1. N

    SRM 1.3, vLAN and Wireguard

    Hi there, I am considering to acquire the RT6600 in the coming weeks. However, something is not clear to me with regard to the vLAN capability. I understand vLAN will allow me to segregate different devices on distinct networks (e.g. IoT devices from "production" devices). Additionally, we can...
  2. A

    Wireguard containers?

    So, I'm running DSM 6.2 I've installed: https://github.com/runfalk/synology-wireguard Then I've configured and set up: ghcr.io/linuxserver/wireguard as a Wireguard server... This works perfectly, is much faster and more reliable than any of the VPN's Synology offer and better than my previous...
  3. Rusty

    Docker NordVPN Lynx (Wireguard) with qBittorrent

    In the past, I did an article on running qBittorrent client via a VPN (OpenVPN protocol) that works for almost any VPN provider out there. In this article, I would like to narrow the scope down a bit and focus on Wireguard protocol. More details in the article here: Running your torrent client...
  4. magefesa


    Somebody has run this docker on Synology ? Docker Hub In case of yes, please, running the docker compose or docker ?? Thanks ! !
  5. WST16

    Info What is WireGuard (VPN)