1. aGraphicz

    Firmware Seagate IronWolf 16TB 3.5" - ST16000VN001

    Hi I would like to buy the Seagate IronWolf 16TB (ST16000VN001) for the DS920+ I read online that the 12TB and 10TB version comes with an old Firmware (SC60) that does not support Write Cache. The firmware version SC61 should solve the problem. Does this model support it? Thanks!
  2. jeyare

    Seagate official Seagate CRM SRM

    here is a list from official Seagate site with a definition which disk uses what kind of recording technology I miss Part Numbers of the disk, but it's better than nothing, confirmed previously defined IronWolf/Pro as CMR HDD For surveillance purpose is great to know, that SkyHawk/AI is pure...
  3. jeyare

    Seems to be - something happened in HDD vendor's product descriptions (CMR/SMR)

    from my 2 days research I have better overview, what HDD was created with CMR and what with SMR technology (not only for NASes). Seems to be two main HDD vendors - Seagate and Western Digital have prepared new NAS product white sheets with clear information about used technology for a magnetic...