1. S

    Question Hyper Backup automatically Backs Up Surveillance Station Files?

    Hi! I am using HyperBackup on my DS261play to backup to C2. I basically selected all root folders (Homes, Photos, Videos) but deselected the root folder I created to store MP4's Surveillance Station generates. Turns out that HB backs up those files anyway, resulting in many Gb's being backed up...
  2. M

    Active Backup Fails - Now What?

    Two separate items below... --- First - new Synology user here. My first backup using AB4B failed on a Win10 client. Multiple volumes being backed up from a single machine. Two internal drives and three usb connected drives. Error was 23. Bad block on a particular drive. Fixing that. 1) is...
  3. Joseb

    Question DVD or BDR Backup?

    Does anyone still backup their data on DVD or BDR Disks. But are these still a practical way to store data? It will take 80 BDR 25GB disk or 40 BDR 50GB disk or 16 128GB BDR-XL to store my 2TB of data. If an EMP were to be nation or world wide, even the cloud would be rendered useless. Or is...
  4. DeltaGolf

    Formatting a HD for backup via USB

    I'm going to repurpose a USB hard drive for backups. My current cunning plan is to use 'USB Copy' so as to make a backup which would be readable by users should the jobbies hit the fan. If the Synology goes down they should be able to unplug it, attach it to their Mac and access files. As far as...
  5. DeltaGolf

    Question Seed backup locally, continue from remote for off-site-backups

    I've got 4TB ish of data that needs to be backed up "off site". I've set up a Hyper Backup but its slow and going to take a week or so. In this scenario, I'm in the off site location and I already have a copy of the data - cos we're already doing backups. So, can I create a Hyper Backup using...
  6. P

    Run Hyper Backup from a user task?

    I use Hyper Backup to backup private shares on one Synology NAS to another Synology NAS. It works fine, but I really want to include a simple (simplistic) ransomware test and perform the backup only if the share seems clean. Is there any way to invoke Hyper Backup from a user task? Or is there...
  7. A

    Question Polar backup

    Hi guys, Does anyone know or using polar backup Polarbackup | Cloud Backup Solution They offer one time payment for example 5TB 100USD. I think that is great price. But my question is if anyone use this and if is possible to backup Synology NAS to polar backup?
  8. DeltaGolf

    Seeding old backup files to new Syno

    I have an off-site backup which I want to move from its current hard drive to my new Synology. I can just copy it over, right. But, say I discover the Syno backup software is nice and I want to use that, will it be happy to start with the 'seeded' files at the destination? I don't see why not...
  9. Telos

    How to use Hyper Backup with B2

    Synology’s Hyper Backup can now be configured with B2 by following the steps here: How to use Synology Hyper Backup with B2
  10. jeyare

    Is it possible to use NFS as the transfer protocol for Hyper Backup from NAS #1 to NAS #2?

    I received this question over last weekend, when I was out of my digital kingdom :) Here is a similar, but not same tested case for SynoDrive Team folder source based on mounted NFS Share from remote NAS. Works! Back to this thread question Testing scenario environment: NAS#1 - data source...
  11. N

    Hyper backup - extract full image

    Hello, I am looking for a method to verify my hyper back up images. I'm just about to upgrade the drive space and want to be 100% sure that the back ups are working. My wish is to be able to perform a full image extraction (all shared folders) to a clean external HDD. Then I could perform a...
  12. skavans

    Question Can't backup Moments with HyperBackup. Hangs on 0%.

    Hey there, How can I backup Moments with HyperBackup correctly? I'm trying to backup the Moments app to a cloud via WebDav, but the task hangs with 0% on backuping Moments application. I've waited for half a day, but nothing is changed. The utilization of both network, HDD and CPU are about 0...
  13. R

    syncing icloud backup with synology

    Hi I an a new user of Synology, operating in a Mac environment and having backed up all files to iCloud. To be sure to be sure i would like an additional backup that doesn't rely on Apple. Is it possible to sync backup between iCloud and Synology? I have done some checking but have not come...
  14. M

    Question Backup strategy

    As I'm slowly moving things across to my new NAS, it's time to re-do my backup strategy. But because I'm new to all this, I don't feel I yet have sufficient experience to design a NAS backup strategy. So, here's what I used to have (which I was happy with, and had lots of redundancy, especially...
  15. D

    Question Can't resolve error: "The shared folder cannot be a backup source because it has been selected as a destination"

    Trying to set up a Hyper Backup from new DS218+ to existing DS212. However, no matter which source folder I choose on the DS218+, I get the error: The shared folder cannot be a backup source because it has been selected as a destination I get this error no matter which folder I choose on...
  16. D

    Moving Hyper Backup config (and backup history) old to new NAS

    Just moved from DS212 to DS218+. I have had an external USB drive connected to the DS212 and have nightly Hyper Backup jobs to that drive. I used Hyper Backup rsync to copy my Hyper Backup config from DS212 -> DS218+, and have moved the USB drive to the DS218+. I also re-linked the backup...
  17. akahan

    Hyper Backup and Vault ver 2.2.4-1214

    New versions of Hyper Backup and Hyper Backup Vault (2.2.4-1214) were posted a couple of days ago, but only for some models/processors.... not sure why it's not available for all. And seems strange, as the OCD among us would want our version of Hyper Backup to match our version of Hyper Backup...
  18. I

    Hyper Backup trouble

    Dear all, I have a DS214play NAS, no raid configured. So I use both 4Tb disks as a single 8Tb space. I connected an external HD (usbshare1) on which I installed the database (music, video) from which Plex draws; and two external HDs (usbshare2 and usbshare3) via a small USB hub, on which I...
  19. SynoMan

    License-free VM backup

    Synology offers reliable data recovery and license-free backup solutions. Tune into VMUG webcast on Mar 5th to watch the solutions demo. Here's the registration form:
  20. blackvoid

    blackvoid 3-2-1 > Active Backup

    Synology's recent addition to their collection of great apps and solutions include a new version of Active Backup for Business package. In this article, I will reflect on the tool, how it can benefit you and see various scenarios it can be implemented in. Let's be honest. How many times have...