1. E

    Question MariaDB 10 Error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

    Hello I have the MariaDB package installed. I can reach the MariaDB install by logging in with phpMyAdmin using the root credentials & default port. However I cannot connect to the DB from any other Docker application. Nextcloud, Tiny Tiny RSS etc. All of them return Error: 2006 MySQL server...
  2. A

    Question Moving MariaDB and others to Docker.

    I'm fed up with the fact that Synology apps are very rarely updated. MariaDB is version 10.3.2 whilst the current version is 10.5.4. When GDPR came into effect in the UK and I contacted Synology about an update I was basically ignored, despite the fact it meant anyone using MariaDB for any...
  3. DeltaGolf

    Question Why put phpMyAdmin and MariaDB in a Docker?

    I've worked out how to install Nextcloud using Docker. I want to reinstall and use MariaDB rather than the 'built-in' SQLite which comes with Nextcloud. MariaDB and phpMyAdmin are available as Synology packages. But I see folk here recommending to use them via Docker, to have three containers...
  4. M

    Solved Me again......This time its MariaDB

    Hello all, I thought I'd give myself a new challenge today and take a look at NextCloud. After installation (which was relatively pain-free), I arrived at the login/account creation page. After several unsuccessful attempts to get it up and running with a MySQL/MariaDB database, I remembered...
  5. feyhoaaa


    Hi guys, Want to run discourse forum on my NAS as a pet project. So I want to install it all with the help of Docker. 1. I installed MariaDB first with the additional variable in Environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD. And ports 3307:3306. Container works well. 2. Want to connect it with PhpMyAdmin...