1. Nombus

    Secure, accessible geo backup

    Hey, wizards, I'm looking to complete my backup solution with a geographic backup. My goal is two-fold: If my house goes up in flames or my NAS A (DS920+ with 4x16TB) gets hacked by a super wizard, all my files are still safe off-site on destination B. My friend, who will host the destnation...
  2. H

    Backup data (selected share) from one NAS to another over the InterNet

    What is the best approach to backup one share of a volume from my home NAS to an off-site NAS over the InterNet? The source NAS is a DS1821+ and the target one is a DS1817+ I would like the procedure to automatically synchronize the share from source to target, and keeping X generations or Y...
  3. N

    Trying to Hyper Backup to distant QNAP

    Hi All, I'm trying to get the Synology to backup to a remote QNAP (over the net). I know this works - as I had it working for over a year - but my mate's device messed up and he needed to re-build it. Since then, I have been unable to get the damned things working again. Does anyone have...
  4. D

    backup google photos on Synology

    g'day - I'm very new to synology - in fact have just ordered the nas but haven't received it yet..... have been reading about various things though in preparation and there's one thing I want to do that I haven't been able to find any answers about Basically - google Photos is and will always...
  5. P

    Moments Moments iPhone backup not working wifi please help!

    Not sure if this is the right area of the forum for this question or not, I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong section. I have a ds1621+ on dsm6 and several family members using different phones (android/iPhone). I'm new to the whole nas scene in general, but I chose synology as...
  6. S

    Hyper Backup after Power Failure & Reassigned IP address

    Hi there, I am having an issue with Hyper Backup 3.0.0-2277 on DSM 7. I updated to DSM 7 a week or so ago. Recently at the location of my remote destination NAS we had a power outage, which resulted in the reassignment a new IP address to our modem there. In the past, this hasn't been a...
  7. H

    Zero knowledge cloud backup of NAS

    Hi there, I've been reading through these forums and others trying to find the best solution for my use case. I'm more confused than ever, but I'm starting to think Synology products might not be able to do what I'm looking for. My ideal outcome is to have a local storage solution with an...
  8. A

    File level backup from NAS 1 to NAS 2 without removing deleted files

    We have 2 NAS's. NASDS-1817 and NASDS-1819 at 2 separate locations. I would like to find a solution to the implement the below Have a file level backup which syncs a folder from NASDS-1819 to NASDS-1817 and generate email alerts if the sync fails Only sync new files in NASDS-1819. Do no delete...
  9. B

    Bi-directional Backup

    New here, have searched and can't seem to find an answer and thought for sure someone here could help. I am trying to upgrade my parent's file server to a Synology NAS, having made the switch myself about 3 years ago. I'm hoping to use theirs as an off-site backup location for our files...
  10. C

    Active backup

    Have been using Active backup for business for awhile and would like to remove a few a few older backups. However, right clicking the file and choosing delete isn't working. It says, "(Unable to perform this operation, possibly because the network connection is unstable or busy. Please try again...
  11. C

    Backup photos from PPC

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, I have tried searching but can't find an answer. Is there any app like Googles Backup & Sync that will automatically backup my photos from my Windows PC to my Synology nas?
  12. nthkmf

    How to backup NAS to NAS with all the settings, files permission and more?

    Dear Bro, I face this sittuation: My customer have an old NAS and a new NAS. He want to move all datas, settings and files permission to new one. Any idea or case study? Thank you. Regards, Học Nguyễn
  13. D

    Active Business Backup and win 10 music files & deduplication

    I think I want to use Active Backup for Business as my Windows 10 PC backup tool. 1/3 of my files are music, many have the same file name and song name, but are different versions and in some cases, the only way to know is in the file details(tags), they usually have different file dates, but...
  14. thehotiron

    Photo Backup Not Automatic With VPN Active Outside of Home Network

    Hi - I don't recall how long it has been, but when I am away from my home network - which has a Synology RT2600ac router - Photo Backup in the DS Photo app is not automatic, and even when I try to manually run it, photos simply don't upload. I am running NordVPN on my iPhone. However this is not...
  15. akahan

    DSM 7.0 Automatic config backup failing?

    Is anyone else seeing their Automatic Configuration Backup (that is, the configuration backup that DSM 7 does periodically to Synology's cloud) failing? It failed on all my machines last night. Wondering if it's something at Synology's end or mine...
  16. blackbird

    Failed to access the backup destination

    I am getting this error when trying to access some old Hyperbackups (hbk files). These were created in my previous Diskstation which I no longer have. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  17. S

    Active Backup Portal Restore

    Hello, I'm having some issues with restoring at folder level through the portal. I have full permissions on the server, but for some reason I'm unable to access my full metal backup at a file level restore. When on the Active Backup for Business Portal, I select View Role as myself, then the...
  18. X

    Active Backup for Business recovery wizard does not find a backup

    Hi, backed up a computer, trying to test a bare metal restore. + install backup agent DONE + configure backup agent, backup entire device DONE + boot from USB Active Backup for Business Recovery Wizard + log in successfully Select the device and the task list is empty although i have two full...
  19. P

    Hyper Backup discarding task stuck at %70

    I’ve had this Hyper Backup task stuck at 70% discarding for the past two hours. I think it’s stuck but not sure what to do? I had to pause the task as I added a folder the previous week and after about 5 days it slowed down my Synology to a crawl. It was barely usable. As soon as I paused it...
  20. G

    VERY slow restore Hyper Backup

    Hi guys. Like to pick on your brains. We had to do a restore for a NAS. It is 1,6Tb off data. Restore is for everything. Repository is on a 412+ no additional memory with 3x10tb SHR volume. Only one NIC is connected Internet connection: 350/50 Target is a DS216+II, no additional memory and...