1. B

    Notification recipient gets deleted

    I thought I had email notifications set up, when I checked it was not working as I had changed my gmail password. Every time I try to change it when I click on agree in gmail the NAS deletes the recipient address and unchecks the Enable email notification check box. It is getting frustrating now...
  2. W

    File Upload/Change Email Notification

    Hey everyone, I'm struggling with an issue with this script I found online and tweaked slightly to my own needs. Unfortunately this script was dependent on GMail allowing the less secure apps to connect. My emails stopped June 2nd which seems to coincide with their May 30th sunset date. Is...
  3. DaVoodoo

    Email notification for shared link download?

    Greetings. I am sharing files using the Shared Link in File Station. Is it possible to get an email notification when someone downloads the shared file? Thanks Davoodoo
  4. B

    Send email notification upon change to Shared Folder

    Hi all, I've been looking for ways on how to make DSM send me an email notification when there are changes made to one of my Shared Folders. I found a script online but I have not been able to get it working. Can anyone assist me with this? ##### Source: Synology Community ##### Sends email...
  5. J

    Task Scheduler Auto Delete Folder X Days Old working but email notification doesn't show specifics

    I am using the following code for task scheduler to auto delete FTP video recordings of surveillance cameras. find /volume1/VideoCameraRecordings/ -type f -mtime +7 -delete find /volume1/VideoCameraRecordings/ -depth -type d -exec rmdir {} \; 2>/dev/null It works great however when the task...
  6. L

    No email notification when sharing from drive

    I'm having trouble with email notifications for shared files in Drive. Testing setup (DSM7, latest synology drive package installed) An admin user without email setup in personal area, but with system email notifications enabled and working (through mailjet) in file station cannot right click...
  7. P

    VPN Connection - Notification?

    Is there any way to get a notification when someone connects to a VPN (RT2600ac and OpenVPN)? I realize you can check the logs but this is not real time. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  8. D

    Control panel notification red dot

    Hi all I have this symbol on my control panel, disappears after i open the control panel - is that because I’m not Synology account ? also, did someone find a way to disable permanently SNMP, SMB and SAN manager processes?
  9. SynoMan

    No notification option in Download station

    I have a strange issue with the Download station (version 3.8.16-3566) on DS720+ and VDSM on the same NAS. There is no notification option: But even more strange is that on DS418play I have this option (same Download Station version): I can't figure out what is it. Is anyone else seeing...
  10. jeyare

    Chat Random notification count in Syno Chat icon badge, iOS13 - ticket issued to Syno Support

    Since upgrade to iOS 13+ one of our iPhone has strange behavior related to notification badge for Syno Chat. There are several iOS devices with 13+ and 12+ iOS with correct operation, with one difference all of them work with SynoChat Win Desktop clients, except this one 13.2 iOS (problematic)...
  11. Imcon

    How to setup email notification if someone upload file to the created File request?

    In case an user create a File request (File station file request) it would be usefull to be notified by email in case someone upload a file/s. Is there a way how to inform creator of the request about the upload (not just the DSM notification in the bar).
  12. SynoMan

    Implemented Would you like to see post content in email notification?

    As the title said. Please envolve in the poll. Thank you.