1. jeyare

    One month with TrueNAS Scale (now in RC-1 stage) and Kubernetes

    Tl;Dr : This is a long shot for those who are interested in learning more. If you want to use TrueNAS SCALE for purposes such as Minecraft server, this article is not for you. Note: TrueNAS Core is a successful running product - based on FreeBSD, which is diff. from the TrueNAS SCALE (in RC-11...
  2. jeyare

    User article TrueNAS Core - First touch

    First, some diff names for diff purposes: - TrueNAS Core (FreeNAS) is a community edition - TrueNAS Enterprise - is - TrueNAS SCALE - scale-out storage and hyper-convergence system ... in Alpha development phase now Installation background: Virtualbox at Ubuntu 20.04, i5-4460T CPU @...