seemingly Windows updates). I used global de-duplication (currently at 2.4x de-duplication rate which also strikes me as...
  3. P

    How to get Hyper Backup to finish backup of failing disk with 1 bad sector reported?

    DS213j DSM7.1.1.42962 1xWD30EFRX 3TB "Red" drive (other 1 removed long ago to recover data lost due to Chronosync third party s/w failure) Drive reported as failing on 10 Sep Same day inserted 1 new HUS728T8TALE6L4 (HC320) and attempted to repair, but was first warned to backup data from the...
  4. K

    Run Active Backup Task from cli

    Hello, I would like to run one task from Active Backup but after VPN Connection. Is it possible from GUI? if not which is the command from terminal to start the task? My script until now is
  5. G

    DSM 7.1 Using Synology Drive to backup macOS Photos Library?

    Hello, Is there a way I can use Synology Drive 3.xx to backup my photos library, on macOS Monterey, onto my DS920+? If not, is there a better approach to backing up macOS photos onto my Synology NAS?
  6. T

    Active Backup Client MacOS

    Simply looking for an update if anyone has information. It was supposed to come with DSM 7, then 7.1, and so far that still hasn't happened. Is there a Beta? Are they "working" on it?? Sometimes we can wait for the features if you just share a little bit of information...
  7. B

    Backup Rotation and B2 storage confusion

    Greetings, I'm using Hyper Backup and Backblaze B2 storage to perform my daily backups, and I'm confused about where Hyper Backups rotation settings intersect with BackBlaze's Lifecycle settings. I currently have HB set to retain daily versions for a week, then weekly for a month, then monthly...
  8. Phone Guy

    Best method to isolate/protect backup nas server?

    I was going to post this as a reply to another thread, but this deserves a new post. The title says it all, but: If I have source nas backing up to target nas, both on my lan, how/what is the best way to protect the backup target nas? The idea being that someone has compromised my lan...
  9. tonygaddr

    Synology Photos Backup Tags

    DSM7.1 Synology Photos Tags Have organised my Synology Photos including tags, face recognition etc. Can someone advise how to backup photos AND/WITH all tagging information.
  10. R

    Hyper Backup error message: Your disk has I/O error

    Hello, I hope somebody can help me with my problem NAS: DS1019+ DSM: DSM 7.1-42661 Update 3 I make with Hpyerbackup 2 local backups on 2 Seagate Backup Hub USB harddisks (ntfs formated still 5GB free). This worked for a long time, but now I get a error Messges when I try to start the backup...
  11. J

    Active Backup of NAS -> NAS really slow ...

    Something very odd is happening with Active Backup. I used AB to backup a DS920+ to a DS918+ (I also have a hyper backup on eSATA becasue beta ;-). I upgraded the disks in the 920 to 4K sector size and did a bare metal restore. It worked great, wire speed limited, everything back as expected...
  12. N

    Active Backup telling me my certificate/password is wrong?

    Ok short story I noticed that my backup had not worked for the last month. When I tried to look into it my agent is telling me my certificate is wrong, and do I want to trust it or not. I wasn't sure if I should be just trusting the Certificate but TBH it's all over my local network, but...
  13. B

    DSM 7.1 DS213j to DS220+ using Hyper backup?

    Hi, Sorry as this has probably asked before but I have spent several hours now & not got anywhere. Sort of regretting moving now, old 213j was still working but wanted faster & was so v.old What is the best way to transfer the files, given up on settings & other stuff but just the files would...
  14. N

    Extracting 108 10GB files easily

    Hi, I've downloaded all my gf's and my own iCloud photos files into 56x 10GB zip files and 52x 25GB zip files and need to extract all of them. They are already on my synology, but extracting using something like BetterZip on my Mac seems to be unreliable as it fails often. Instead I extract...
  15. L


    I am using DSM 7.0.1-42218 update 2 on multiple NAS devices. I have installed the Active Backup for Business agent on the PCs I wish to backup. When I attempt to add a device, I am not prompted for a PC device on the network. All I see is the window on how to add windows devices to the list...
  16. C

    User introduction DS218 6Tb Raid 1 as distant backup and DS220j 10Tb Raid 1 as local NAS

    Hello all. I first began to use a Synology NAS as local backup for my IT developer home-office. Photos, videos and my sources. I have now retired and my photo video collection has reached 1.5 Tb, but backups of my ex-work virtual disks and old PCs still use a lot more and I haven't yet managed...
  17. K

    DSM 6.2 Hyper Backup Transfer Encryption

    Hi, I have two Synology NAS's, one in my home and another in a remote location. The remote Synology connects to an OpenVPN server in my network, and the two NAS's backup to each other using Hyper Backup. My NAS points to the remote Hyper Backup vault on it's VPN IP address (10.5.x.x) and the...
  18. T

    Why does NC store a Diskstation backup both in the cloud and locally?

    Hello all, I'm biting my teeth right now and can't find a solution. My NC fills my system disk to the standing collar. OK, more specifically: PC Windows 10 Pro, multiple SSD-HD among others 256 GB system, which has always been about 60% full. I have a Diskstation DS211 with current DSM and...
  19. D

    Hyper backup disappears in DSM

    Background: -I have a 920+ at home (source) and a remote 220J (target) -Both have the most recent version of DSM installed and both have the Synology Tailscale package installed. -On the target machine (220J) I have a user created solely for backup purposes with access to hyper backup...
  20. Rusty

    C2 Backup C2 Backup support for macOS is here!

    Yes indeed! It is here. There is no bare-metal restore (yet) but the rest works great. Let's hope this means that ABB support is close as well.