1. Kamil Václav (SK)

    Question Docker + Go (Golang)

    Hello, I have installed Golang image (Docker Hub) in Docker on my DS218+ and now I have a problem how to set and how to use this container Golang. Can onyone help me please? I need to know how exactly to set Golang container (ports, volume, envs) and how to use then in browser, resp. how to...
  2. A

    Question Moving MariaDB and others to Docker.

    I'm fed up with the fact that Synology apps are very rarely updated. MariaDB is version 10.3.2 whilst the current version is 10.5.4. When GDPR came into effect in the UK and I contacted Synology about an update I was basically ignored, despite the fact it meant anyone using MariaDB for any...
  3. N

    Docker running a NIDS

    Has anybody set up and run a NIDS via Docker on their NAS? Is it possible - (possibly not if I think about it, but ...) ? If you have what do you use? How hard was it? What did you have to do to get it to work pls? Tks
  4. N

    Portainer UI doesn't display IP's

    Having just successfully installed Portainer thanks to @Geeked 's thread. But I can't get it to show the container IP's. Is there a trick to it? Running Portainer v1.24.1
  5. Telos

    Question How to remove unused image

    Portainer shows an unused image... python:3.8-slim. I'm guessing that it was once installed by a container. However... All my current containers are running and this image is "unused" (there is no other python:3.8-slim image, active or otherwise). Removal fails, including forced removal...
  6. Telos

    Question Permissions for User to run Docker?

    As I frequently am toying with Docker, I wanted to do that from my User account, however, Docker is not listed among the Applications "Allow/Deny" tab. What is a simple way to do this? I'd prefer to minimize the use of my administrator login. Is there a security issue I'm overlooking?
  7. WST16

    Question yourls (Docker) too many redirects?

    I moved to yourls now that MySQL is up and running. I think the connection to MySQL is ok. Now when I try to access yourls I get a “too many redirects...” message on the browser page. It seems that it goes on a loop of redirects before the browser terminates it. On...
  8. M

    Volume on Syno Docker?

    I've installed eerotal/LibreSignage on my NAS and it is working. I'm still testing it but before I start using it for real, I'd like to make sure I have the volume installed properly. According to the documentation, I should run the docker as follows: docker run \ -d \ -p 80:80 \...
  9. AdrianEarnshaw

    Docker Handbook

    I came across this fantastic webpage that will give you a good grounding in Docker and thought I would share. Apologies if this has already been shared but I couldn't find a post on it.
  10. jeyare

    Containerized Python Development – Part 1

    this is an introduction of your first step from Pyton to your own Containerized world
  11. magefesa

    Some help with this... FilePizza

    Hi ! I m trying to start this “easy” docker with no success... Created the reverse proxy, the SSL certificate from let s encrypt and exported cert.pem and privkey.pem to config folder. This config folder is also a volume: The docker info is this: Filepizza The docker looks fine on log...
  12. chenks

    Question VPN but just for 1 docker?

    bit of a strange one this, but here goes. i run xteve in a docker on my NAS for serving IPTV, however as is the norm with some ISPs and IPTV they are getting blocked during certain times, so connecting via a VPN is required to get round it. the IPTV hosts provides access to a surfshark VPN, but...
  13. Rusty

    Docker Tornote - Self-destructing notes (Docker)

    Short tutorial for running Tornote docker image. Using this image Docker Hub you can set up and run Tornote, a simple self-destructing note environment. You will need a PostgresDB instance running with a database of your choice and a user with R/W permissions. Considering that there is no...
  14. okeeffemarc

    Question Does xTeVe (on Synology via docker) still work with Plex?

    Hi all, ive been playing with Docker on my 918+ recently and came across xTeVe. I've installed it and can run it using @Rusty's guide here. 2 questions: Does Plex still let me use xTeVe? Not sure why it is not adding? As xTeVe is at that address on my LAN and the container is running, I can...
  15. WST16

    Question Snappass with https?

    Since I managed to get snappass working, I thought I should have it on its own thread for discussion. I’m only facing one problem. Currently it only works with http, I’m trying to make it work with https. If I use Where xyz is the Snappass container port, it works...
  16. WST16

    Docker Tornote - Self-destructing notes (Docker)

    I found Tornote, a private, self destructing note creator. This looks great if I can run it on my DiskStation. It can run on Docker if I understood correctly. Can any brave sole, Docker warrior help please? I couldn’t use Git so I dloaded the zip file and unzipped it under the docker...
  17. chenks

    Question port apparently in use after reboot

    how do i find out what's using (or claiming to be using) a particular port on the NAS. i powered off the NAS to phyiscally move it, powered it back on. everything came back up nicely apart from 1 docker instance, apparently because the port that it used for months is now being used by something...
  18. S


    Hello, I would like to install an Adminer (docker official images) but I don't know what to type in the path --link some_database:db. I only have Mariadb 10 installed on synology. When I enter the path localhost/ run /mysqld/mysqld10.sock it doesn't work. Please help. $ docker run --link...
  19. one-eyed-king

    Free Udemy course: Docker training boot camp

    I just stumbled across these free boot camp tutorials on Udemy: I am not sure when the deal expires...
  20. E

    Question Fail2ban for Docker Containers

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to secure our DS918+ Docker containers from brute-force attacks using Fail2ban (Docker container). Having now installed Fail2ban, we installed Bitwarden using Rusty's tutorial (much appreciated) and can get Fail2ban to regulate repeated failed Bitwarden login attempts...