1. Shadow

    Installing MailCow on Synology NAS

    In this thread I still find it too expensive to be able to add 5 mailboxes to Synology MailPlus. I've heard MailCow is a good alternative as it provides an entire mailsuite like MailPlus. Prepare your system - mailcow: dockerized documentation Mailcow on Synology So, this can't run in...
  2. K

    Docker on Synology or a second server?

    I'm talking about lightweight apps like Unifi Controller, Bitwarden, Nextcloud etc. My Synology is here and ready, has plenty of space and a solid backup procedure including snapshots. On the other hand, it is my main backup and archive place, with a lot of important files. So, I'm hesitant...
  3. BobW

    Problems with Docker after the latest update

    Are there people here who are experiencing problems with Docker since the last update? I notice that after the last update I have more problems with Docker. For example, if I update a container via CLi, the container disappears after it has been updated. The container starts up but no longer...
  4. BobW

    Solved Docker getmail image to fetch external mailaccounts like e.g. gmail

    Hi, I have installed this image to fetch external email accounts e.g. gmail and/or aol via getmail So Far it is working and my external emails are fetch and delivered to the docker/getmail/maildir/new Now I would like to move those mails to my Mailplus...
  5. oRBIT

    IP-addresses and Docker-containers

    I noticed my Docker-containers doesn't get local ip-addresses. My Plex installation gets a 172.17.x.x address and my MariaDb/phpMyAdmin aswell. Is there a way of fixing this? When watching Plex at home on my network it always transcodes because it thinks I'm not on the same network and it's a...
  6. oRBIT

    Interesting Docker-containers?

    Anyone got any great Docker-containers that I cannot live without? Would be cool to hear what kind of stuff you run in Docker so I can get some inspiration. :)
  7. A

    Running make within a container

    Probably not 100% a Synology question but I'd like to run a make command within a (working) container. Is there a way to achieve this ?
  8. Shadow

    nginx volume mount and layer4 reverse proxing

    So this post aspired me to have a look, which of course obviously I'm looking into a Docker solution (although I still struggle alot with Docker...........................) So pretty obvious that if I want to try and get nginx to do layer 4 reverse proxy-ing for me, I would try to get this...
  9. Telos

    Info Recovering from a bad image

    I downloaded the lastest simply-shorten image today. After clearing and restarting the container I was greeted with "Docker API has failed". I repeated the registry download hoping to correct a corrupt download, but the same error message appeared. FWIW, I had previously backed up the container...
  10. oRBIT

    Activate hardware transcoding on Plex Docker Container?

    I've read about people doing it but haven't still seen any explanation (for mortals) how to actually do it, as simple as possible. Marius described a way of doing it exporting the docker-settingsfile and modifiying it but I miss some details to go through with it (guide refers to elements that'...
  11. N

    Question Docker, VM and data security

    Hi there, I own a new DS machine and intend to use it for the following tasks: (private) data storage, personal devices' backups, run Docker with a few containers like PiHole, Bitwarden, RSS, etc., as well as to host a personal website and run a Mail server with a "catch them all" function...
  12. oRBIT

    Guide for installing Plex in Docker?

    I really want to get better with Docker, and I've tried following a few guides online for installing Plex as a Docker-container on my DS918+, but I can't get it running. The Docker-Plex log always ends up with "critical: libusb_init failed" and I can't access any webui. I've got a normal...
  13. A

    Open VPN via docker

    Hi for various reasons (one being 2FA support) I want to bypass the built in OpenVPN and run it via a container. I have started with this guide which refers to this Github hosted container. Unfortunately It would not start in my environment: iptables: No chain/target/match by that name...
  14. tekguru

    Oh god Docker.......

    I've been looking to expand my NAS usage as well as improve my Apple Homekit system. What do I find that both HOOBS and Homebridge can run on the NAS. Great! However both run under Docker so it looks like I will get dragged into using it in the end..... Sigh..... So I'm sorry to say guys but...
  15. SynoMan

    Jellyfin - An open source Plex alternative available in Docker

    Jellyfin is a Free Software Media System that puts you in control of managing and streaming your media. It is an alternative to the proprietary Emby and Plex, to provide media from a dedicated server to end-user devices via multiple apps. More on their site: UI Docker...
  16. AdrianEarnshaw


    Hi everyone, I'm trying to spin up an instance of Wallabag but can't seem to get it to link to Mariadb running on port 3306. I'e included my settings below and if anyone has been successful I'd be grateful for any pointers. I should add that I did get it up and running using sqlite but the...
  17. DarwinPH

    Solved Edit environment settings

    Hi, Im a newbie with regards to docker and I have been deploying containers in a trial-and-error fashion. It has been tedious so is there a way to edit existing environment settings in Syno's docker interface? Thank you!
  18. M

    Question Passing ups via usb to docker container

    My Eaton UPS 5PX works with their own software (IPP) that they offer a linux .deb version for. Yes I can use NUT, but there are a few variables like battery voltage, that for some reason are not exposed with NUT. So I've tried to run their IPP in a docker container (there are a few version...
  19. magefesa Great Docker to short urls !

    Hi ! I ve found this beauty Shlink - The URL shortener and I would like to share here. Is a really beautifull URL shortener. Has 2 dockers, one is the server (no UI), and the seconth is a Web client to operate with it. It has https support, statistics, you can create a temporal url, etc... Take...
  20. I

    Question Stumped!!! - Docker Down in Portainer

    My Docker is NOT really down as it says in Portainer and the endpoint is configured. I have removed Portainer and all containers/images and uninstalled/reinstalled Docker and Portainer. Played with a bunch of stuff and can't seem to get this resolved. Any help is appreciated.