video station

  1. Z

    Video Station Video Timeline Freezing and SMB Signing

    I wanted to share some knowledge I gained trying to troubleshoot some issues I encountered on my 1821+ using Video Station. I have been using Video Station on my 1812+ for years without issues, but I started experiencing an odd issue on my 1821+ when trying to skip ahead by clicking on the...
  2. S

    Video Station don't update metadata automatically TMDB

    Dear friends, I have set up an API Key from TMDB and i can updtade the metadata manually without problem. But automatically video station doesn't update the metadata from TMDB. Anyone of you is facing the same issue? I have tried to restart the NAS and reinstall video station but without...
  3. Danny van Spreuwel

    Playback files without permission to acces Video Station

    Hi, I use Video Station permission to let a user playback video from a link. This is possible by giving them access to The Video Station application. But I like to deny the acces to the Video Station home page. Is that possible? When disabling the Video Station application for a user it is not...
  4. P

    Dune slolo 4k can't access Synology by smb after update DMS 7

    DMS version 6 normal use DMS version 7 after update cannot access the Video folder by SMB protocol because I want to watch movies with accompanying subtitles ( 1 video file and 1 subtitle file - same name ) Currently only accessing the default Video folder by Synology but only watching movies...
  5. marco

    Movies splitted in multiple files

    Dear All, currently Video Station and DS video, don't support the reproduction of movies splitted on multiple files. Plex and Kodi does, by adding a "part#" at the end of the file name. The good news is that I exposed the issue to Synology, by providing a new Feature Inquiry, and they approved...
  6. marco

    App Weemple Video Station Validator - App to validate the metadata of Synology Video Station 1.2.1

    Hello! I'm a Video Station user, and I like this product, but when using the ability to automatically associate the video metadata, sometime it choose the wrong movie. And is not easy to find what are the wrong movies if you have many content. Therefore, in order to identify potential wrong...
  7. marco

    App Weemple Video Tools - App to applying naming convention to video files 1.6.0

    Hello! As you know, Video Station, Plex and others media players, have the ability to automatically associate the video metadata from an online catalog, based on the file name. So is important to have the movies and the tv shows following the naming convention of the player, and is also...
  8. L

    DSM 7.0 Video Station, TMDB API and video cover

    Hello, I'm new in DS administration and need help with Video Station. I found usefull to store tags and cover together with the video. The TMDB API loads tags without problem for almost all video files but the covers are store only in about 20% of files. See screenshot 1. When I try to get...
  9. P

    Android App and Fire-Stick (no video)

    Hello, I would like to play videos (my own ones) on the mobile phone and on the TV using the video station, preferably using a Fire Stick. (My Samsung TV would also have a DS video app, but it's very rudimentary (and doesn't work either.)) So, now my problems in detail: Mobile phone: I can...
  10. A

    DSM 7.0 Video Station TMDB API key problem

    Hello, I'm still new to the NAS world and I've been enjoying dabbling with it this year. Mine is mostly a media server for the household. As you know the media info plugin recently changed. I followed the instructions and created my own TMDB API key. Previously, inside of VS, this API key would...
  11. N

    Turning off 'Enable video info search' has removed all media metadata

    Hi guys, I did a quick search but couldn't find the answer. I'm quite a novice at all things NAS and Synology. I have set up Video Station with a number of my favourite films and media and spent quite a few hours organising it and making it look nice in Video Station. I'm on DSM 6.2.xx...
  12. L

    DSM 6.2 Issues with video Information using TMDB

    Hello like everyone, my VideoStation (2.5.0-1656) is now using only TMDB to get metadata on my videos. Most of the time it works fine but there seems to have an issue when the title of the a TV show is ambiguous. I have this show "Kingdom", a Korean zombie tv show. All episodes are in a folder...
  13. whiteyk0

    DSM 7.0 video cover posters

    Hello, A few days ago when I updated to DSM 7.0 all my video cover photos simply disappeared. When I go to Video Station settings, and click search from video info plugin, I get "no matches found." I ran the API connection test and the connection was successful but on the Video Info Plugin page...
  14. nthkmf

    How to prevent user download video from DS Video?

    Dear Bro, I'm intend to use NAS hosting my video, some tutorial video and I want to transform Video Station to online learning platfrom. I have a problem, people can download video when using DS Video on Mobile. How do I prevent this happen? Thank you.
  15. nthkmf

    How to remove or rename default Movies, TVShow or hidden it from user?

    Dear bro, I don't user Video Station for storing video. I intend to use it to host my course video, but I cannot remove default library just like Movies, TV Show, Home Video..., I just can create new library and set the name for it. I can hidden them from user but user can config to show it...
  16. Telos

    Info Synology officially bails on TVDB

    TLDR: "As plans to shut down its older APIs by the end of March 2021, Synology Video Station will not be able to obtain any video information from even if you have entered the API key."
  17. a.wright

    Info Changing Home Video Thumbnails

    Hi, I have been running Plex for a number of years (now on a DS1019+) however I decided to move all our home videos to a DS218Play and use Video Station. Having not used Video Station before (even though I have been using Synology NAS for over 10 years now), I am very impressed with how easy it...
  18. G

    Chromecast not available as player in Video Station (on PC)

    Hi I'm new to Synology and Video Station so forgive me if this is a foolish question. In Video Station (launched from DSM) i cannot see my chromecast as a player option. I can, however, see my WDTVLive box, but not the chromecast. (I can see the chromecast and WDTVLive in the Android app DS...
  19. D

    no way to play DTS audio at all?

    I'm a NAS noob. I've been converting my DVDs and now BluRays into MKVs and have them in Video Station. It works pretty well on two smart TVs and multiple iOS devices. Right up until I found a movie with only DTS sound. Am I correct that there is no way to get Video Station to play DTS...
  20. Barnoe

    Video Station not showing files as expected.

    I added a show to my NAS and Video station picked it up and did its thing. But there is a problem. The TV show when it aired was 7 episodes The DVD released is 10 episodes Mines is the DVD version, the NAS is showing 7 episodes and there is no option for the extra 3 episodes to be manually...