1. jeyare

    Ultrastar HS3xx or Exos 7E8 for specific data architecture

    new project for my friend RS1221+ equipped with 2 pools: 3x6TB in RAID5 + 1x spare (HDD) 3x4TB in RAID5 + 1x spare (HDD) 4kn (native) 4096 Bytes per logical/physical sector is necessary for better performance (purpose definition) Seagate 7E8 (6TB) ST6000NM022A & (4TB) ST4000NM001A are ok with...
  2. T

    Are these 10TB Ultrastars supported in DS1621+ ?

    Hello! I have found the drives below at BH, but unclear if they are compatible or supported. Seems WD has many naming conventions. From reading comments they are retail HUH721212ALE604 and only HUH721212ALE600 is supported on Synology's list. Thing is, I can't find HUH721212ALE600 anywhere. I...