1. frankfenderbender

    on creating a secure access to link-rich website (template)

    Interested in setting up a r/o account to render the index.htm, local css, and local imagefiles. I cannot find any templates in any documentation, so will create one as I configure, code, and test a stepwise template. The site will have links to stream or download MP4s and MP3s, as well as to...
  2. P

    Hosting website on NAS

    Hi, I developped a dash/plotly/python on my PC. I also duplicated this app on my mac-mini server and so I can access the app on my local network (it works fine on either my PC or the mac-mini). I would like now to deploy this app on my DS920+ and have this app available from outside my local...
  3. C

    synology website

    Does anyone know what's going on at When I log in I'm taken to my profile page and can't get back to the main page!!!
  4. S

    website (web station) hosted on DSM NAS not reachable ,when SRM router connected to OpenVPN VPN

    Hi Team, Though I joined this wonderful forum today ,I have resolved many configuration issues related to DSM and SRM based on the solved threads. Thanks! My domain - ,hosted on DSM nas using wordpress .SSLs were created and port forwarding done to open ports for 80,443 and...
  5. D

    redirect port 80

    I've got a wiki running under docker - and I'd really like to not have to go to http://synologynas:{someweirdport} - i want to have essentially a portal which can be used by the whole family - and the synology admin screen is just one thing, that probably only I will ever go to. so - bottom...
  6. J

    Hosting a WordPress website

    Hi, I am trying to host a WordPress website on my Synology NAS. I found many sources on the web and tried to follow step-by-step some tutorials: I tried with Wordpress package, I tried with Docker, I even tried to directly install WordPress in the Shared Folder. None of these attempts was...
  7. maarten

    Desktop shortcut to website for non-admin users?

    Is there a way to add a Desktop shortcut to a website (for example to Docker App) for non-admin users?
  8. S

    This site can't be reached issue

    Happy New Year to everyone (Posting this on 1st Jan 2021) Steps Implemented 1. Took a static IP from Internet Provider 2. Registered a domain from (let us consider 3. Created the below DNS records @ ionos (Masking the ip address and domain name) 4. Installed DNS Server...
  9. WST16

    Website hits counter?

    Sorry if this is outside the scope of the forum (albeit related to running a website on Web Station). My knowledge of building websites almost amounts to zero. However, I’ve managed to create and publish on my DiskStation a nice website using a Mac app called Sparkle. It generates pure CSS code...