1. F

    Stopping Container when "enable auto-restart" is checked

    I know the answer is simple, but I am absolutely struggling on finding it. I have Radarr Container configured to auto-restart. I cannot manually stop the Container to make any changes. Each time I click on Stop, it's auto-restarts. Force stop is also not working. Can someone please tell me how...
  2. B

    Solved Docker & Freeradius & NAS problems

    Dear All, We have been using a Raspberry Pi as a Freeradius/Daloradius server in our school for years. It works perfectly, but we would like to replace it with a Docker image, so we can use the hardware on other projects. After struggling with it for weeks I have managed to move our system into...
  3. paradeiser

    Solved Docker package doesn't start anymore

    I just did an update of the Docker package to 18.09.0-0513 and now the package wont start anymore. Not even if I try manually after a reboot: ash-4.3# synoservicecfg --enable pkgctl-Docker service [pkgctl-Docker] start failed, synoerr=[0x0000] somewhere I read VPN Package blocks the new start...
  4. Telos

    Question Docker Permissions Question

    I set up jlesage/docker-mkvtoolnix and have run into a confounding issue that seems permissions related. One of the container volume mappings "/storage" is for where video files reside for editing. Initially I mapped /videos (the shared folder auto-created by Synology's Video Station package)...
  5. Telos

    Solved Bitwarden App no longer syncing with Docker Container

    I'm not even sure where to start... I just noticed that my Android Bitwarden app was missing some entries. But I'm unsure when this started happening. I reinstalled the app and used the same DDNS: Port URL that works on my browser. I can sign into the account but there are no entries. When I...
  6. M

    Me again......This time its Why different Docker packages?

    Hello all, I've been busy understanding Dockers and have just managed to setup and configure SabnzbdVPN which is a great little tool. I currently have Emby running in a Docker and pay for the Premier option. I'm considering moving to JellyFin which is open source, even with the lack of...
  7. FaasteerCZ

    Question Is there a way for automatic export a Let's Encrypt certificate to a folder?

    Hello to everyone, I had a DS214 for many years and I was very happy with its features. But I needed more space and more disks, so I upgraded to DS918 + a few days ago. And because I try to make the most of my equipment, I also started using also the Docker and in it jacobalberty UniFi...
  8. M

    Me again......This time its Unmanic

    Hello all, I've just found a really useful video converter that runs inside Docker, automatically scans new video downloads from Sonarr and Radarr, then converts them to H265. The best part is that I got it running on my own first try. :ROFLMAO: Anyways, I'm not linked in anyway to him, I...
  9. iStone

    add extra locale

    currently within my docker: $ locale -a C C.UTF-8 POSIX so how to install extra locales? e.g. de_DE.UTF-8?
  10. chenks

    Solved copy file into docker container

    i've got a docker installed that gives me an SQL2000 server (rsmoorthy/sql2000) it works fine, but i need to restore a database in to it. i have the database backup file, but i need to place the file inside the docker before i can import it. how do i place the file inside it? it doesn't seem to...
  11. M

    Solved Me again......This time its phpMyAdmin

    Hello all, I thought what a lovely day with the sun out, I'd sit inside and try and continue setting up NextCloud / MariaDB /phpMyAdmin in Docker. As you may know, I've managed to install (with the help of you all) MariaDB and Nextcloud, however I still have phpMyAdmin to go. Now with this...
  12. M

    Solved Me again......This time its MariaDB

    Hello all, I thought I'd give myself a new challenge today and take a look at NextCloud. After installation (which was relatively pain-free), I arrived at the login/account creation page. After several unsuccessful attempts to get it up and running with a MySQL/MariaDB database, I remembered...
  13. blackbird

    Solved Netdata docker container custom dashboard

    I'm using the netdata/netdata container and it's working just fine. However, I am trying to figure out where to store a custom-dashboard.html at. The documentation says it's on /usr/share/netdata/web but such directory does not exist on the NAS. Container image...
  14. M

    Solved Me again......This time its BitWarden

    Hello all, I'm still plodding away with all this reverse proxy and Docker containers, and Im sure I'll reach the end......if there is an end. 😂 Anyways, I followed the excellent tutorial by Rusty (Docker - BitWarden - self hosted password manager using bitwardenrs/server image) and have...
  15. S

    BitWarden - password manager (bitwardenrs/server image)

    I have the bitwardners/server image up and running (I used the bitwardenrs/server tutorial). I'm able to access it by my internal ip: port number. However when I try to create my account via the web page I get the following error after I press the submit button "An error has occurred, An...
  16. Telos

    Question Portainer on Docker... stopping container error.

    I wanted to stop qbittorrent and sonarr dockers and lazily chose to do that via the Prtainer docker. But Synology didn't like that... I got this notification. Docker container qbittorrentvpn stopped unexpectedly. I will note that these containers are linked. In Portainer, I first shutdown the...
  17. Telos

    Info The day DDSM died

    Anecdotal evidence from the "Community" indicates that updating DSM to 6.2.3 will kill DDSM, as Docker will require DDSM at 6.2.3. Y'all have been warned.
  18. feyhoaaa


    Hi guys, Want to run discourse forum on my NAS as a pet project. So I want to install it all with the help of Docker. 1. I installed MariaDB first with the additional variable in Environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD. And ports 3307:3306. Container works well. 2. Want to connect it with PhpMyAdmin...
  19. A

    Question Docker migration to new NAS

    Hi, i'd like to migrate from DS218+ ext4 2x6TB SHR to a DS 718+ BTRFS 2x8TB SHR. I've read a lot and understood that hyper backup doesn't make a 1:1 copy. Does it correct? What is the best way to migrate with Docker (8 Containers) and other Packages that not supported by Hyper Backup? Thank...
  20. Mnl-

    Question Running Portainer on Docker - Can't deploy a stack

    Hi everyone, I have installed portainer on my Synology NAS by running this command. sudo docker run -d \ --name=portainer \ --restart=always \ -p 8000:8000 \ -p 9000:9000 \ -e PUID=1026 \ -e PGID=100 \ -e TZ=Europe/Paris \ -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \ -v...