1. A

    Reverse proxy issues for docker containers in DSM7

    I have for the past couple of days trying to get the reverse proxy to work in DSM7. I have used the tool within DSM7 itself to try and achieve this but with mixed results. Full disclosure that I'm learning as I go and have had several tutorials as a starter (). So I'm thankful for any help that...
  2. D

    DSM 7.0 Docker with Traefik reverse proxy under Synology DSM 7 // free port 80 and 443

    Hi everyone, to run docker with the reverse proxy Traefik v2 on a Synology NAS, I need to be able to use port 80 and 443 on the host system. DSM 7 uses its own reverse proxy, nginx, which tries to occupy the ports on its own. Under DSM 6.2 I could change the port 80 and 443 by using a boot...
  3. NAS Newbie

    anyone have experience with any docker project-management/gantt type apps?

    I'm doing a bunch of custom farming work lately. Jobs vary from 2 to 13 hours, and due to weather my working hours are 10am to 8pm. I'm looking for an app that'll end up creating a Gantt chart or something similar so I can organize my jobs. It needs to be flexible so that I can shuffle the jobs...
  4. akahan

    Vaultwarden Admin Options inaccessible under DSM7?

    I just had occasion to go into my Vaultwarden admin pages for the first time since installing DSM7. Vaultwarden is of course running under Docker. If I log in to Vaultwarden's UI on the Diskstation as administrator using , I am able to use my Vaultwarden admin...
  5. K

    DSM 6.2 Going from JBOD to RAID - Can I keep all my settings, packages, and docker containers?

    I initially set my NAS up with JBOD. I now realize the stupidity of this and so want to change to a raid (or SHR) setup. Migrating the data is not an issue as I have several other disks that I can use temporarily. However, I've put in a lot of time setting up various docker containers. I would...
  6. Rusty

    Docker NordVPN Lynx (Wireguard) with qBittorrent

    In the past, I did an article on running qBittorrent client via a VPN (OpenVPN protocol) that works for almost any VPN provider out there. In this article, I would like to narrow the scope down a bit and focus on Wireguard protocol. More details in the article here: Running your torrent client...
  7. technorabilia

    DSM 7.0 Synology packages to install applications (using the Docker worker)

    It's a long story, but please bear with me... For the convenience of those unfamiliar with Docker, I am planning to automatically generate Synology packages for all applications (that use Docker to run). I already have Portainer templates and docker-compose files available for...
  8. L

    Struggling with permissions in DSM using Docker

    Hi all, I'm using my DS218+ mainly as a media center, and recently I've set up Docker and I'm running Syncthing (amazing!) to sync files from a remote seedbox to my NAS, and then Filebot to rename and move the files to my Plex directories. This was all working fine before, but I decided to...
  9. Rusty

    Docker Portainer - using stacks (docker-compose)

    Back in September 2020, I wrote a short article on how to get Portainer up and running as well as connecting it with multiple Docker hosts using the Portainer agent. With that article, you have all you need to get up and running. In this article, I would like to talk about docker-compose and...
  10. DaVoodoo

    Docker Sonarr & Docker Radarr issue with Firewall.

    I have Sonarr & Radarr dockers working 100% and they can reach the indexers fine. As soon as I turn on Synology Firewall (Attached is a screenshot of Firewall.) the indexers are blocked: All indexers are unavailable due to failures, All search-capable indexers are temporarily unavailable due...
  11. G

    Bitwarden - Unshare an item

    How do you un-share a shared item in Bitwarden?
  12. Shadow

    Symbolic links for Docker containers with data on an SMB share

    I want to be able to deploy Docker containers on a seperate Ubuntu VM I have running on my DS718+ . But I want the persistent data mounted with -v to live on /volume1/docker of my NAS itself anyhow, so all this data is automatically included in my HyberBackup schedules. So if we take this...
  13. P

    NordVPN Docker issue

    Hello All. hope you are doing fine, nice to see the site still up and doing well. I’m trying to setup the official NordVPN Docker, I had this running on PI4 previously no issues. when I try to configure Nord Docker container I am getting the following. [2021-06-20T12:49:32+00:00] Firewall is...
  14. A

    Multiple networks?

    Ok, I currently have all my containers (where possible) connected to a network called synology (yes I should have spent more time thinking about a witty name). I also have a few containers which connect through a VPN container for their internet access. Is it possible to combine: networks...
  15. Telos

    Info DSM 7 RC | CalDAV/DAVx⁵ Sync Issues

    In the event your CalDAV syncing via DAVx⁵ has failed with DSM 7 RC, a workaround is to set the TLS/SSL Profile Level to "Intermediate Compatibility" (not "Modern"). More info here.
  16. Telos

    Info DSM 7 RC Docker VPN breakage | A solution

    Just a heads-up... There are many recent reports about RC breaking vpn dockers... openvpn, qbittorrentvpn, transmissionvpn, etc. Apparently, Synology's handling of root access changed between "beta" and "RC". A "solution" has appeared requiring the use of "cap_add" : NET_ADMIN alongside...
  17. technorabilia

    DSM 7.0 New Docker worker for Package/Docker integration?

    In the Synology DSM 7.0 Developer Guide I noticed the following section: Docker (since DSM7.0) Description Docker worker is made for docker package to help them easily deploy their containers without calling docker command by themselves. Docker worker use docker-compose framework, it will...
  18. F

    Docker linuxserver/deluge download issue

    Hi All, I've had my DS918+ for just over a year and decided to move my torrent applications to docker from the little Intel Nuc they're currently on. I have just installed linuxserver/deluge docker and everything seems to be setup ok, however every time I attempt a download it just stays at 0%...
  19. one-eyed-king

    Updated Docker Package 20.10.3 available

    Finaly, the Docker 20.10.3 package arrived: Version 20.10.3-0552 is for DSM 6.2.x Version 20.10.3-1231 seems to be for DSM7.0? After upgrading to 0552, I did re-run these tests and come to the same conclusion: swarm mode is still brocken...
  20. H

    Help in Configuring Jellyfin LDAP Settings

    Hi all, I recently installed Authelia with thanks from @Rusty guide and have it in front of my Jellyfin web server (which is installed as host on my machine). I recently found out that jellyfin has an LDAP plugin so I'm hoping that by leveraging that, the LDAP plugin will pull from user info...