.hack (pronounced "dot-hack") is a Japanese multimedia franchise that encompasses two projects: Project .hack and .hack Conglomerate. Both projects were primarily created and developed by CyberConnect2, and published by Bandai. The series franchise revolves around an alternative history setting in the rise of the new millennium regarding the technological rise of a new version of the internet following a major global computer network disaster in the year 2005, and the mysterious events regarding the wildly popular in-universe MMORPG series The World. The series is mainly followed through anime and video game installations, and has been adapted through manga, novels and other related media.

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  1. C

    Synology Drive Compatibility List Vendor Lock hack

    I just thought I would include this from the linustechtips forums. User: Neonkoala posted on August 2nd,2022 Edit the file: /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf Then find the option support_disk_compatibility and change it from yes to no support_disk_compatibility="no" Then reboot. Synology DSM 7...
  2. L

    Synology Compatibility Hack

    Hi. I made a hack for my Synology Devices so it uses now every hard disk i put into it. After i tested it on my 2 devices i think its ok to post it on Github so everyone can try it. I have tested it with DSM 7.0.1. GitHub - Livedeath2k/Synology-Compatibility-Hack: It's a hack to disable the...
  3. EAZ1964

    Mining hack on QNAP

    Our collegue nas users are victim of a vulnerability: https://www.techradar.com/news/qnap-devices-are-being-hacked-to-mine-cryptocurrency
  4. Sultani

    Question How to change Disk Station Identity in the Firmware?

    Is it possible to alter/hack a DS412+ ID to RS814+ or a DS415+ ID to RS818+ to accept unsupported DSM installation successfully? Both pairs have the same CPU & the number of HDD bays, except the physical layouts are different. This has been done successfully to a few Synology Disk Stations to...
  5. WST16

    Hacking attempts are amusing!

    I have to admit straight out that email servers are not my forte although I’m running one now. What baffles me is the hacking attempts that take place. I can understand if someone tries to login with “[email protected]” or sales, marketing, etc… Because those are user names that have a high...