1. fredbert

    Info Free macOS media player: IINA

    I saw reference to IINA in an online article discussing media files and playbacking using free apps such as VLC [all normal so far] and IINA [what?? never heard of it]. So this is a Mac-only app based on mpv and written using Apple's Swift. If you're going to google it use 'mac iina' as 'iina'...
  2. A

    Can I tell Moments to pull media from any shared folder?

    Hello, As I patiently wait for the 2020+ series Synology NAS drives to arrive, I am trying to learn all that I can so that I am prepared when it comes time to configure. The main goal of my NAS will be to store many pictures. While this is not my only goal, it's what is driving the purchase...
  3. WST16

    Question Media files on a separate volume?

    Hi, If I have a DS1019+ (5 bays with 5 disks loaded). 4 are in a RAID 5 configuration and 1 as a separate volume. When using Video Station and storing all the media files on the single volume (don’t care if they are lost). If the DS gets restarted will Video Station go through reindexing? Is...
  4. AdrianEarnshaw

    Social Media Scheduler

    Question for the community. Has anyone found a social media post scheduler that you can self-host on your Synology? I am looking for something similar to HootSuite and Buffer. The main platform I am looking to schedule posts for is on my twitter account. Thanks in advance.
  5. RoCaRay

    Home Media Server: RAID 6 Repair vs. RAID 0 Restore

    We have a home media server with about 30TB of video - currently on a RAID 6 array (6x16TB). We run daily versioned HyperBackups via 10GbE, alternating between two other servers that are also RAID 6 arrays (8x 10TB). All drives are Seagate Exos. Additions and changes, day-to-day, are easily...
  6. C

    Media Management

    I decided to start a new thread so as to not add too much to my "is my strategy sound" thread. As a recap, I was just gifted a DS-718+ as a new family NAS that replaces an ancient Zyxel NAS. Among the tasks I want the new NAS to do is manage media. We all have Iphones and I have a large...
  7. RoCaRay

    Start DSM Media Re-Indexing from PHP App

    I use a home-brew PHP application to manage media files, including the movement of .mkv and .m4v video files within DSM's indexed 'video' folder. The PHP apps run on the same server as the media files, under Web Station / Apache. Unfortunately, files moved using PHP 'rename' do not trigger...
  8. fredbert

    Info Limit media type accessible to users of Media Server DLNA/UPnP

    The Indexing Service controls which folders on the NAS are considered as fully accessible for various packages. Most of these packages have their own access controls to ensure that users don't have access to inappropriate media, e.g. Video Station supports age classification for each user (if...
  9. SynoMan

    Info Media gallery - Photos and Videos

    Dear forum members and visitors! Today we have implemented the Media section where you can upload images or embed videos from various services. In the Media gallery you can find useful videos, images of home networks from our members and other related stuff...
  10. SynoMan

    Guide Media gallery

    In the Media gallery you can find useful videos, images of home networks from our members and other related stuff. You can comment and rate media items, add a note or tag a user. You can even create a personal album with privacy settings, for instance, to show your album only to registered...