1. C

    Question setting up docker for radarr/sonarr/sabnzbd etc

    i'm about to set up apps in Docker (my starting point for docker knowledge is pretty low). Radarr, Sonarr, Sabnzbd, Transmission, Jackett i know how to configure it mostly to get it running, but i need to clarify the "volume" paths for each. basically i'll have radarr and sonarr search for the...
  2. E

    Question Any successful FreePBX, PBX or Asterisk installation via Docker?

    Hi All, I have been struggling since December to get a docker install of FreePBX or Asterisk to work on our DS918+. Which has led to many uninstallations and reinstalls of the Docker package to keep the system functioning. I'm now at a lost if this application can or has been successfully...
  3. J

    How to secure and lock down Docker web app

    I am going to run my nginx:stable-alpine web server in Docker, with DNAT port forwarding from my router and expose it to the Internet. I would like to learn how to protect my lan environment from possible attackers, who can launch zero-days attacks on Nginx and take over the container. The...
  4. 2

    Question Matrix Synapse

    Hey everybody Does anybody installed a matrix snapyse docker container on his system? And get it perfectly running with the external database? Right now I got it running with the internal database. But this is sadly no perfect solution. Happy new year and thanks in advance!
  5. Telos

    Question Booksonic on Docker | Android client ?

    I started using the Booksonic Docker from, and was curious if we have experience w/Android clients. I know the developer has an app ($3 USD), but I was curious whether there are better alternatives. Anyone?
  6. J

    Mayan EDMS help

    Background: Synology user back since 213J first came out, which was my 3rd NAS, but up until I bought my 918+ when it came out I was a basic user with mainly built in Synology apps. More recently finally trying to take advantage of the power of 918+ and docker, but I do not have a ton of linux...
  7. daptap

    Pihole Time Clock

    Looking at my stats from this morning, and from other days, the time is really off. It This was at about 8am central time but my days view below shows 2pm. Anyone come across this before?
  8. Shoop

    Solved [BitWarden RS] Container not able to resolve names (maybe more general network issue)

    Hi there, I have set up a self hosted BitWarden_RS with docker and everything runs pretty good except notification mails (from the start). This BitWarden was only accessed by me at first so not being able to send mails did not bother me but I was planning on giving access to some members of my...
  9. fredbert

    Info Recreate Link to a container after 'clear' image upgrade

    I was just upgrading FreshRSS and PostgreSQL containers to the latest images. (see tutorial FreshRSS: A free, self-hostable news feed aggregator) After getting the images, stopping the containers, and doing an Action -> Clear to get the latest image I found that the FreshRSS container wouldn't...
  10. Telos

    Docker Calibre book manager in Docker

    Here’s a tutorial to get Calibre e-book manager running on Docker. I’ll set this up assuming you already have a Calibre database that exists on your NAS. In my case, I synced my PC’s Calibre books to: /home/media/ebooks I will use the linuxserver/caliber image, available here: Docker Hub Once...
  11. S

    Solved docker gui doesn't show any info

    I am running a 418play with an extra RAM module for a total of 8GB of RAM. I have been running docker applications for the last 6 or so months without much problem. As of today the docker gui on the DSM has stopped displaying any details of the containers running on the system. I tried a reboot...
  12. J

    Firefox syc server

    Hello, I try to setup a mozilla sync server but can't get it to work. I use this docker Docker Hub and i do the staps as describe. This is my config file. [server:main] use = egg:gunicorn host = port = 5000 workers = 1 timeout = 30 # SSL Support - uncomment the following lines to use...
  13. fredbert

    Docker AirConnect: Use AirPlay to stream to UPnP/Sonos & Chromecast devices

    Do you want to use AirPlay to stream from iTunes, iOS, or Audio Station and find that your player doesn't support it (or between them Apple and the player's manufacturer broke it when adding AirPlay v2)? The AirConnect approach adds an AirPlay v1 bridge between UPnP and Chromecast players. Why...
  14. C

    Rss readers without docker

    Hello, are there any rss readers that i can install on my nas (DS218j) without using docker ? Thanks
  15. C

    Install docker on DS218j

    Hello all, I tried to download the docker package from the ftp site - However it wont install on my DS218j. First can i even install dockeron my nas ? I know its not officially supported but If there's a better guide to install docker, please...
  16. fredbert

    Docker FreshRSS: A free, self-hostable news feed aggregator

    Why use RSS news feeds? By selecting the RSS feeds you subscribe to, you control who puts items in your timeline the order in which you view them no adverts inserted by the service provider By using a RSS aggregator service you can access your feeds from multiple devices and keep them...
  17. wwwampy

    Docker Nextcloud - the self-hosted productivity platform that keeps you in control

    Nextcloud is the most deployed on-premises file share and collaboration platform. Access & collaborate across your devices. Your data remains under your control. Official site: In this tutorial, we are going to use this Docker build for Nextcloud: linuxserver/nextcloud...
  18. wwwampy

    Docker Nextcloud - the self-hosted productivity platform that keeps you in control

    wwwampy submitted a new resource: Nextcloud - the self-hosted productivity platform that keeps you in control - Tutorial for Nextcloud installation in Docker via UI Read more about this resource...
  19. Telos

    Info A Docker Primer...

    I want to share a new Docker tutorial series I stumbled across, targeting the absolute beginner... like I am... TechWorld with Nana Presently there are 5 videos that build upon one another, and the promise to add a new video each week (2 were added this week). I've found it helpful to run a...
  20. fredbert

    Question Anyone run FreshRSS in Docker?

    I still use RSS feeds to get the news I want, rather than let FaceAche and Twiddle decide what I might like to see (or not). I use Reeder app on iOS and macOS as well as FeedBin's own web interface. However I have occasionally looked at self-hosted RSS aggregation but nothing has jumped out as...