1. Digital Ninja

    Solved Is it possible to restore Hyper Backup data to a PC/MAC

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and am currently trying to figure out how I can get my data out of a hyper backup. I have a DS411 Slim for about 5 years and it has recently failed with a constant blue flashing light on the side and not lighting up any of the 4x1Tb hdd's. Attached to the NAS is...
  2. B

    Cloud Station Backup or Time Machine?

    I heard Time Machine has some issues over the nework but is this True? How are people managing their backup from mac? Whata bout using Cloud Station Backup? Also Do some people use both Drive and a Time Machine backup on the same NAS? (I own a RS819)
  3. Lieven

    rsync use on shedule

    Hey, i like to use rsync to backup hd1 to hd2. I want to use it this way , just to be sure it’s not stored to a file,zip,... This is what i have. rsync -cavislhn --exclude "#recycle" --delete --modify-window=1 "/volume1/Base/" "/volume2/Copy" where ‘n’ = dry run. do i use to many options or...
  4. NSquirrel

    Power Schedule and Backups

    If I set my NAS to shutdown, say between 11pm and 6am and then set the backup schedule to 2am to a connected USB HD, am I correct in assuming that the backup will wake the NAS; create the backup and then shutdown again? TIA
  5. philingle

    Question Backup MX

    Hi I am new on here, and this is my first post, so go gentle with me. I have had a good search and can't find the answer on here already. I was wondering if anyone on here, who uses the MailPlus server also uses a Backup MX service to catch mail when there NAS becomes unavailable. I have been...
  6. Imcon

    How do you backup Active Backup data?

    Active Backup is a great solution to backup complete PC's and it allows to recreate not just the HDD's but the file/folders as well. The disadvantage is that the backup folder is big one. For example I backup not much, just about 7 PC'c. After deduplication all the space takes only 3TB which is...
  7. Imcon

    How to change Drive Backup destination folder

    I want to backup a folder from a PC to my NAS. I can not used Active Backup for this (actually I use it but it create a huge files not possible to do additional backup to a Cloud service) and therefore I wonder how to backup the folder. The solution is to sync the folder with a folder in my NAS...
  8. S

    RSYNC backup problem

    I have a had a backup problem which I would like some advice with. I have 2 Synology NAS, a Main and a Backup. I decided to use RSYNC to perform a nightly backup from one to the other and it has been working fine for a few weeks. I had a few problems getting RSYNC setup and ended up mounting...
  9. S

    Question Where do I point the client for the Drive sync reassociation: My Drive or Team Folder?

    Where do I point the client for the sync reassociation: my drive or team folder? I'm trying to reassociate a client computer to the Synology Drive Server sync. The client was syncing to Synology without issues, but was reinstalled after the drive had to be replaced. I opened the Synology Drive...
  10. V

    Solved Can't set Hyper Backup Alerts:" The operation failed. Please log in to DSM again and retry"

    I can't enable the various alerts in Hyper Backup. When I enable any of them, with default values, and click apply I get "The operation failed. Please log in to DSM again and retry," which doesn't work either. Target is C2, latest version of Hyper Backup, DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3 on DS1511+. I...
  11. D

    Windows Server Backup and Hyper Backup

    Greetings! A Windows Server 2008 R2 server is being backed up every day using Windows Server Backup. Backup files are stored on a USB external drive. We would like to 'copy' the whole content of the external drive to a remote Synology NAS using Hyper Backup or other Syno backup software. Would...
  12. J

    USB DRIVE Name Change

    Has anyone ever plugged in a USB portable drive into the Synology unit and named that drive and then the name changed next time they plugged it it in? I use a western digital passport to perform Veeam backups of some systems and when I plug it in it usually pops up as what I named it such as...
  13. BiggPerci

    Solved Active Backup restore to SSD fails - any ideas

    Hi, I have encountered an issue with Active Backup, I have a few ideas but nothing concrete, has anyone else had issue that restoring to SSD fails? I have backup from 1TB drive, partitioned off to 160Gb and is GPT. I have restored this image to spinning disks smaller than 1TB but my only...
  14. Lieven

    Info Backup, change, sort,..... DHCP

    Hey, Backup, change, sort,..... DHCP (need to test more) but seems to work. Activate admin account. Enable ssh Login with root & pass. = admin pass. => winSCP,... Go to /etc/dhcpd => file = dhcpdStatic.ori Logout Reboot router
  15. J

    Cloud Station Backup, selecting folders to backup

    Ok posting in here since I could not find the Cloud Station Backup section. Using Cloud Station Backup, and when selecting folders to backup there is a folder that for some reason is not showing up to select. That folder is located under the %APPDATA% folder the path would be %AppData%...
  16. wwwampy

    Tutorial Back up your Mac with Time Machine to Synology NAS

    wwwampy submitted a new resource: Back up your Mac with TIme Machine to Synology NAS - A guide to using Apple Time Machine and your NAS Read more about this resource...
  17. wwwampy

    Tutorial Back up your Mac with Time Machine to Synology NAS 2019-10-10

    A very useful guide from NAS Compares if you're a Mac user and would like to use Time Machine to backup to Synology NAS.
  18. D

    Question Shared folder structure for backup from multiple sites

    Greetings! In a security perspective, what would be the best shared folder structure for backups coming from different sites? We plan on using Synology Drive to backup certain files/folders to a central NAS. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone!
  19. S

    Android phone video backup

    First post here. **Did a quick search for my subject line and didn't see any suggestions to fix my problem so here comes the post: I thought I would be able to store copies of my photos AND videos from a google pixel 3, android o/s, phone to the ds918+ using a combination of ds photo and photo...
  20. W

    Restoring not so easy

    Hey All! I recently purchased my first NAS, a DS918+, and am learning a lot. I’ve been using Synology’s Drive software on all of my client computers to back up their data (some have just one storage drive while others have multiple drives.) Everything works great until I need to restore or...