1. S

    Hyper Backup to Azure Storage - migration

    Hello, On my previous NAS DS412+ I have a Hyper Backup configured backing up files from a file share to Azure storage. Recently I upgraded to a new DS420+ with new HDD. I copied all the data to the new NAS. Is it possible to transfer the Hyper Backup job to the new NAS and link this with the...
  2. M

    Active Backup Restore speed

    Hi all, I am using ABB for quite a while now, but never really needed to use the restore function. I've always only needed a couple files..... I'm currently trying to restore a whole disk (1.7TB of data). It's going, but i don't see speed of more than 32 MB/s. I do have 10Gbit NIC in my...
  3. S

    DS1621xs+ backup to another RAID device

    I want to have an offsite backup of my DS1621xs+. It's connected to an iMac Pro over 10GBe and 1GBe to the router. I will eventually get a second DS1621 offsite and use Hyperbackup / Hyperbackup Vault between them. But until then, my offsite backup solution is a 2-drive G-RAID Thunderbolt 3...
  4. S

    Synology Drive Client and multiple Backup Tasks

    Good Morning, I have a question regarding the use of multiple (different) backup tasks when using Synology Drive Client (SDC) on my PC and Synology Drive Server on my DS218+. I currently have SDC configured to backup a number of different folders on my PC to my DS220+. I have the backup mode set...
  5. fredbert

    DSM 7 Hyper Backup to DSM 6 destination

    Has anyone seen information about using a DSM 6 NAS as a destination 'Synology' target for a DSM 7 NAS's Hyper Backup? My DS215j NAS is running DSM 7 beta. It's only real function is as a Mac Time Machine server but I am testing bits and pieces too. I thought I may as well backup it up even...
  6. S

    Active Backup for Business not visible for Users

    Greetings All, My understanding of ABB was that either the Admin would control all backups and then a User had access to the recovery Portal to recover as they wished. Or, Each user could backup their own areas and recover as they please. My expectation was that (2) would apply for me, if...
  7. S

    New to active backup win10 sleeping computer

    I have started using active backup, so far only one problem. What are you guys using to start win10 from sleep? I have tried a couple of things, but can't seem to get it right. Thanks
  8. B

    Delete time Machine backup

    I searched using this subject but not finding. I have a 220+ and am fairly new at this. I was able to set up a Time machine backup for both my and wife's computer in the NAS. I additionally have an external 2T drive attached to USB for a secondary TM backup. My NAS file size limit for TM is 1T...
  9. R

    DS file Photo backup does not show all subfolders

    Hi Forum, I want to use DS File for back up my fotos reguarly. My pictures are stored in the subfoleder storage/emulated/0/DCIM/100MEDIA This folder 100Media is not selectable in the ds file select source folder. There only the base folder (DCIM) is selectable but empty. Does anyone have an...
  10. NAS Newbie

    What is the best way to backup an Apple family to Synology?

    I've asked versions of this question before, but I want to narrow in on the apple-specific side of things. What is the method for backing up my dad's network of mac laptops, ipads, and iphones? We are moving all of his data and photo storage off the icloud onto his NAS if possible. I had...
  11. NAS Newbie

    Hyper Backup Transfer Encryption - how?

    I have a remote NAS that I'm using HB to backup to a local NAS. How exactly is Transfer Encryption enabled? I see the option for selecting encrytption when setting up the remote task, but then it asks about Certificate Authentication. I don't know how to authenticate the certificate or where...
  12. C

    Active Backup for Business "SSL certificate has been changed"

    I while ago I started using and I just found out my pc hasnt backed up in 85 days. I checked Active backup on the pc and it says "SSL certificate has been changed" which makes sense because when I go into edit connection, it is showing my IP. So I tried to replace it with...
  13. Sinta

    Hyper backup cancellation problem

    I have set a task to run on HyperBacckup to back up to Synology C2. I now realise that I wanted to encrypt the task so I set a separate task just how I wanted it and clicked cancel for the unwanted backup. The unwanted task is stuck on Cancelling and the wanted task says waiting. Logging into...
  14. S

    Is it possible to move my backup location?

    Hi all, I am wondering if it's possible to move my backup location created by Drive Client. Currently it is stored in the "homes" folder, and has taken days to complete. (3TB of data). I ideally want this accessible in my "Teams" folder, so I can access my data from anywhere. If I move the...
  15. Cranium

    Help Restore Customized Volume backup

    I've been doing a nightly customized volume backup for many months now in conjunction with a weekly backup of the system drive. Last night we had file corruption and I need to restore the customized volume backup but I don't see any way to do this. The Restore feature in Active Backup for...
  16. SynoMan

    Info Synology and Seagate Live webinar: Backup and Restore for Virtual Environments

    During these unprecedented times, a robust data disaster recovery plan is more crucial than ever. Join Synology and Seagate for a live webinar, "Backup and Restore for Virtual Environments," on Feb. 3rd at 11 a.m. PST. Reserve your spot here.
  17. J

    What´s the best solution based on my needs?

    Dear community! Please let me use your brains for a second 🧠 I´m trying to create my final backup-solution even though it´s probably not even possible :oops: I´ve got A LOT of photos (got digitals since 1999) and a bunch of videos. I just bought the Synology DS220J and it´s my first Synology...
  18. Telos

    How to reset Hyper Backup task... is it possible?

    I redid the pool on my backup NAS, and in the process, the backup target folders I created for the Hyper Backup tasks in the new volume are empty. However, the Hyper Backup tasks on the source NAS now say that the target NAS is offline (it isn't, and I created a simple test backup to the...
  19. H

    Hyper Backup strategy quesiton

    Hi. I was thinking about running Hyper Bakcup for each shared folder to another local folder every hour (or other time frame depending on shared folder) and then backing up those HyperBackup files to external drive via USB when connected (offsite storage). Is this good stratedy to have have...
  20. H

    Ho to organize my backup strategy?

    Hi. I'll get my DS920+ in few days. I already read as much as I could find about it. In short. I want to use my NAS for: Media (easy, doesn't need explanation). GitLab (hosted using docker, doesn't need explanation). Backup for stationary PC Backup for Laptop Now, I'm not sure if I should...