1. fredbert

    Info Hyper Backup omissions?

    Something became apparent after 18 hours of doing a full Hyper Backup 'clone' and rebuild (ext4 to btrfs, and remove an old limit of 16TB volumes) was that not everything is backed up. In the end I powered down the NAS and switched back in the 4TB SHR-1 disks as I've a new NAS on order and I was...
  2. A

    Backup fails - more logs ?

    Hi Getting failure message for what was so far (many months) a working backup job. How so I find out more about what is failing ? Can't see mto locate a more detailed log...
  3. S

    Question DS Photo or Moments Auto Backup

    Hi Everyone, I'm reaching out for clarity around geofence/auto backup of photos on to my NAS, mine has stopped working, and no long automatically backs up. From reading some articles online this appears to be an IOS related problem a not so much to do with the app/synology, but others are...
  4. Rusty

    Info Amazon killing Amazon Drive support for Hyper Backup and CloudSync

    Amazon just informed its users that they will be killing the Amazon Drive support via Hyper Backup and CloudSync tool.
  5. RoCaRay

    Question Cloud Backup Service - Geographic Risk Mitigation

    Is it common for cloud-based backup services like Synology C2 to store data in a single location (vs. multiple data centers spread across geographically diverse locations)? I had an interesting exchange with Synology about their new C2 service based in Seattle, Washington, USA. They advised...
  6. Crabber

    Travelling USB Backup

    Hello all, Just about done setting up my DS220J, looking at back up options and have a couple questions. I'll ask the questions and put my situation below in case it helps with advice. If I use Hyper-backup to USB Single-Version to backup entire DS220J. Travel for 3 months with the USB drive...
  7. Joseb

    Hyper Backup HBK File

    I used Hyper Backup to backup my DS218 to an external Seagate NAS drive via one of the USB ports in the back. The backup just completed and I was able to view the files via File Station. But when I look at that same drive from my windows computer as a mapped drive, I can't view the inside of the...
  8. B

    Solved Hyper Backup rsync to macOS

    Hi, I'm trying to configure Hyper Backup to rsync on my Mac. So far I was able to login during the Backup Wizard but I can't go further. When I hit "Next", it pops an error window. I made sure everything was ok from that error message but the message keeps re-appearing. What am I doing wrong...
  9. Joseb

    NAS Not a Backup?

    I have had my Synology DS218+ for almost a month now and I have come across something I find not only odd but infuriating. Namely people on the internet and YouTube saying "A NAS is NOT a Backup". I get it that people who say that mean a particular thing. But they never go on to explain what...
  10. S

    Hyper Backup to USB HDD takes up most resources of NAS :(

    Since I started anew with a Full NAS backup task to a USB3 HDD I noticed this behaviour again. During the backup process (Local Folder & USB - single version), some of the NAS features simply stop working. In the resource center you "only" see that Disk Activity is very high and Volume Activity...
  11. DeltaGolf

    Solved Nothing in Hyper Backup Vault

    I've used Hyper Backup to backup to another Syno NAS. According to my reading of the instructions, I should see something in the remote NAS's HB Vault. There ain't nuffink there. Maybe it's cos I used rsync? But there's no mention of that in the docs. (I did ask this before in another thread...
  12. S

    Solved Hyper Backup automatically Backs Up Surveillance Station Files?

    Hi! I am using HyperBackup on my DS261play to backup to C2. I basically selected all root folders (Homes, Photos, Videos) but deselected the root folder I created to store MP4's Surveillance Station generates. Turns out that HB backs up those files anyway, resulting in many Gb's being backed up...
  13. M

    Active Backup Fails - Now What?

    Two separate items below... --- First - new Synology user here. My first backup using AB4B failed on a Win10 client. Multiple volumes being backed up from a single machine. Two internal drives and three usb connected drives. Error was 23. Bad block on a particular drive. Fixing that. 1) is...
  14. Joseb

    Question DVD or BDR Backup?

    Does anyone still backup their data on DVD or BDR Disks. But are these still a practical way to store data? It will take 80 BDR 25GB disk or 40 BDR 50GB disk or 16 128GB BDR-XL to store my 2TB of data. If an EMP were to be nation or world wide, even the cloud would be rendered useless. Or is...
  15. DeltaGolf

    Formatting a HD for backup via USB

    I'm going to repurpose a USB hard drive for backups. My current cunning plan is to use 'USB Copy' so as to make a backup which would be readable by users should the jobbies hit the fan. If the Synology goes down they should be able to unplug it, attach it to their Mac and access files. As far as...
  16. DeltaGolf

    Question Seed backup locally, continue from remote for off-site-backups

    I've got 4TB ish of data that needs to be backed up "off site". I've set up a Hyper Backup but its slow and going to take a week or so. In this scenario, I'm in the off site location and I already have a copy of the data - cos we're already doing backups. So, can I create a Hyper Backup using...
  17. P

    Run Hyper Backup from a user task?

    I use Hyper Backup to backup private shares on one Synology NAS to another Synology NAS. It works fine, but I really want to include a simple (simplistic) ransomware test and perform the backup only if the share seems clean. Is there any way to invoke Hyper Backup from a user task? Or is there...
  18. A

    Question Polar backup

    Hi guys, Does anyone know or using polar backup Polarbackup | Cloud Backup Solution They offer one time payment for example 5TB 100USD. I think that is great price. But my question is if anyone use this and if is possible to backup Synology NAS to polar backup?
  19. DeltaGolf

    Seeding old backup files to new Syno

    I have an off-site backup which I want to move from its current hard drive to my new Synology. I can just copy it over, right. But, say I discover the Syno backup software is nice and I want to use that, will it be happy to start with the 'seeded' files at the destination? I don't see why not...
  20. Telos

    How to use Hyper Backup with B2

    Synology’s Hyper Backup can now be configured with B2 by following the steps here: How to use Synology Hyper Backup with B2