Docker is a collection of interoperating software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings that employ operating-system-level virtualization to cultivate development and delivery of software inside standardized software packages called containers.The software that hosts the containers is called Docker Engine. It was first started in 2013 and is developed by Docker, Inc. The service has both free and premium tiers.
Containers are isolated from each other and bundle their own software, libraries and configuration files; they can communicate with each other through well-defined channels. All containers are run by a single operating-system kernel and are thus more lightweight than virtual machines. Containers are created from images that specify their precise contents. Images are often created by combining and modifying standard images downloaded from public repositories.

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  1. D

    DSM 7.0 R Studio in docker - Can't map shared drive (Docker noob)

    Hi everyone, I've spent my afternoon trying to figure out how to mount one of my Synology shared drives in R Studio but I just can't seem to get it working. Here's what I need to do: I've created a shared folder in DSM called 'rstudio' and would like to be able to share files within this...
  2. R

    Install Passwork in Docker

    Dear Community, I want to install Passwork on our Synology DS918+ in Docker. Since I have no real experience and knowledge with docker and specially on a Synology I would like to get some help/direction on what to do. I have a guide on how to install Passwork in docker ( Docker ) but I`m...
  3. H

    MegaCMD "local path"??

    disreagrd, see 1st response
  4. H

    Configure influxdb to listen for data

    Hi Everyone, Any influxdb / telegraf expert here? I installed influxdb and telegraf on my synology NAS. (latest version) using docker The nas is a DS1517+ with DSM 7 Mu goal is to monitor the NAS and other equipements with grafana/influxdb/telegraf I'm struggling with this part : (data...
  5. A

    How do I access a GitHub or GitLab registry in Docker?

    Hi All, I am trying to access my GitLab container registry from my NAS. What I notice is that every time I try to log in, the application returns an error message "Failed to query registry." I am pretty sure my credentials are correct as I am using them on my PC. The only thing that I can think...
  6. I

    Newbie Question, Copying Container file (forget to mount volume)

    Hello Everyone, please help im new on docker and synology. 4 months ago i install SNIPEIT through this tutor on youtube : and i just realize i didnt mount volume into my /docker (usually people doing like /docker/snipeit) how to make it right..
  7. oRBIT

    DSM 7.1 Running Minecraft server in Docker

    I'm trying to run a Minecraft server in Docker (itzg-minecraft-server) for my kids.. I'm a bit of a newbie on this though.. The Minecraft server seems to consume about 30% CPU on my DS918+ even though no player is connected to the server.. Is this behaviour expected? I've checked the log for...
  8. H

    Create a telegraf container in docker

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to install telegraf to monitor my nas with SNMP using influxdb to record the metrics and grafana to visualise data. Influxdb and grafana are correctly installed, but I have a problem with telegraf container. I followed these instructions...
  9. U

    DSM 6.2 2nd Docker user in DSM

    I am wanting to add another user that is only able to access Docker, but from User management(GUI) under applications, Docker does not appear. What am I missing? TYIA DSM6.x
  10. chenks

    Pihole update causing container restart

    update my pihole container this morning via the method i always pull down the latest image from the registry stop the container reset the container start the container the container is now stuck in a resart loop in the logs i see this 13/04/2022 10:15 stdout ::: Starting docker...
  11. V

    Running Nginx docker

    Hi guys, new here Really can't get this to work. I have a docker django + gunicorn + nginx setup. In docker-compose, for nginx I have: nginx: build: ./nginx ports: - 1337:85 volumes: - ./staticfiles:/static/ depends_on: - web In nginx.conf I have it listen to 85 as well...
  12. we87

    Docker Image Cannot See Folders? uTorrent

    DS1621+ running DSM7 Docker Image: ekho/uTorrent For some reason this docker image can only see the folders within its docker folder /docker/utorrent. It cannot access folders outside of that folder. I have verified this by going into the docker tab, terminal, creating a bash and typing "ls -l"...
  13. F

    DSM 7.0 Container unable to write to volume

    I tried to run a docker-compose in Portainer on my DS1515+ and ever since I switched to DSM 7 one of the containers is unable to write to the linked volume. The container restarts endlessly and the logs show: 2022-03-16 14:11:22.763 I Initializing core... 2022-03-16 14:11:22.764 I Loading...
  14. R

    Disable email notifications for certain events?

    [Crosspost from Reddit] I am using Portainer and some other container monitoring tools in my DS220+, they will send notifications to my Discord bot (webhook). I also enabled email notification from DSM settings. Whenever a container stops (manually through Portainer or unexpectedly), I will...
  15. Micky

    unable to create socket on dockerXXXXXX

    Hi Guys! Out of a sudden, I received a message from my NAS (DS918+, DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 3) that I should shutdown the device properly or attach an USV in order to avoid data loss. This event was created at 1 o'clock this morning. There has not been any power outage, all other NAS or running...
  16. BobW

    Docker won’t startup after hibernation package centre says repair!

    Hi, For the past two weeks I’m having trouble with Docker on my DS920+ with the latest DSM 7.0.1. On some random days Docker won’t startup properly after the NAS wake-up from hibernation in the morning. In package centre I see a repair warning for Docker, after I press the repair button then...
  17. aussiemartin

    Any Docker for Wine experience?

    Hi, I run a Windows VM locally 24x7 (I'm on macOS) which runs a single light-weight Windows app for website ranking tracking purposes. I'd love to be able to move his onto my Synology and would prefer the small Docker experience, to running a VM. Has anyone successfully installed and using...
  18. J

    Odoo15, cannot access/see local addons via the app area

    I can not install downloaded files for additional functionality in odoo In the docker I have got the paths set like this docker/odoo-addons : /mnt/extra-addons docker/odoo-config : /etc/odoo docker/odoo-web-data : /var/lib/odoo docker/odoo-pgdata : /var/lib/postgresql/data I add files to...
  19. P

    DSM 7.1 Docker duplicated and renamed containers

    Hi, I’m running several containers like f.e. Plex and yesterday I saw that on one way or another the container changed its name: I tried to rename it, but docker gave me the warning that the name has already been in use but the container was nowhere to be found. I used ssh to find that...
  20. Telos

    LanguageTool Docker

    Just wanted to call attention to a resource by one our contributors @Dr_Frankenstein ... LanguageTool provides a browser spell check feature, as well as some grammar checks, and offers a synonym feature. But rather than share all your post content with that organization, you can run the tool...