video station

  1. whiteyk0

    DSM 7.0 video cover posters

    Hello, A few days ago when I updated to DSM 7.0 all my video cover photos simply disappeared. When I go to Video Station settings, and click search from video info plugin, I get "no matches found." I ran the API connection test and the connection was successful but on the Video Info Plugin page...
  2. nthkmf

    How to prevent user download video from DS Video?

    Dear Bro, I'm intend to use NAS hosting my video, some tutorial video and I want to transform Video Station to online learning platfrom. I have a problem, people can download video when using DS Video on Mobile. How do I prevent this happen? Thank you.
  3. nthkmf

    How to remove or rename default Movies, TVShow or hidden it from user?

    Dear bro, I don't user Video Station for storing video. I intend to use it to host my course video, but I cannot remove default library just like Movies, TV Show, Home Video..., I just can create new library and set the name for it. I can hidden them from user but user can config to show it...
  4. Telos

    Info Synology officially bails on TVDB

    TLDR: "As plans to shut down its older APIs by the end of March 2021, Synology Video Station will not be able to obtain any video information from even if you have entered the API key."
  5. a.wright

    Info Changing Home Video Thumbnails

    Hi, I have been running Plex for a number of years (now on a DS1019+) however I decided to move all our home videos to a DS218Play and use Video Station. Having not used Video Station before (even though I have been using Synology NAS for over 10 years now), I am very impressed with how easy it...
  6. G

    Chromecast not available as player in Video Station (on PC)

    Hi I'm new to Synology and Video Station so forgive me if this is a foolish question. In Video Station (launched from DSM) i cannot see my chromecast as a player option. I can, however, see my WDTVLive box, but not the chromecast. (I can see the chromecast and WDTVLive in the Android app DS...
  7. D

    no way to play DTS audio at all?

    I'm a NAS noob. I've been converting my DVDs and now BluRays into MKVs and have them in Video Station. It works pretty well on two smart TVs and multiple iOS devices. Right up until I found a movie with only DTS sound. Am I correct that there is no way to get Video Station to play DTS...
  8. Barnoe

    Video Station not showing files as expected.

    I added a show to my NAS and Video station picked it up and did its thing. But there is a problem. The TV show when it aired was 7 episodes The DVD released is 10 episodes Mines is the DVD version, the NAS is showing 7 episodes and there is no option for the extra 3 episodes to be manually...
  9. fredbert

    Info DS video on tvOS 14.2

    DS video app for Apple devices (v3.4.3) has been reported to no longer work on Apple TV HD and 4K after upgrading to tvOS 14.2. The impact is that once a video is playing then there is no way to control playback using the iOS or physical Apple TV remote. The only option is to press Menu and this...
  10. S

    Video Station transfer to new NAS

    Hi All, For my first attempt at blatantly skimming you all for your hard-earned knowledge, I am a little stuck with the rather pedestrian subject of Video Station. Specifically, the export and import process for when I move stuff from my aging DS414 to my shiny new Synology that should be...
  11. T

    Video Station at Synology RT2600AC

    Dear Friends, I have Synology RT2600AC router. I've connected USB HDD and installed Media Station. Everything works excellent, but I need Video Station as well to see thumbnails for video files through DLNA. I tried to manually install different Video Station packages from Synology archives...
  12. phskwok

    DS video DS Video - buffering on 920+

    My NAS is DS920+. When watching downloaded 1080p movies in mkv format (files normally between 5G to 10G) on my ipad remotely using DS video, it suffers from buffering. I had similar problem with my old 213 which does not support transcoding at all. With this high end DS920+, I would have...
  13. P

    DS VIDEO - How to delete files?

    Hi All, I was using AC Ryan media player with DS VIDEO app to watch videos from my NAS. I was able to customize it to list titles, and was able to delete files from within DS VIDEO. It was also able to remember my last used folder when I used it again. I have just switched over to Nvidia TV...
  14. M

    Import Metadata

    Been using MyMovies to manage my video collection. Have already invested a bunch of time in making certain my metadata is accurate and the way I want to see it. This includes backdrops, covers, actors, directors, ratings, genre, comments, etc. Most of it is store in xml files. One in each...
  15. fredbert

    Video Station v2.4.9 - now needs *DB API keys to add tags

    This morning I got a Synology email that had a list of updates from the past couple of months. 'OK', I think, 'will check if there are any updates that Package Center has forgotten to tell me about'. And so I see VS v2.4.8 is listed, newer than my v2.4.7. When checking I find it's now v2.4.9 and...
  16. WST16

    Question The need for hardware transcoding capabilities?

    Hello all, I need help understanding what’s going on below when it comes to transcoding. I’m always challenged by this subject. Preface: I’ve installed Emby media player on my 120j. I was thinking NO WAY it’s going to play anything. To my surprise, it’s playing everything I’m throwing at it...
  17. WST16

    Question Media files on a separate volume?

    Hi, If I have a DS1019+ (5 bays with 5 disks loaded). 4 are in a RAID 5 configuration and 1 as a separate volume. When using Video Station and storing all the media files on the single volume (don’t care if they are lost). If the DS gets restarted will Video Station go through reindexing? Is...
  18. D

    Unable to resume or fast forward 4K video

    Hi, I am having problems playing 2160p contents on my 55"QLED Q7F 4K Smart TV (2018) from my DS 415play using Samsung's DS Video app. Video will freeze every time when I resume from where i left off or fast forward & backward. After discussion with Synology Support, it seems that it might be...
  19. D

    Batch transcoding

    I was wondering if there is any way to batch transcode video files from specified folder on NAS?
  20. T

    Synchronization between 2 NAS with "homes", shares, video station, photo station ...

    Hello, I'm looking to synchronize 2 Synology NAS (1813+ et 1817). Using Synology Drive ShareSync, synchronization of shared directories works perfectly BUT: - impossible to synchronize users' "homes" directories - impossible to synchronize the configurations of the video station, photo...