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  1. H

    Best way to scan the health of new HDDs?

    Hello I am a complete beginner when it comes to NAS and storage and network related things in general. I purchased my very first NAS a ds920+ to get away from my reliance on cloud storage. SO FAR I FEEL OVERWHELMED and maybe this was too much for a beginner like me. But I will learn as I go and...
  2. T

    New NAS, New Drives - New Issues (DS920+ | WD Red Plus 8tb x2)

    Hello, I was hoping to just get some confirmation or a path ahead. I just got my new 920+ NAS, along side 2 WD Red Plus 8TB disks. I plugged them in, booted up, started setup - And got the "Failed to format drive (35)" error. Tried an old slim laptop disk and setup went smooth, so i plugged...
  3. S

    DS1821+ and WD RED Plus WD140EFFX

    Hello, I currently have 6x10Tb Wd Red Plus WD101EFBX (Firmware 85.00A85) on my DS1821+. I would like to extend my SHR2 volume with a 14Tb disk WD140EFFX (Firmware 81.00A81) even if i know that i would get 4Tb of unallocated space. However when i perform the volume extension, the NAS warns me...
  4. C

    Recommendation for DS920+ to replace WD Red 3TB EFRX Drives

    Hi All, New to forum and good to see the active discussions. Replaced my dead DS415+ last night with a DS920+. All good but now thinking that it might be a good idea to replace the drives as well and i also want some more storage space. Currently i have 3 3TB WD Red EFRX drives in SHR, all...
  5. sdetheridge

    Problems with WD RED WD40EFAX

    Hey guys, I had three WD 4TB RED (WD40EFAX) drives in a self-built Linux file server. I replaced these into the file server for older drives that were failing. Immediately I was getting occasional CRC errors in dmesg, especially during RAID rebuild or high-load operations. These errors were...