1. Filbert

    Hyperbackup migration advice

    Hi Folks, I am replacing my old DS214play with a DS218+. I have about 1.8TB of data on the old box, mostly music, photos and PC backups. Both boxes are on the same switch on my home network. The only migration method available is Hyperbackup, which I set off over 24 hours ago and it started...
  2. skavans

    Question Can't backup Moments with HyperBackup. Hangs on 0%.

    Hey there, How can I backup Moments with HyperBackup correctly? I'm trying to backup the Moments app to a cloud via WebDav, but the task hangs with 0% on backuping Moments application. I've waited for half a day, but nothing is changed. The utilization of both network, HDD and CPU are about 0...
  3. a.wright

    Question Hyperbackup (Single Version) vs Cloud Station Sync

    Hi, I hope this is the most appropriate place given my question, apologies if not. I am re-building my entire server system and have two servers that are dedicated to media storage (one for original files and one which runs Plex). Some of the files on the Plex NAS are copies of the originals...
  4. E

    Is it possible to hyperbackup to a SFTP server?

    One of my cloud providers allow SFTP access to their server (no rsync or webdav). Is there any way to use that SFTP connection for backups from HyperBackup? Thanks,
  5. akahan

    The settings hyperbackup doesn't back up

    I was naively hoping that I could "clone" the setup on one of my Diskstations to another, to have the second handy as a swap-in backup in case the first one completely failed. The Diskstation I was cloning does such things as run my mailserver, my reverse proxy, etc. The thought was that if...
  6. B

    hyperbackup vault or C2?

    Are some people using an hyperbackup vault to replace C2? Or are you using both? What would be the advantage of C2?
  7. K

    Question DiskStation DS118 Good Choice For Offsite Backup?

    Adding offsite backup to our setup (will sit in my office at home across town). Would using a DS118 with a single drive be ok? Am I shooting myself in the foot here? Plan to have one other onsite backup on an external drive hooked directly into our primary Synology. Thanks!
  8. akahan

    Hyperbackup now backs up its own settings

    Hyperbackup now lists itself (and Hyperbackup Vault) in the list of apps whose settings it can back up. This is new; it didn't used to do that. This new feature was added in version 2.2.1-1110 earlier this month. By default, though, it DOESN'T back itself up - you have to go in and check the...
  9. itherseed

    Question "Destination corrupted" error in HyperBackup

    Hi, I have this problem in Hyper Backup for several days and I can't find a way to solve it. Hyper backup show this error: I attach the error report generated. It says that a number of files are broken or something like that. Those files are reports generated by the Storage analyzer and I...
  10. paradeiser

    Deduplication on HyperBackup target?

    Hi, I use C2 for daily off-site backups - which works great (including versioning and deduplication). As a second layer I have weekly Backups on an external USB HD as single-version (for quick access to the full amount of data if something breaks). There is a lot of redundant data, as I also...