1. A

    rsync - delete files from destination which are not on source and are 1 week old

    I have hyperbackup running from source NAS to destination NAS with the below settings Backup type - Rsync Options - reserve backup file at destination With this i have a backup method that results in a file/fodler structure in the 2nd NAS, withut the hyperbackup proprietary format or tools I...
  2. G

    Source Folder Change for Hyperbackup

    Hello, my data layout has changed and I wanted to move the source folder <Source> into a parent folder. <Parent> Currently the source for my Hyperbackup is <Source>. A rename of the folder did not work, Hyperbackup complained saying that the source folder is gone. Same when I moved the existing...
  3. T

    DSM 7.0 HyperBackup is very SLOW

    Hi I've recently upgraded to a DS920+ upgraded and now setting up the backups. I tried HyperBackup to my old NAS (DS414) but it ws incredibly slow. I'm trying again to a USB3 attached HDD and its only at 4% after 20hours and seems stuck on the first step. There's something I'm missing here so...
  4. Sjeph

    DSM 7.0 Firewall rule disabled after active connection to app and hyperbackup

    Hey all, I am posting this thread here because it is a complication from several apps that makes this occur: I recently upgrade to DSM 7 on my DS916+ and find myself now with a problem with existing hyperback jobs, while I didn't have this behavior prior to DSM 7. When I use the AudioStation...
  5. Cobra

    Probably a stupid Hyper backup question

    Can Hyper Backup be used to backup a PC drive to an external drive that is attached to that pc or is it only for backing up to and from a NAS? Thanks
  6. B

    Unable to connect to HyperBackup Vault since DSM7

    Hi everyone. I have a DS220+ and my mom has a DS120+. I had our NAS's performing backups nightly to each others NAS's flawlessly for several months. I upgraded this week to DSM7 and I can no longer connect to my vault on her NAS. So i deleted the backup task from my DS220+ and now can no longer...
  7. paradeiser

    RT2600ac breaks HyperBackup (MTU Size?)

    I do HyperBackups every night to a remote target-DS - it used to work fine for years now. Recently, I replaced the old router (Netgear) on the target-site with a new Synology RT2600ac. Since this "upgrade" I get HyperBackup errors and also the entire WAN access breaks down (on the target site)...
  8. D

    Hyperbackup single-version vs. hbk vs. alternative

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for the best practice and reliable way to backup - just like everyone else I guess. Hyperbackup, rsync or alternative. Today I'm using Hyperbackup tool with 3+ external copies as a backup and I'm doing it manually only every few weeks. I find signle-version more like...
  9. S

    Hyperbackup to PC W10

    Hi, I would like to create a HB task which point to a shared folder on a windows 10 PC. Is that even doable ? I can connect a distant folder but only on a subfolder of a share. Problem : i can only create a HB task on the root of a share. The other solution would be WebDAV server on the PC but...
  10. Jheroen

    multiple local nas running hyperbackup vault on port 6281 problem

    Hi all, i have multiple nas running hyperbackup vault. both nas use the same 6281 port, when i try to connect from outside synology nas to one of the nas i have (probably) a port forwarding problem. my synology ddns points to the same external IP for both nas running hyperbackup vault and both...
  11. G

    Snapshot Replication vs HyperBackup

    Is there any significant difference between snapshot replication vs Hyperbackup? I see HB can be scheduled as often as every hour. If HB is scheduled every hour, can this take place of snapshot replication?
  12. NAS Newbie

    Is hyperbackup supposed to remove files created since the last backup upon a restore?

    I've been trying to get my photo storage organized better. I found a program that works well, except that I didn't use it correctly and so I ended up with multiples of my photos. No problem I figured, I had made sure to run a backup prior to running the organization software on 12/1. When I...
  13. M

    Hyper Backup failures/limitations

    New to Hyper Backup, so perhaps I'm missing something - here are some issues I've observed, if anyone has any better understanding than me, please can you advise? - Backing up to an EXFAT USB (single version), there are a number of unsupported characters (such as &) - every time it finds one...
  14. 5

    Rsync between two NAS stopped working

    I know that this might not be relative to Synology but someone here might help. 4 days ago I backed up a folder from Synology NAS to my Ex4100 WD it worked fine I left for the weekend and returned and suddenly the Synology job isn’t activating it says my WD is online but I get an error every...
  15. A

    Hyperback up storage space

    I am completely new to the NAS system and trying to learn as I go so have many questions. I am trying to learn about Hyperback up. Currently I am use to Time Machine via Time Capsule on my current MacBook Pro and how that backs up my computer. I am creating a NAS for my Plex Media and that...
  16. 5

    HyperBackup tips or alternatives

    So I'm using my Synology as a Homedirctory Server for certain employees in my org and I want to backup to a different NAS to keep my 1 TB directory safe in case of anything but can't do that using AcitveBuisnessBAckup since it does let me use the Synology Nas as a source to back up on another...
  17. Filbert

    Hyperbackup migration advice

    Hi Folks, I am replacing my old DS214play with a DS218+. I have about 1.8TB of data on the old box, mostly music, photos and PC backups. Both boxes are on the same switch on my home network. The only migration method available is Hyperbackup, which I set off over 24 hours ago and it started...
  18. skavans

    Question Can't backup Moments with HyperBackup. Hangs on 0%.

    Hey there, How can I backup Moments with HyperBackup correctly? I'm trying to backup the Moments app to a cloud via WebDav, but the task hangs with 0% on backuping Moments application. I've waited for half a day, but nothing is changed. The utilization of both network, HDD and CPU are about 0...
  19. a.wright

    Question Hyperbackup (Single Version) vs Cloud Station Sync

    Hi, I hope this is the most appropriate place given my question, apologies if not. I am re-building my entire server system and have two servers that are dedicated to media storage (one for original files and one which runs Plex). Some of the files on the Plex NAS are copies of the originals...
  20. EAZ1964

    Is it possible to hyperbackup to a SFTP server?

    One of my cloud providers allow SFTP access to their server (no rsync or webdav). Is there any way to use that SFTP connection for backups from HyperBackup? Thanks,