Threat Prevention Router reliability with TP in SRM 1.3.1

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Threat Prevention Router reliability with TP in SRM 1.3.1

My RT2600ac was too unreliable. If I tried to investigate then there was a reasonable chance it would reboot: it was claimed to be end-of-life eMMC. I can't remember the command line I used but it was reporting it had been heavily used.

I didn't have time to rebuild my network with some other vendor kit, so got a RT6600ax. Initially meshed to the MR2200ac, but I've just replaced that with a WRX560.

The RT6600ax still has the issue with ever increasing instances of Misc Attack signatures. Every so often I backup the TP configuration, uninstall TP deleting signatures/keeping log, reinstall TP, restore configuration.
Thanks for replying, I like the idea I can backup my RT2600 and then upload that to the 6600…at least in theory.

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