1. vivian

    Your connection isn't private - LE Cert is Valid?

    This clearly baffles me and has been for some time. Every week at various times (I have not seen a pattern yet). I get the following: I do know that the certificate needs to be valid and any URL I access needs to use that cert. Which I do and have set them all correctly in the Reverse Proxy...
  2. Telos

    Info You need a current cert for that? O my!

    My email provider/ISP (Spectrum) has this nasty habit of disallowing uses to send email. I've never found an app to get around this. When I do I get an IP error, about some reverse DNS authentication... whatever that is. So the few times I need to send an email from my phone, I connect to my...
  3. U

    Import existing Letsencrypt certificate - question

    Hello, I have done some research but can‘t really tell if this will work or not and also how to make it work. What I have is a VPS that currently has existing letsencrypt certificates that I would want to import to symbology (I guess that is the easy part with the import function). But will...
  4. akahan

    How to Renew Wildcard Non-synology LetsEncrypt Certs?

    I know that we have talked wildcard certs to death, but it's spread over several threads, and wildcard advice is mixed in with non-wildcard advice, etc. So, with my head hanging in shame, I am renewing this yet again: I have my own domain name, and was able to use Zerossl to generate a 90 day...
  5. K

    Cert Problems with Directory Server & LetsEncrypts

    I set up a wild card LetsEncypt cert using this using this tutorial: How to install and auto update Let's encrypt wildcard certs on Synology NAS with cloudflare DNS API :: William's blog Worked like a dream. However, I'm still struggling to get things working quite right with with Directory...