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  1. WST16

    Question DS Video steaming to an old TV?

    Hi all, What's the cheapest thing I can get to attach to an old TV's HDMI port to allow DS Video to stream to the TV? I still want to maintain the experience of using DS Video (on an iPad or an iPhone) to look at the movies catalog and play them to the TV. I don't want the device to do more...
  2. johnnygoodface

    DS video not remembering last played position

    DS video doesn't ask to "Resume from last played position" when starting a partially played video: on both MacOS (Mojave) and Apple TV (tvOS 12.3) - since the last 2 weeks šŸ¤¬ on Android (Fire HD 10 tablet) - never worked šŸ˜Ŗ Still ok on iOS though :D Looked at all possible settings šŸ§ Any idea...